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  1. Big +1, Asatru is very dedicated to the server and has all the skills needed to make a good developer. Good luck
  2. +1 When I was EM at the time along with Jakey he was very helpful and did a pretty good job. Good luck :)
  3. remove angry react no one use bad ew stop
  4. Burh


    Good evening! I hope you have a good day. From Burh
  5. i like playing garry's mod, among us, asseto corsa and fivem thank u for asking
  6. Burh

    hey guys

    good job
  7. Burh


    i was muted on discord so i left :((((
  8. +1 very active on dsicord eys
  9. Burh

    good afternoon

    ggood orrning
  10. good night friends.
  11. Burh

    good afternoon

    good afternoon
  12. Burh

    post your cats

    i have no cat
  13. good luck with study. probably the most kind and helpful person ive met on the server
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