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  1. Ello. I wanted to come back into the server quietly but practically everyone knows now so here I am. I won't be as active as I'd like to, I'm still dealing with a busted femur & wrist. I won't be able to play too much, and if I do i'll be very bad at pvp and the like, but I'm there. i am not transgender unlike demonic (good on ya). but i am really cool Anyways, it's good to be back, especially now that loser Linus is gone. I look forward to seeing you all again.
  2. welcome to the club
  3. Gizmo


    CG is going to acquire disney
  4. Gizmo


    wow, just wow. im blown away
  5. personally i dont think they really should of been unbanned why do it in the first place then as i stated before, not exactly a great comparison but one none the less: if a pedo touches a kid and gets caught, he gets locked up for a while and when he is out he is not near a school. No matter how much they have changed, a pedo wont be allowed near a school again, they knew that touching a child is repremandable and they need to face the consequences for their actions. what does carrying have to do with anything. in the scenario i said rock = you playing on the server, crush = hacking so if you have a rock, yippee thats your rock. but oh no you broke the rock (hacking) and now you dont have that rock in its original state. now you need to face the actions of having your rock crushed into little specks i have nothing against you as a person, but in reality actions have conesquences and when they are lined up infront of you. once you break it you need to reap what you sow
  6. not an equal comparison. When i said a hacker is a hacker it means you hacked. you broke a rule in full knowledge that it wasnt allowed. while its possible for someone to stop hacking, its not possible for them to un-hack. So think of it more like a rock that gets crushed is a crushed rock, and you cant un-crush it.
  7. -1 a hacker is a hacker bro. you broke like the biggest rule. and streamed it.
  8. this dude is short lol first cg fella i met
  9. @SamWise i want you to kick adam next time you see him for reason walker also can you guys give me more rep points i want to overtake ian
  10. suprising noone i am done with CG for the forseeable future. Maybe ill come back if we got o Highlands or FS2 *cough* anyway there are a few homies that i want to @ lol @Bee for recruiting me into delta @Asatru pretty self explanatory, basically the big bossman for everything i was in, delta, rpo ect @Ezygle gangsta fella first GOA i actually got to know @Ellion thanks for picking me up off ebay when you let me into the EM team @Canoon HA that let me into the staff team good man but needs to stop shooting minorities @MangoIces my beloved Highlands Delta Fellas if you got a second ping here well done @Bee @Asatru @Price @Bunnings Warehouse @Rito Skeeto @Chrispy @MangoIces @Stormzilla @pleboski (idiot cant ping) @Sneakster also @Deku probably my "prime" on CG, had the most fun with you boys. Basically up to you to continute the delta legacy @Asatru even if you are in al-q RPOs are pretty cool Few of the early WW3 homies @Albino Supremo @Midnight @jovian (cant ping the fella must of changed his name) Also bangin time with you guys, missing the minging days lol also some other cool people @Jake @Yapopey @Kruuze @Adam Walker @Miller @Cap @Dr. No Pancreas @SamWise @Lindy @Wiemers @rallycat05 @Views @Hubert @Castle @Kaptian Core @Dark @Merlyn @Zynix @Mundy @River @Snake @Kiba @joni (nerd) chances are if you didnt make the cut i secretly dont like you, i forgot or you didnt have an impact on my server experience its up to you to guess lmao Anyways Gizmo is out, ill leave you with one bit of information. Asatru touches kids
  11. +1 agreed, fire rate is terrible and you will easily get out gunned by practically everything
  12. Just a thought, "new zealand wins" is just plain failRP. In the best way possible Australia would crush New Zealand in any fight (apart from maybe rugby) and the fact that it is there makes me think that you are unsure on RP. Other then that +1 lol
  13. +1 i have no bias what so ever at all, what a terrific idea
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