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  1. prepare for the funny. give me free rank and cash!!! anyway good to hear
  2. +1 uhhh why was my comment deleted, +1 it is shite atm
  3. my joke: "Death To mongolia was a bad name and should be changed"
  4. +1 stop retiring again and again >:((
  5. +1 can be toxic but this is a video game arent we all? give him a go
  6. +1 great fucking bloke and will work the fuck out of shit fuck bloody shit
  7. Why were you holding the nade? doesn't make much sense. wont give my thoughts until reasoning is given
  8. Gizmo

    Skdaui Minster App

    yeah mate +100 if he puts ciggies in his mouth, nose & ears
  9. Gizmo


    No you are 100% distraught
  10. I guess my message is being used so I will give my 2 cents, obviously doxing is bad and hxtp’s past earnings don’t look great on him, but much of the information about rito has already been revealed by himself, whether it be accidentally or not. If we went around banning people who gave up information about others that has already been given out, then I know plenty of staff that would be appealing as well. The handbook states “If a player was found to be releasing personal information from another player from the community (eg. Full name, address, phone numbers etc), Doxing - 3 days minimum, if the player has released their information publicly (told the person etc) then this is not doxing and if the player is using this information to expose them further etc then it is harassment and not doxing”, the information and such about the Rito was already revealed by him (from my knowledge), and Complex was re-sharing most of that information (again, from what I know). And while yes, it was in Hxtp’s second chance, I believe that a perm ban was unjust. Finally, if Hxtp and Rito have discussed this in DMs or otherwise, and have reached neutral grounds then I see the issue as partially resolved, I say he should be considered for a second chance. +0.5 as this is chance three
  11. Doesnt the Q-menu literally do that?
  12. what does the code actually do?
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