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  1. +1 i think it should be buffed because i believe it would be good because of the previous reasons like how it does that message that was mentioned before which means it is good which therefore it would be a good choice to buff it because of this.
  2. +1 Give him another shot. There's like one Event Master, might as well..
  3. You have been doing well

    1. Midday




  4. +1 Ex-Staff, has been playing the server for a while, definitely worthy for moderator.
  5. Gizmo


  6. +1 the level 100 prestige 0 honey badger is way better pls buff
  7. Burh


    get a job
  8. +1 When Erik was Moderator on highlands he was friendly and approachable. Since he came back he has been very active, so why not give him another chance. Good luck! Thanks for training me
  9. +1 Zynix is active, friendly and his application is really good. Give him a chance. Good luck!
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