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  1. -1 you would just kick him? your application isn't descriptive and is quite small
  2. -1 i have been told that you are extremely toxic and that's not suitable for mod
  3. -1 you didn’t even answer everything and “I don’t know what to list, many things” well, at least list one of them
  4. Yes for the people I promote
  5. -1 bad attempts to be funny and many answers seem empty
  6. Suggestion name: Defibrillators Suggestion type: Item Nerf Im sure everyone can agree that being killed by Defibs is really annoying, mainly for the US. As they are not KOS you end up being killed by them because you can't shoot back. I propose that they become KOS because you would never walk around with paddles charged.
  7. I cannot confirm nor deny that a few too many of them were forgetting the answers for tryout questions and quickly checking lmao
  8. Neutral your application seems okay, you have a few grammatical errors and this incredibly strange answer “So, I thought why not try it with actual people.“
  9. +1 good staff and a hottie
  10. -1 I don’t think that you are suitable for the role as you responded angrily to Amin’s response and asking for hacks at all isn’t great.
  11. +1 8/10 you are a cool guy and your application is great as well as your event crafting if I was to criticise anything it seems like you haven’t been too active.
  12. I don’t see anywhere where’s I have written one sentence when I was meant to to write more, for the questions where I had do just agree, I wrote more then I was meant to, I understand your other feedback about event scripting immaturity ( @SamWise& @-Henry- ) as I had no clue how tali debriefs go and could only really go off other accepted ones, I now see that I did take it a bit overboard and given the opportunity I will work on that. Thanks for your feedback all 3 of you. EDIT: you guys didn’t seem to like my event scripting so I changed some things up and cleared it up https://docs.google.com/document/d/13NasGcfdyMGbQIaQtrFkL84bmyN8aLOW1iSnCYVUgYM And henry would you mind telling me why you changed your neutral to a minus without giving a reason, I didn’t change anything so I don’t really understand where I went wrong.
  13. 6/10 +/- your application seems fine by me, but your event crafting seems plain, if you didn’t delete the event scripting specifications I would of quoted it saying “include passive RP elements” which I don’t see, overall your application is fine by me but the event crafting needs some improvements.
  14. +1 7/10 you seem like you know what I assume you would need to know and seem qualified, if I were to give any criticism it would be towards the scenario answers as they seem very small.
  15. Oh of course, I understand now, I guess my reasoning could of been explained further. My reasoning is that if someone gets told that their issue is being solved it will make them happier then just saying “I’ll try”. It wouldn’t entirely mean that the event would be changed completely as i wrote that I’ll try to fix the issue, again I should of written that ill fix the issue if it doesn’t tilt the event too much.