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  1. +/- You are pretty well known throughout the community, your app is good and you seem to have lots experience, but in-game you over react a lot and get angry over small things, it's important to be able to stay calm if you're a staff member. +1 Tropica has shown improvement in his behaviour in-game. I would like to see Tropica be given a chance. Good Luck Tropica! 😄
  2. +1 Reasons listed above, i personally do not believe this player was intending to TK.
  3. 10 months for Mass TK jeez -1 Rushed answers, informal application.

  5. +1 Your application is pretty good, i personally think you would be a good addition to the team, as you seem very creative. I personally haven't had any bad experiences with this player, and i have noticed you have become less toxic towards others which is great. Good Luck!
  6. Nice app. You seem like an honest and creative guy. If you can improve your activity during the next week or so it will be a +1 from me.
  7. In your respected application you state this: 'in my opinion, I do not think I have the time for a rank of Mod or Em' Do you think you have more time now to commit to this role? Cool app, Cool dude. +1
  8. -1 You're a nice guy and pretty active but this application is pretty eh. Also your event crafting scripts are just immature and the first part doesn't really make sense, some at the start it sounds like a negotiation, other parts of it sounds like an escort. If you can fix up your event crafting so it makes more sense I may change my response. Good luck!
  9. +1 Excellent application, mature, clearly dedicated to the server and we need more event masters.
  10. I mean your application is good, sure, but as Dom as stated you do loss you do tend to lose when someone makes a little mistake. And I've seen you as Super Admin on that WW2 server you mentioned in your application. How are you going to dedicate enough time to both servers?
  11. I asked Ian myself and he said that U.S players are allowed to apply as well, and yes i'm aware this application isn't for officer.
  12. Roleplay Name: HenryDiscord: Henry#0179Current Rank: Malakand SODDo you understand the R&R'S: Yes