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  1. +1 when i was EM i ran plenty of events without a mic. As long as you can communicate well enough to get the point across and are planned (not making stuff up on the spot) then it should be fine. One thing i will say is "its just a trial" is a dumb way of thinking. They still have perms and can fuck things up bad so a trial phase shouldnt be considered something we just give them a go on. Anyway the app is well written and ashley can be trusted.
  2. Hello welcome to CG, can you make a knife for me thanks. ps join US because we are good.
  3. Gizmo

    Ian is a clown

    Agreed, Ian is in fact a clown.
  4. No that would be terrible, it’s basically the same thing. i think proper death sounds could be cool +1
  5. Suggestion Name: buff the mr6 Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): weapon buff Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): This thing reeks of shit more then my senile grandmother. It is worse in almost all stats compaired to the FN FIVE-SEVEN, you know the one that you can buy at level 510 for a gun that costs 50k and is prestige 16, you would hope that it would do its job better then a Level 10 pistol Screenshots (Optional):
  6. IM 38TH. Im below people who have left the server bro this is rough
  7. I got tagged in a post my day is made. Anyway good to hear. I still remember you as a marine before we sniped you to become a delta officer.
  8. Gizmo


    that is a good question
  9. Gizmo


    You werent the guy who suggested it also real close mr deston
  10. Gizmo


    i am doing rather well thank you
  11. What kind of bundaberg do you grab from the fish n chips shop I like the Lemonade but thats because i am a white boy
  12. Gizmo

    go to shapes order

    savoury i am kidding these are rancid
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