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  1. Idk about this. Without staff issuing cars and removing them periodically the map would full up with ditched cars real fast. Deleting a car someone paid for to remove clutter would be rude lol
  2. If you believe a player or group of players are lacking on proper RP skills hit up a staff member with a ticket. Normally the staff member can hear the story and tell the players how to improve thier RP. You can also try talking to the players in game, on ts or discord. Explain to them politely where you think they could change things for more realistic RP. Personally I prefer to take in dirty arab civs who are breaking minor rules. I treat them to a relaxing inclined chair with a warm soft towel over thier face. I then carefully and lovingly poor water over the towel for hours of pleasure. It seems that treating people nicely makes them confess to terrorism ;).
  3. Your application is very hard to read because the font keeps changing. Aside from that your app won't even be considered for atleast a month+ because you are not known on the server. My advice is to play heaps and make sure to join all the discords, team speak and talk with players and staff as much as possible in those mediums.
  4. I was going to say without evidence there is just hersay but hunter has admitted to aying as a joke above. I think you should apologise since we all know it wasn't meant to be taken as a joke. Staff team should never be dissing people, espeically if it's aimed at them irl. Maybe if you were mates this would have been a joke not harrasment but you recently black listed Tiki from marines so I doubt it was meant to be a joke. I understand why he was arrested but shooting an ally in game doesn't result in mean remarks about you IRL.
  5. Nah serve your ban you deserve it
  6. Asatru

    Thanks Everyone.

    Catch ya later home boy
  7. I cannot wait to donate all my money for random cosmetics. Please please please gods say there is a musical instrument I can donate for 😄
  8. Holy balls this made me die inside a little. Just for the sake of reading your app can you please read it aloud or somthing to fix these sentences. Hell give it to your family to help fix it up. I honestly can't tell if this is just rushed and not proff read or if English is a second language. Mmm that's stone cold dude imo. I like that you asked if he was ok but you never asked anyone why he killed them. For all you know this guy just cross fired or mistook them for the enemy and you just slapped him with a week plus ban xD.
  9. I feel like this is kind of contradictory to your behaviour in game so I'm a little confussed. Give an honest response to how you would like to respond to the scenarious. We have guidelines as Moderators for things like mass RDM ban lengths etc but the scenarios are designed to be complex so a guideline doesn't help. It is always a good idea to ask a mod+ for advice but we want to see what decisions you would prefer to make in these scenarios. So explain fully what you would do without rellying on other peoples sense of Morals. In game you would always make tickets asking me for advice. Normally the reason was so that you wouldn't have to be too hard on players. Especially players you knew had a normally good rep. So yeah pleae give more detail and remember we want to know would you warn them? Verbal? Ban? Kick? etc.
  10. -1. Incomplete app and you never returned to check your responses almost a month since posting the app so unfortunately that's my reasoning.
  11. Lol when they did this with 2nd Commandos to become Al-Muributan it was a big flop.
  12. You've earned the reputation for being a minge. You have to play pretty much perfect now or people will believe you did almost anything well known server plays claim. And Yak Mid is staff he doesn't need evidence if he witnessed it.
  13. Snag should be ban exxtended not unbanned lol
  14. I think you should mention the warns you have. Last I saw you managed to pick up a few warns a month so hopefully thats changed in the last month? Correct me if I'm wrong but roughly 5+ of those warns are for team killing which is what you said you got banned for in the past. Game tracker shows you typically play for less than 1-2 hours with gaps of 0-30 mins inbetween. A TMOD should be able to get on almost everyday for 3+ hours for atleast 2-4 weeks. So yeah your a well known player in the server but atm I'm on the fence. Main thing I would like to see is evidence that your behaviour has changed and see your activity go up.