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  1. +1 agreed, fire rate is terrible and you will easily get out gunned by practically everything
  2. Just a thought, "new zealand wins" is just plain failRP. In the best way possible Australia would crush New Zealand in any fight (apart from maybe rugby) and the fact that it is there makes me think that you are unsure on RP. Other then that +1 lol
  3. +1 i have no bias what so ever at all, what a terrific idea
  4. personally i think that if the Dart gun gets a buff, so should the Grenade launcher and flamethrower, both were also nerfed (semi)recently and are hyperspecific and dangerous. If it was to be buffed then it should be a group buff to the donator weapons
  5. i hate weapon crafting, i dont think it is a fun mechanic. Creates a weapon inbalance. If im a new player and go up against someone with 100AP no matter how good i am at the game my ass is getting whooped. -having armour slow you down would also be cringe as hell, and higher prestiges would have to face that less, creating a further inbalance. In the end its a pain in the ass mechanic that makes PvP annoying as hell for new players -1 lel
  6. goodbye midday mate keep minging
  7. ima keep it real, as much as others think differently, i cant +1 you, i understand that you said it was a year ago but cant get over your last appeal when you said that i was "too retarded to realise that ripping a joke from an OOC chatbox and posting it here doesn't mean anything. its a shame your mother drank while pregnant with you, it really is." and a "little shithead". Like i said it was a year ago but havent really seen anything from you much past that and who knows if youve changed. -1 might change later
  8. Suggestion Name: Map system revamp Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): UI(?) changes Addon Pack (Optional): N/A Addon Pack File Size: N/A Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): My suggestion is a revamp of the map system, making it more usefull and user friendly At the moment I think the current map isnt that great, which is why i suggest a change, or rather an update. Instead of having the map only being able to zoom out a certain amount, the map should start completely out showing the entire thing, with the ability to zoom in. All the points will be coloured in with the respective faction that holds it, showing more clarity towards which point is which. Along with this would be the ability for officers and chiefs to "mark" a point, the marked point will be highlighted on the map and a line would show up in chat saying that the point has been marked. With this insead of only active points showing on the map, all points should show on the map, with contestable ones perhaps having an icon or something of the sorts to indicate that it is contestable. Chiefs and Officers would be able to mark points by simply opening the map and clicking on the point. an alert would show up in chat (something like "___ has marked objective ___ to be captured") along with a clicking sound or something to get the attention on to the chat. Why is this useful/worth the work? As i stated the map is sometimes a pain to work with and it could be used greatly as a team communication tool. Im sure that many officers that have dealt with new players sometimes get annoyed explaining the location of certain points and locations, a revamp to this would mean that the map would be easier to understand and new players would get the hang of it faster. Another reason this is useful is that a player who had nothing to do can open the map and see a point that the officers have marked and think "hey ill go assist the people at the point and try to capture it". I know that a reason why US dont leave the base is that they dont see a reason to. This would honestly help as the point is shown as important, and something to do, therefore getting them out more. Another reason is the ability for a faction to have better communication without having to be in a discord, say the US regiments are split up in their respective discords, the chat alert will show up when another officer marks it and either the players themselves or the officers can get over to that said point and work as a faction to claim it. Obviously this relies on officers and chiefs to make it work, but there really isnt any loss if it doesnt work, and im sure US officers will be happy to get people out of base and such. Overrall this addition would make the map 100% more user friendly and understandable for new and experienced players alike, help aid communication and bring factions out of base more. TLDR; MAKE MAP BIGGER AND MAKE USEFUL FOR EVERYONE yet to add potential other ideas that tie in the map, mainly to do with the point system
  10. +1 while i dont agree that everyone deserves a second chance, but on syns hand he actually seems eager to rejoin CG, he has talked about what he would like to do if unbanned and clearly has ambissions for the server, Although cheating is a pretty shit thing to do, i would say most of us have done it at some time in pretty much any game. good luck
  11. You may ask, why is it a good day Gizmo? Simple answer; On this day, on the year 1867 The capital of Colorado County was moved from Golden to Denver. I am actually quite disapointed that there arent many others celebrating this historic day, so please react with agree if you also share my love for December Ninth.
  12. +1 both developed a smooth brain when we were in the EM team together & was pretty good at his job poor man needs something to do now SA is in lockdown
  13. Ive said this for a while now, US dont have an equiv for jihad, the jihad is a point clearer and actually pretty good. During the last minute of an event if they have the point they can jihad the point full of US and bascially win. Not to mention during raids if they jihad then hop in a US car thats basically all them gone. The frag grenade has a long throw time, is inconsistent and only kills when they have it 2 feet up their ass. instead of changing grenades and such, i think that US 2LT+ should have a similar tool/weapon
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