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  1. +1 Super active player in both the game and the community. Always had good interactions with him . Would definitely become a very good moderator.
  2. +1 From my experiences with Syn he was super toxic 2 years back, but that was the old Syn i want to see the new syn. Afterall it has been 2 years and he has constantly been appealing his ban and he would not be doing that if he is just going to get unbanned to hack or be toxic towards the players. Give this man a second chance to prove himself
  3. Trough


    Signed by Trof man trof
  4. This could be a good idea, but the purpose of the bounty is for giving the players an incentive to hunt to earn extra money. So if we were to have someone with a bounty to hide in their base waiting out the time, players would just be running around trying to find the player with a bounty not knowing he is just hiding in his base. And having the bountied player be KOS to their allies just does not make a whole lot of sense as you guys are suppose to be helping each other fight the same enemies. Not saying that this is a bad idea but the bounty function of the server is a really small issue and not really worth the time changing.
  5. +1 Probably one of the nicest person i have met on the server,He is on in the earlier times when most staffs are afk and can maybe catch a couple of rule breaker in those times.Seems really experienced in moderating Trough Taliban Army Assault
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