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  1. Great Northern, but fuck photos
  2. +1, make it for recon classes only if possible to boost membership
  3. *Diirex records himself screaming awkwardly into a mic for 5 minutes straight*
  4. HK-416, have 9 slot equipped press E twice. The two options are either a zoom function (which normally shows current sights but zoomed... simple) or the backup sight, which flips the gun to a 45 degree angle with a smaller sight but higher sensitivity.
  5. no clue, I'm no coder but from what I've seen it works in single player. It may be a pack clashing somewhere on the server.
  6. Garry's Mod 2020-09-09 20-09-04.mp4 Name: HK-416 Bug fix Suggestion type: Fix Reason: As shown in above video, half the sights of the H&K - 416 don't work, due to some form of glitch where a reflection of the player blocks the laser inside the sight. As well as when using the flip sight nothing can be seen even in the sights that work. I don't think I need much more justification as its a sight issue, and if possible to fix would help a lot and make the feeling of the H&K 416 given to ISIS and Delta force a lot better and realistic.
  7. Translation of above: 1: Only if you see him put the gun away, OR if he goes behind cover alone (with no way for others to hide there) OR if he does more criminal activity/admits it himself. I've seen people openly admit they are Taliban (in voice chat, so it's in-character) and then you can shoot them. 2: No, only time you can shoot a guy who reveals himself is if he was clearly alone (e.g. ducked behind tree just to wait) or if you see him put the gun away. Player models are only used for people in the same faction from an Rp perspective. Think like a racist and they all look the same.
  8. Name: Overtime rule change type: Rule Description/Reason: As of now, overtime can completely change the result of levels, even if point(s) are held for all of the match so far, which seems unfair to those who put more work in to hold those points. I suggest changing the level balance of overtime's result If overtime results in OG winner's loss, both sides get 2 levels for part. if overtime results in OG winner's victory, levels are given as without overtime. This will benefit all, and if by some last minute clutch, it will still benefit the team which held before the overtime. it will benefit all parties involved and is completely unbiased as a whole. I've seen events where Taliban, despite having a clear lead for most of event + overtime, lost to a last minute cap during overtime, forfeiting the extra levels, which gradually stack up overtime.
  10. Mountain Dew = energy drink but... soda
  11. adding to what I said earlier, I notice in comms I see a lot of 'should we ditch AUS for ____ faction' followed by a lot of 'yeah AUS have nothing good to help us' its a massive problem
  12. +1, has the maturity to be GOA, and experience of admin.
  13. +1, with recommendations -Remove sprint swep from 2nd commandos in place for this drone. - Sniper drone should be restricted to SGT+, as it would help massy-ing and confirming targets may be difficult (depending on sights/zoom -limit controller range -add the drone repair tool to 1LT + of 2nd commandos -lower hp of sniper drone to about 200/150 hp -raise hp of scout drone to about 500 hp, to insensitive using it
  14. +1 -------------- B u t instead of molotov, we should go for a non lethal/less than lethal gas of some kind (blur effect, color saturation effect, contrast change etc). and realistically RP is less focused around arrests, CG is mainly a combat server and people need to accept it for what it is. It's just how it evolved, and the general design, so a proper combat regiment, with worthy equipment gives players a reason to join Sec Ops, more so Good players with UN dominating the shield area.
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