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  1. I'm willing, just remove Jihad or grenades. and something tells me jihad isn't gonna get removed calmly... Even if: the jihad is better all round but suicide? so it makes sense for a restrictions to higher ranks... more variety is still a request.
  2. So we remove ISIS’s RPG? Cause that’s the balancer to the gl... and sec Ops aren’t a combat regiment, how often do you come up against a shield? +, I agree sec Ops shouldn’t have grenades, it’s mentioned 2 times later in the post : )
  3. Suggestion Name: Grenades| changes and removals Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Equipment/Regiment Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): Currently, all TAL chiefs receive a fragmentation grenade as well as the jihad bomb, while US only receive their regiments grenade (A mix of Frags and Smokes, which is also unbalanced) and not all regiment officers even receive those (Security Operations are exempt) Jihad: larger range, higher damage, higher cost and risk (Life, not always successful) Grenade: lower range, lower damage (not enough to kill in one shot) lowER risk, (removal from cover in CQC can be required or risk bounce back of frag) Description: my proposal: remove grenades from Taliban entirely, at NTS+, as they currently receive the frag grenades AND the jihad, more than enough to clear a point in a matter of seconds. The Frag grenade which most US receive lacks the ability to kill in one shot all round. This is a blatant in-balance in the server, which all SHOULD agree needs changing if they can get past personal bias. ADDITION: Add more versatility to the grenade selection given to US. There are many different grenade types and yet only 2 are used by US, another 2 (1 common) by TAL, which frankly the flash makes minimal sense to give to Taliban. proposal: US Army: Frag Grenade US Marines: Smoke Grenade Delta Force: Flash Grenade SAS: Frag Grenade 75th Rangers: Electric Grenade High command: Frag Grenade Security Operations: still no grenade, due to large range of equipment SUB FACTIONS: PLA: Keep Flash Grenades RU: Keep Smoke Grenades or change to Frag Grenade UN: Flash Grenade (From Frag Grenade, makes more sense due to being a largely peaceful force) AUS: Keep Frag Grenades Summary: Strip Tal of grenades at NTS + ranks. Increase diversity of grenade types among US. Give grenades to sub-factions related to given 'style'
  4. join EM team to provide ideas and execute those ideas to improve gameplay on mid bridge. I'm sure thats never been done before. *looks at camera*
  5. Asatru joining delta when?
  6. -1 just had an AOS on him for randomly executing a trainee.
  7. Everything except for the ally KOS. imagine if a US private just executes the GOA cause he got 7 kills
  8. +1, We've unbanned other hackers why not him?
  9. Great Northern, but fuck photos
  10. +1, make it for recon classes only if possible to boost membership
  11. *Diirex records himself screaming awkwardly into a mic for 5 minutes straight*
  12. HK-416, have 9 slot equipped press E twice. The two options are either a zoom function (which normally shows current sights but zoomed... simple) or the backup sight, which flips the gun to a 45 degree angle with a smaller sight but higher sensitivity.
  13. no clue, I'm no coder but from what I've seen it works in single player. It may be a pack clashing somewhere on the server.
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