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  1. congrats? leaving at cmdr isnt that big of a deal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. There are like 100 malakand practitioners, stick with them and you will be fine, honestly I don’t get why people are complaining about the 10 hp self heal & the 40 hp heal to others. The initial nerf sucked ass but staying close to a medic is OP now. Be with a group and you will live
  3. Gizmo


    Why does saying smh put a line under it smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh smh also I just went to the dentist what do you guys think about my teeth
  4. -1 You already have a car... just a reminder that: US Army, Delta Force, SAS, Al-shabaab, Taliban army, ISIS, Malakand, and Al-Q don’t have a car. Also, Aus Army, PLA and RU have a humvee re-skin. Give the other regiments something before you start doubling up/look for replacements. Sec Ops isn’t swat, and why would the most funded army in the entire world drive a chevvy. PS. the cruiser is 1.5 MB and the SWAT is 6.5 MB
  5. +1, this is based on delta force as its my regiment, each class has something that benefits them directly, this change means medic loose their advantage in combat, the self heal, while every other class has their specialty that gives them the upper hand in combat. people go medic so they can live via healing themselves, people go recon so they can snipe and use ghillie, people go infantry so they can use their gun that is better then other classes, people go heavy so they have extra health, people go sentinel so they have extra health and flamethrower.
  6. +1 good idea, my only thought is that neutrals should just have their names, not their ranks, and enemies keep completely hidden. My second concern is that it would make staffing more difficult as you wouldnt be able to see the name of a rule breaker if they are doing things like soloraiding and mass killing enemies in base. I agree that many people completely disregard ranks, EG. whenever i try to get people to the front gate many will just ignore me, a top of 1 or 2 people actually rocking up. Roll is incredibly underutilized and from experience has the potential to make RP more interesting and apparent.
  7. you literally broke the law -1
  8. this is literally middays application, you have been banned, you dont have your full steam community link, if you have 4 years playtime on CG thats impressive, no gametracker link for it though. make a separate application that is your own and my opinion may change but for the time being its a -1 sorry.
  9. SAS is the air regiment in US, although they it doesnt make too much sense for it to be a US regiment, it would nerf US real hard for no reason, AUS dont usually ally with US on homemap, and if it was to happen US wouldnt have any helis. RU is the sub faction that has helis, the krocodil to be exact, the sole point of RU is that they are the ony sub faction with a helicopter and if AUS was to get SAS there would be no point to RU. Basically, moving the regiment is a bad idea, US needs an aerial regiment, and thats SAS, loosing that would be faction killing. although that is true US pays the most to UN, 22% of the UNs annual budget comes from the US and UN Headquaterss are in NYC. Basically, SAS needs to be in US as that is the heli regiment, taliban has al-shabaab, and US have SAS. I agree that SAS should be renamed to USAF because it makes more sense.
  10. Where would it go? From what I’ve seen all flat-ish areas are too small, right outside someone’s bunks, on top of a roof or in an area people use for a dupe. In all honesty it doesn’t seem necessary as I haven’t seen any staff members having issues with spawning them & having a PTE area won’t stop new players from screwing with it.
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