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  1. Although I think thats a dumb ass meme I think perm ban bit harsh, maybe naughty role. (Im speaking for just this meme, I don't know if he has a history of breaking server rules but if he does then the perm ban might be fair depending on history) Disregard just was informed of his history on the server, he is living proof of what this community doesn't need and should never be welcome back.
  2. man flat out just copied and pasted that post, Damn
  3. Then give Em team ideas so they can improve...
  4. mid bridge is a great map, as a person with a high end PC I get a hell of a lot more then 60 fps
  5. im gonna ask my year coordinator of this can be my year book quote "I gone to school for 12 years and still had a random stranger from the internet teach me how to do my taxes" thanks canoon for teaching me how to do my taxes hahaha
  6. I learnt how to create a school and house using revit, dont know how thats gonna help me but yea
  7. Imagin how many mingy PVT's would abuse this, would have a lot of people who arn't meant to be flying the air... I would make a lot of more work for staff. -1
  8. +1 you where an awesome player on the server and I was really surprised to find out you cheated, you made a lot of good role play and always a nice guy. Give da man another chance.
  9. Event are made to make more enjoyment for the community, its not for the staff team but for the community. If the community aren't enjoying the event game mode then staff need to act, that is the role especially Event master. This thread is a great way for the community to give there feedback and staff should really take note on whats said and adjust to the community's likes and dislikes.
  10. +1 This would be sick, might even come back to the server for this
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