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  1. +1 both developed a smooth brain when we were in the EM team together & was pretty good at his job poor man needs something to do now SA is in lockdown
  2. Ive said this for a while now, US dont have an equiv for jihad, the jihad is a point clearer and actually pretty good. During the last minute of an event if they have the point they can jihad the point full of US and bascially win. Not to mention during raids if they jihad then hop in a US car thats basically all them gone. The frag grenade has a long throw time, is inconsistent and only kills when they have it 2 feet up their ass. instead of changing grenades and such, i think that US 2LT+ should have a similar tool/weapon
  3. Personally i like the idea of one regiment being slow and defensive and one being fast, although it should be the other way around, ADF being slow, and 2nd commandos being fast as they are special ops. for 2ndCommandos Instead of the extra run speed and hk-416, i think that they should have a smg that can hipfire while sprinting & sprint swep. This means that they have mobility in combat while (hoprfully) not making them too op next ADF should keep m60 and its speed nerf, but should get the m4 carbine and a trap that hold people in place for a bit, and maybe even alerts the owner of the trap. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1245246454 https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=714564051 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=870186763 Just my two cents, and when update planning happened its around about what Joel and I envisioned.
  4. where is MRTHING on the list though...
  5. Never! As a General of [REDACTED] none of my men will be withdrawing. Our sovereignty is on the line and myself and my fellow soldiers refuse to withdraw from this region. While others may leave, the Taliban will have to continue their constant fear of Juggernauts and roaring flames killing their men!
  6. Another addition to this, make a list of updated rules all in one spot, faction leader + server ect. The amount of times I have tried to find out a nuance rule that i know exists but need conformation/to double check specifics is uncountable, and having to look around at tons of different locations to find it is a pain in the ass.
  7. Gizmo


    signed by gmizmo
  8. These have been done in other ops but were done poorly in Damascus Due to time limitations setups cant take too long otherwise it will kill server for the night, also sometimes errors are just made, whether it be overcompensating a loosing side or the similar, it is difficult to accurately give support, because not enough will mean that the faction continues to loose, and eventually it becomes too late to give support, or overcompensation, which can be seen as just "giving" the event away. Starting a p1 with balanced sides is really difficult because you need to take skill, numbers, equipment and AFK's into account, and event masters dont exactly have time to go around to see how many are afk. Event masters try to balance things out if the second part went badly but as I stated before it sometimes goes south EMs dont try to mess up with this kind of thing on purpose and due to human error it gets diffucult. What midday said is what ive seen as pretty accurate "the trial period is where the most guidance is required (coming from experience). Issue is that there aren’t many EM higherups to support the T-EMs." this kind of thing comes with time and dedication that some people may not have after becoming an EM, whether they dont enjoy doing it or any other reason, its not very often to see a SNR EM, or a standard EM who has been around for yonks. On the flipside though telling people to apply for EM if they dont like events isnt a great way to think. Some players join the server so that they can have fun and not have to worry about those kind of things. I think its fair enough for people to want to play the server as a normal player and not have to create events or take tickets. The people that apply for staff or EM are those who want to dedicate time to the server to improve it and make the people that dont want to be staffs experience better. Overall, improvement comes in time as the newer event masters learn the ins and outs of what makes an event fair.
  9. Midday you bastard I took a photo of the “bruh it’s testing for events” don’t take my credit you wonky dog
  10. Let’s go 2nd on the rito rankings. Sad to see you go, the boys will live on, even if most of them have parted ways. Enjoy being outside or whatever and having basic brain function. o7
  11. what a poor timing of intro
  12. Cya Deku, you will always be a delta recon at heart gl in the future you fat minge
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