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  1. Price


    High school musical got nothing on this. Surely we get a sequel
  2. Price


    I hav SkwullTwooper and got victory royale once can i join your clan
  3. This quote right here perfectly explains what I'm about to say. If there is a massive firefight outside of base the smart thing is to climb up into a tower and jump out, afterwards just circle around and catch them off guard and blam blam they dead. Learnt this from the Lord himself @Asatru and heavily told everyone that would enter my regi to do this. These days it comes down to poor technique and tactic which I plan to try and fix while I'm back on the server by trying to talk with different officers in Us. As pingas said if a vehicle is too Op it ruins raids and practically any combat at all on the server. It's up to officers to implement a key word that no one really does anymore "TRAINING". I do thank you for bringing this up, I'll speak to all regi CO's and HC about possible training solutions and upskilling to deal with this issue.
  4. Price

    Price returns?!?

    Moral of story don't drink and text at new years
  5. Price

    Price returns?!?

    Planning to return soon, got absolutely swamped with stuff and smashed my phone so I had no contact on discord. Who wants to catch me up on what happened (haven't heard anything since before new years)
  6. Sorry for the late reply. Will miss you bb. I'll fix up my pc soon so I can play bedwars with you
  7. +1 Only good thing about Gl's is watching people blow themselves up
  8. How active a regiment/faction is isn't totally dependant on equipment and what the context behind the faction is. It's how officers run the regi and how they choose to interact to the rest of the server, changing to the German Army won't do anything except people flock to it for the first 2 weeks then it will die again. This has happened so many times on the server. I do believe CG should shake up the server to give it something new to try but not one faction at a time. Reviving a faction is just depending on if you have officers who want to put full effort in leading. For now -1
  9. Finally this man applies. I see a lot of potential with this dude and I know others can too. + 1 accept this man ASAP
  10. Straight up Aus is such a shit faction equipment wise. That's to put it blunt. Every other subfaction has unique regimental vehicles such as insurgents and krokodils. Aswell as equipment like rpg's, artillery strikes, armour kits, and parachutes. Pretty much the only incentive to join Aus is for some of the people. Equipment wise it's so underdeveloped cause all you get is a mediocre gun with some speed boost. Why be fast when you can be outgunned. Rework Aus.
  11. The man has returned in cg's time of need
  12. Man everyone do be leaving now. This some sad shit. Bye bye. Will miss you dude
  13. Bit late to this but goodbye man should catch up and play a game sometime when I'm not busy
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