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  1. remember how ban evasion is a rule
  2. deən


    i just vomited everywhere
  3. +1 Well written app and long time player even though he only recently returned; knows the job of a forum mod
  4. +1 please just unban him this is like his 4th appeal
  5. Ya'll saying enjoy school while you can but you for sure trippin, school is ASS and i'm keen to graduate in 3 months
  6. +1 This addon is goated. Will give something to do on homemap other than afk and raid.
  7. +1 The only appeal to AUS is the Sprint SWEP. The MTAR is awful, coming in at a whopping 24 damage (with magnium rounds) with a 30 round mag, AUG is meh, and the M60 will be used once in a blue moon when we get raided (even then I think any other weapon would do just as well). As previously stated, the MAIN appeal were the drones, which were swiftly broken and never re-implemented. If a player was planning to leave either US or Taliban to a sub faction, the only reason you're going to pick AUS is for its reputation (I guess?). Every other sub faction has multiple special pieces of equipment or vehicles that makes them stand out. -PLA have RPG's, Artillery Strike, MP-970, base next to fob. -Russia have the Superhind, Parachutes for every class, AJM-9 -UN have the Insurgent, MSBS Radon, Cuffs + Shield, Stunstick, Groza-4 - And AUS has Sprint SWEP, and M60? All in all, AUS is by far the worst sub faction equipment-wise and we're going to need a little more than a border-line useless LMG to compensate for that. Also we don't use regiment guns because we don't have any that are better than the MP40, go figure.
  8. -/+ Although I think this is a good suggestion coming from a good place, I don't really think adding entirely new guns is necessary. Contrary to popular belief (as it seems), I think new players have a decent variety of good guns to use, such as the MP40, AK103, Mosin, SKS-D, MP5A5, ACR etc. Not only that, simply joining Delta Force Infantry class gives you the HK416, which I used for my entire duration as ISIS Chief/Breacher. Taliban Army gives you the AK-74, being a great starter weapon from my time using it (also the HK XM8, but thats donator). However I do agree that the reworking of lower levels guns will probably never happen, unless something similar to when Amin picked up the MP5A5 on FS2 happens (which won't be buffs regardless). ^ I agree with this 100%, and not everyone will like the weapons I suggested, however I can only speak from my personal experience leveling up when I first started. In conclusion, in my opinion, new players already have viable and "combat ready" guns to use in pvp, its just about finding the right one for your playstyle.
  9. Agreed, especially with a Sheiva nerf already being talked about, seems like its going down the same route as the golden guns and most of them will not be worth the time/money spent. The highest level guns should be the best weapons available, otherwise what is the point of leveling up at all?
  10. I can't tell if I should be worried or coating the walls in vomit
  11. Taliban Army standing strong as always.
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