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  1. +1 GL is bad as Fook, also buff RPG as well to make it fair.
  2. Its a gun Marines- Dart Gun- Need to equip Delta- Flame thrower- Need to equip 75th- Grenade launcher- Need to equip Plus all the tali versions of the donate options. Those GUNS make you lose a slot for a primary and you need to pay $30 to access them why should something you get for free be a better option then something you need to donate for, not very fair for the people that donate to the server is it.
  3. +1 This man made an amazing job as a moderator both times, he was always fast to reply to tickets, help and players that needed his assistance and is a good man. He did an amazing when we was a commander of security ops as this shows his amazing leadership techniques. He did amazing job reviving 75th rangers back on FS2 as the regiment was more dead then my soul, this shows hes a determined man who wants to get shit down correctly, just another reason why he would make an amazing head admin. He was a great leader of the Russian army using his wealth of knowledge to train other and giving great vodka to the Americans. Lastly he is doing a great job at being a respected member of this community always helping the community and is easily approachable.
  4. +1 Taking to you more and you definitely matured more, although you made mistakes as a role of EM I believe with training and guidance you can do well in this position. Anyway its called a trial period for a reason so yes, Good luck.
  5. Game tracker must be broken then, even then 4 days in a month is still not enough activity to apply for staff. I would recommend you wait a couple weeks showing you can prove your committed to the community and will be active in the position before applies, thats just mu recommendation though.
  6. -1 Haven't played once this month
  7. The reason its not available is because it dose not work on all models, some models the entire hand goes up and some 3 fingers go up, it be broken
  8. +1 Player has been apart of the community for a long time and served apart of the team before as am EM, although player has minged in the past if you interact with him now you can clearly see he has changed and has good activity, I believe he at least deserves a chance on trial. Good luck!
  9. Blaid225

    8 ball

    Denied Feel free to re apply in 2 weeks
  10. +1 You are an active member of the community and have good knowledge of the server, I believe you will do well in this role. Good luck.
  11. +1 Very bad gun, I can throw potato harder!
  12. +1 Good player and is extremely nice. He has done well in his role as forums moderator (as far as I have seen) and I believe will do well in this role. Good luck!
  13. so they are even then? Buff them both
  14. ISIS RPG is now a 2 shot with only 2 ammo.
  15. +1 Always in discord so he will be capable to assist players ASAP and will do well! Good luck!
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