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  1. I recommend using the correct template Ban Appeal Template: SteamID: In-game alias/rank: Who banned you?: Ban Reason: Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): Why should we unban you?: Evidence in your favor (Optional):
  2. at the time you were doing this SAS had finished a tryout for new sas members as there was about 4-5 brand new privates that had come on the server and were getting trained along side me, there were people and there were new players on the map when you were doing this. if this was something you were doing at like 1 am I wouldn't care but it was about half an hour after the last event of the day had finished.
  3. -1 About a week ago I hopped on the server again, keep in mind I was a WO in US army I decided to ask asatru to set me to trainee and get trained again. Fresh out of the training I decided to do a tryout for a regiment I decided not to join, the reason why I'm saying all of this is because this was my first hour of being a PVT on the server. I decided to check out bunks and I walk up some stairs to see you and another high ranking US Commander spawning in props setting them to spin really fast and jumping into them in an attempt to go flying not to mention that the other commander that was there was shooting and did kill me at one point. I would hope that your behavior if you do get trail mod wouldn't be the same as what I saw a week ago. I really hope the experience I got isn't the experience you give to new players.
  4. +1 I think bee would be a great candidate for mod even with the same complaint such as you weren't event master for long (which imo is dumb considering the people saying that have never been EM's and don't even know how stressful the job is except for Mundy who is now a trail mod) its not a staff role for everyone and I would of rather have someone leave EM early then sit in a EM role and make shitty events for 2 months. but anyway Bee is a great person and is a well known and respected member the community and I think would do awesome as mod.
  5. apparently this guy is almost every staff member on the server already, might as well give him EM. -1 Spicy is the most immature person I have met on this server in awhile. just last night he broke 3 different rules some including - RDMx2 / Killing himself to avoid arrest x1 / killing himself to get out of jail x8 - staff member had to keep tping him back into the jail which he then killed himself again because he thought his time was up.
  6. All he had to do was run the paragraph through word or google docs and it would of fixed it for him, pretty sure if it was serious he would of taken that 20 second step, in fact I'll do it right now and time myself. Took me 17 seconds. Im sure the flashbang sucks dick and should get a change but at least put some effort into these suggestion posts.
  7. mmmmmmmm I don't think so bud -1
  8. @Swift | VenoM . you got permed in the past and you got unbanned, normally most people change thier ways except you decided to throw all it all away for the 3rd time & after hearing Pingas side of the story its pretty clear you are missing a few key points in your unban appeal.
  9. -1 then why did you have the cheats injected while playing on colossal? why should the evidence matter? you were caught cheating why would anyone care about your weeks of footage of you not cheating? all it shows is that you decided you didn't want to be part of the community. this kid was perm banned before I think he should keep the perm now. No one forced him to inject cheats and send a screen shot to brad only him. its his hole he should sit in it.
  10. +1 Banana is a great guy and I think would do well
  11. -1 after reading what Ian has put forward I think you should stay banned.
  12. As of today I've stepped down as Admin. its been a good run and I've had fun on the server but my time has come. Thank you all for the memories and fun I've had. I didn't really take a lot of videos or screen shots of my time on the server, but the best memory of the server I've had was when I made a EM app on Pornhub before I was a trail mod (would link but PH is a bad website kids). the one thing I will leave here from my time is a screenshot of ghett trying to make a event.
  13. Lolly

    My time is up.

    if it wasnt for you I wouldnt of made a omelette
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