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  1. +1 Would do good in dev team and the clip you showed was awesome!
  2. +1 you where a really good guy and nice a lot of the time, as long as you can keep your behavior at a high level I would love to see you as EM!
  3. -1 If you can’t follow the rules how can you enforce the rule? i believe you are still to immature for a staff position. Good luck
  4. Stay on the server, You wont. Ill miss you
  5. -1 Seem you fail RP multiple times today alone (choose to deal with it in RP), I don't believe you follow rules enough for a staff position.
  6. There is already an update coming eventually with approximately 5 new sub faction, I don’t think we need a new regiment with an update in its way.
  7. +1 your a good dude and a nice bloke, I remember you from a while ago and did good RP also can you fix the ULX question Good luck
  8. +1 yapopey is a great officer and an awesome person who is always polite and a nice person.
  9. So you where given a second chance and blow it, your reason for a third chance is Canoon told you to make an appeal, the players you spoke to have dementia and your have gone thru your retard phase. Is this correct?
  10. +1 talked with Lexi a few times and he’s nothing but polite and respectful, he is willing to learn and would be suitable for this position. Good Luck
  11. -1 who? Wait more time before applying and get more known.
  12. Blaid225

    Pretty Much

    Lovely documentary
  13. -1 when you where an EM you didn’t complete the jobs with the role, why should we believe you will for fill the requirements of this job?
  14. +1 Dart gun is bad, its what made me leave ghost even with the extra speed its not worth it with how bad the dart gun is.
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