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  1. Completely understand that the "minges" in Taliban were the reason they won events and had active players, And I don't expect people to be forced into the faction at all, what I am asking for is a review of Taliban chiefs, and if the server wants to be equally sided and fun the server will understand people need be put into places they will actually contribute to the growth and promotions of the Tali boys or the faction it's self will die off.
  2. I completely agree with what you replied with Asatru the only problem is that there are 0 active HR's to do that (Yes I know there are CO's within tali that pop in every now and then but we need better than that for now until we are stable and there are many ways for us to achieve that we just need someone in those HR ranks that is active and willing to put time into it.) There is no way for newer people to be seen and promoted by higher ranks. The main problem with tali is inactive HR's or CO's that just don't play or attempt to recruit new people into their regiment. All of the new tali either join Al-Shabab then hardly play, join then instantly go inactive, Or join a different regiment with a similar outcome. And being in tali myself I can see the #1 reason for every new tali going inactive is the lack of promotions and tryouts. And when CO's do come on promotions are hardly ever given out, and the only people who get promotions are top fraggers. (Yes I completely understand that that is the reason people get promoted, but people need to look out for new people within the faction that are trying their best, people only get better over time.)
  3. +1 Zabat is a good lad and knows his shit. This application looks like a a lot of effort was put into it.
  4. I feel like a change of HR's or like I stated an overview of the current CO's could benefit Tali a lot. As right now CO's are not doing much to benefit tali or bring new people to tali. What Reckoyn has stated is exactly how we can fix Taliban. And it shouldn't be a who it should be all of the current active Taliban that should strive to fix it.
  5. Suggestion Name: Fixing Tali Suggestion Type: Faction Reason: Greetings, as all of you, may know at the moment Taliban is absolutely horrible, we are getting no new recruits the only new people we get are the few staff from the U.S that swap between roles to help out tali. I suggest that Taliban need to be reworked positions need to be overlooked and active CO's are needed. recently there has only been a max of 5 Taliban on throughout the whole set of events compared to over 20 U.S every event and has gotten to the point that the very few active Taliban have started to swap to U.S and I'm on the line of doing it myself. Tali has always had fewer members compared to U.S but now it's just getting to the point that events are just Tali being spawn camped and the few events we do win are either sided for tali or is an RP event. I seriously believe that tali have the opportunity to revive its self and be able to stand up to the U.S once again I just believe that the positions currently taken should be overlooked and a more active person should be placed into a position where they can assist the rev of tali or the server will become a U.S Vs AI because the faction is slowing killing it's self off. Thank you for reading my suggestion please leave your thoughts in the comments.
  6. +1 Johnson is a very known person throughout the community and many cherishable moments would not have happened without this man. GiVe Me GaRgEY!
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