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  1. I got flash bang swapped with Frag grenade in delta cause yeah it's shit.
  2. Looks like his dad has banned him from the computer for a day lmao
  3. I already gave him a verbal warning to stop posting links in the game. The discord itself at the time had no pornographic content and has an NSFW disclaimer when joining the discord.
  4. -1 Toxic and abusive player. You were already on the cusp of a long ban for toxicity when you got caught hacking which is why you were permed. IMO there is no way you can have made any significant change in behaviour. An un-ban should not be considered for at least 6 months after the perm was issued by Canoon.
  5. It was really frustrating beforehand when one Tali player could get over 100 kills with only a handful of deaths outside the US because they could rely on slipping back into being a civilian.
  6. -/+ I like the app and your really sensible in game. However, we normally expect to see potential TMODs have at least 30days of recent activity. This is so that we can all come to know you a little and see you around before voting. I'd also recommend hopping around the discords and Teamspeak (just ask PTE and people will often drag you). I would definitely +1 your application if I see a continued performance and attitude over the next 2-3 weeks :).
  7. I suggested that the Taliban hold Promo trainings a couple of times a week (INT-RDL attend) as it will rank up active players a lot faster. This could be done by Chiefs and RPO's or any experienced staff. When I joined the server the US was struggling and the Tali were dominating. The way the US made a come back was promoting active players up to WO then doing try-outs for CMDR positions (WO+ to attend). It doesn't always need to be that way but as it stands there has been a large group of active Taliban over the last 5+ weeks that stick around for a while but never make it past Disciple cause there is no real chiefs overlooking their promotions. I was on the server for 3 weeks when I got CMDR of Navy SEALs. Sure there have been some fucktards that got an Officer rank that way. However, if you do in-depth interviews and maintain order in activity and behaviour standards it gives new players a chance to rise up and lead an active regiment. It really irks me that the Taliban have had consistently dead regiments for months now and no new faces have a chance at giving it a shot. I appreciate that this time of school term is busy for a lot of players so player count reaches mega lows. Though I think there could be a lot more done to ensure that the Taliban members get promoted which would make up for the lack of higher ranked players in the Taliban.
  8. Great to hear you enjoy the server. The old farts around here have played the server for a long time and get hazy memories of old times. The main thing is to do what you enjoy doing and don't get hung up on what you don't :D. @Quickhell Better get those knees ready for another crouching marathon, this time from Taliban base haha
  9. Pred V1 needs some work but we hope it will be in the map rotation.
  10. We recently decided to start rotating the home map. Ass said above the first map of rotation is FS2. I'm not sure if you played the update but here are some of the regiments: every regiment has classes with their own load outs and perks I US: Delta Force - Operator HK416 +Flash Bang, Physician Medkit+Defib, Recon M95+AS50, Heavy extrahp+M249, Sentinel 160hp+Flamethrower. SAS Sec Ops 75th US Army Allied to US: Spetsnaz Talibad: Al-Shabab Al-Quaeda Malakand ISIS Taliban Army Guns are available from the store like pre-update. however, you have to buy them once you reach the level making it worth while capturing OBJ's and fighting enemies.
  11. We did that for a while on FS2 and it worked for some time but then players complained serious RP was ruining what was good in Tali so I guess it slipped away. In the US it is the Officers that ensure DB is kept serious, very rarely do staff doing briefing intervene. The thing is players don't have respect for staff in I constantly hear as 'fake or false' ranks so they end up being demoted which is never really beneficial for the server.
  12. This week hasn't been very good mostly due to the few experienced event team members are on LOA for reasons that are unavoidable. Hopfully the staff that are available wilk see this post and help with events. When your new on a server events will often seen really good when you reflect back on them months later. Events kind of loose thier 'magic' aswell because after the first month~ nothing really seems as exciting compared to when you first experienced the server. I've watched a lot of footage and read a lot about CG from before I joined and nothing much has changed. When I look back on when I first joined I remember all tje events being cool asf and I really enjoyed them. Yet those events had major issues that were constantly being complained about by players who had been on the server longer than I had.
  13. I prefer the extra hp as it gives me time to react when I'm being shot at. So even if I die cause they shot first I feel like I actaully helped take down the target. Snipping was really bad before cause a golden gun with no recoil would just mow you down in 3-4 hits. Now sinpers have more of a chance. Malakand has the exact same class as Delta Force. It actaully hasn't been buffed since update its only been nerfed. With everyone getting +30hp so did armoured and sentinel. The only reason the class seems OP is because good players are atracted to the class. Some trash players that are sentinel get more deaths than kills cause the extra HP means they run almost as slow as walk speed making them easy targets to hit. Golden M16 is still by far the most OP gun on the server but only in the right hands. This gives new players from level 100-P3+ a chance in the fight. I think esplosives need a little buff on splash damage tho. You just came back to the server in the middle of exam period. The server is always at its bigest during school holidays. Only 7 weeks ago we had an avg player pop of 70-90 over the three weeks of school holidays.
  14. I banned you for Minge - Despite previous history, Lied to staff, MRDM, threat to MRDM upon unban - perm ban. You vehicle RDM'd three players and changed your name to avoid. During the sit, you lied to staff and tried claiming the staff were harassing you and being racist. So I took over the sit and asked all sides of the story since you were unwilling to admit to VRDM against two players. After the story, I provided you with evidence from the PLOGS that you VRDM three players. I asked why you did it and you said hold on I need time to think. I told you I didn't have time for you to try make another lie just answer me straight. I gave you many chances to come straight and stop lying yet you continued. Because you had three 1 week bans and many warns for FailRP etc I informed you that you would receive a 1-month ban to reflect on your behaviour. You responded saying that you did not care for the server and would just Mass RDM when you got back. I informed you that if you continued to harass staff, lie and break rules + threaten to MRDM on return that I would perm ban you. You said you didn't care because you would just make an appeal to MRDM. You then tried RDM'ing me in the sit so I perm banned you.
  15. What account was he permed banned on in the past? @Lolly I didn't see a warn for it so I assume he was perm banned before I was staff? Never mind I found the appeal on the forums. After reading through that appeal it really does highlight your piss poor behaviour on the server Kitty. Like it's been almost a year since you were unpermed and since then you have continued with the same behaviour. If Canoon was to consider reducing your ban I hope you appreciate it will be the last chance. Though I wouldn't be surprised if you stayed perm banned since this is a pretty weak appeal especially for a second perm ban appeal.