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  1. Gizmo

    ive fallen

    good luck, hope that the stuff IRL gets better
  2. -1, no steam ID, clearly didn’t read through as questions are repeated, a mic is important to running an event, the question how a typical event is merged with the event crafting, these are 2 different questions and your application lacks good formatting On the other hand you seem mature good luck anyways
  3. -1 !ticket
  4. -1 it’s literally a copy paste of your last appeal. If you want to get unbanned I think it’s fair to put some effort into it
  5. neutral. Ronic has calmed down, and il give him that but there are things about his behaviour that still bother me, for example, complaining in OOC about an event (while I would usually not care), it was in the form of him asking "Is this a trial EMs event?" it sounds like im butthurt or something but I don't think its a great course of action as no kind of constructive criticism was given good luck none the less
  6. here, I got the Canoon ping for you @Canoon
  7. we don't need 17 pages for an event, we need 1/2 for a script for an event, brian has done multiple events (i commend him on that btw) on the other hand, Brians event scripting is really good, he has clearly put in the effort, and for that, I give him a big ol' +1
  8. this new isis Chief model to more accurately represent their hitbox Also 20 more ranks are being added just for you
  9. +1 smokes for recon I like the idea of smokes for recon, limit them to higher-ups (SFC+) to make sure less lag & it will give some incentive to keep on the recon track as when people get to a high level they may leave as better snipers are unlocked in the shop.
  10. -1 No. Chris after Joel did a DB "why is a 7-year-old doing debrief?" him after getting muted because of that makes about 5/6 tickets, after tickets get deleted "bias staff"
  11. +1 legendary guy Move to EM tho
  12. That’s not what happened, there was a civilian AFK on a hill, near snipers nest (spicy I believe) me and another person were going to the city, I got out of my humvee and started walking towards him going to ask him to move further away from the point, then Stubbs shot a rocket at him, killing me and the civilian. i believe that because it’s just a warn you should just take it.
  13. you left the event team a while ago, what will change this time?
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