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  1. the second one doesnt even have any cg models and why would you replace them?? there are plenty of both already lol
  2. +1 bro give this man EM.. great application great person
  3. Bye silenced probably one of the funnier people on the server
  4. love hate relationship with pancreas, loved him as we climbed the ranks on Highlands together, HATED him when he "overthrew" me as GOA, stayed that way for a while, got past it and we became homies again. Dude joined about the same time as me so its very sad to see you go come back soon enough or ill beat you up
  5. as far as it goes if i were to go purely off of answers i wouldnt vote positively, but all my interactions with him are positive, he is a cool guy and def seems like he could be good staff material. +1
  6. Love dark would like to see him back as staff but dude hasnt really been playing enough rock around more n I will +1 "You must have at least 60 active hours within the past month on the server." - this isnt exactly met, jus play more atm neutral
  7. -1 sorry mate you arent ready
  8. Please credit me for my role as the antagonist. I work hard and play harder and to not be credited really hurts.
  9. he is probably meming +1 well made app
  10. dingo (please give me positive reacts on this post)
  11. who are you mate i forgot. if you arent annoying hope to see you
  12. Hello. It is I the King of Forum reacts. (Inventor of the King react). i like it. +1
  13. USAF models suck i cant lie they look like enlisted
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