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  1. -1 Answers have been done poorly or incorrectly and you where warned one day ago making me you haven't really changed.
  2. +1 I’m selfish and want to heal my self, I don’t heal my men! If they die they are weak!
  3. 1st: @Ross was a witness to you purposely running and attempting to kill US with the car 2nd: Just because someone else drove into the base which was allowed dose not mean you can take over and drive the car breaking rules. 3rd: I had both @Ross and @Views give me there opinion on the punishment to suit the crime to ensure it was fair.
  4. +1 I have seen you do awesome RP such as buying the AUS base and being nice boiiii. Good luck.
  5. you purposely broke rules to get a high amount of warn (currently its at 42), how do we know you have changed and will follow all rules?
  6. -1 Application is not completed correctly, questions not answered or not answered correctly. Feel free to PM me on discord if you want help correcting these mistakes. also your not a 9.9 for how known in my eyes. Evidence: Reason I believe your not a 9.9 is because you been on for four days out of the last 30.
  7. When it says how many hours go on game tracker and find how many hour you have and attach the link, if you need help with getting this feel free to message me.
  8. -1 you have played for two days out of 30, at least show you can commit before applying.
  9. Can you please supply example of different commands within the ULX system.
  10. +1 Even though I was the one that banned you I believe you deserve this role, You understood what you did and your nothing but polite to myself even after the ban. I see you having a positive impact on the community and deserve this role, Good luck blaid.
  11. +1 Very respected member, always polite and is very active I believe he deserves a trial at this role! Good luck
  12. +/- I dont think you have been back for long enough but if you show you can be consistent i will happily change my vote.
  13. your game tracker says no data, im assuming this is a glitch?
  14. it will require to many points and take up to name letters and stuff, AFK on an OBJ ez
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