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  1. Haha shit. I didnt sleep and thought improving the outpost at 9am to have a small bunker building would be a smart idea. 😅🔫
  2. We have as many TMODs as we do days of the week! If not more! I'll be keeping an eye on your behaviour over the following month. It normally takes TMOD 4-6 weeks to finish their trial so I'm sure if you put in the effort you can change the -1's and neutral around. TBH the 'advertising' was an innocent mistake since it was in the Delta Force private chat he just wanted the regiments opinion on his app lol. What I'm looking for in particular is the ability to always be calm and responsible and demonstrate good leadership.
  3. Asatru

    The Dayz

    Lol I only started playing in like July 2018. This is me as Navy SEALs PVT. Second image is from the August 2018 I think
  4. When we changed to desert Fury it was announced that we hoped to cycle home maps every 1-2 months. World props don't delete. The only thing we have to do is set spawn each time the map rotates.
  5. You're scenarios are all wrong my dude. Not only that but they havn't been covered very well. Please talk to a staff memember on how we normally deal with sits because it seems like you don't know much atm. I don't remember talking to you before so feel free to hit me up on discord or TS.
  6. Erm you're supposed to have friends in your regiment lmao. Who'd he suck up to for Spetsnaz? Last I heard he won a try out fair and square. He also stood down from CMDR to 1LT on his own accord. Not sure how asking to be demoted so someone esle can take CMDR would be sucking up.
  7. I mean those trainees were misbahaving and mocking thier trainer Talos was just trying to get them in line at like 4am lol
  8. +1 to add to the rotation. It would be awesome to change home map every 6 weeks between Jungle(day), FS2, Desert Fury, and future new maps
  9. Bruh this is all wrong. Always remember to talk to the people he killed to find out their side of the story. If it was a plain and simple Mass RDM then you should talk to the player and see why he did it. If the player seems sincere and willing to improve their behaviour you should probably serve them a kick+warn or if it's still early in the day maybe a 12 hour ban.
  10. Thicc boy team of 3 sentinels yeeee haaaaw +1
  11. +/- Would like to see your behaviour and activity over the next 30 days. You have afewsilly warns and stuff that tbh aren't that old. You should aim to play like a Tmod for the next 30days i.e. behave at all times. like you said to me you used to be a bit of a minge. However, since you joined Delta Force you've been; for the most part, well behaved. Keep up this change and I'll slap you a thicc +1.
  12. +1 Rhys is very mature and consistent with how he behaves. Personally, I've always thought Rhys is a very good example of a respectable CG player especially for the younger members of our community. Back when I was a new player to CG Rhys could have had me demoted, or in some kind of trouble, a number of times. however, he was always willing to just explain the rules to me which if he hadn't I probably wouldn't be on this server anymore. For example: Back when I first got Navy SEALs Commander I had only been playing GMOD; let alone CG, for about 3-4 weeks. I thought Rhys had solo raided so I Solo raided the Taliban as a silly attempt to save US intel. Rhys could have quite easily have made a ticket about that and I would have definitely been demoted. It's that kind of maturity and friendliness for all players on the server that would make Rhys a good Tmod.
  13. +/- You need to work on font size, spelling, sentence structure and length (undercapitalized i and after a period is just a sign of laziness). CBF reading an app that is not font 16-18 and has 3 sentence or shorter answers. Have a look at my and other mod apps.
  14. -1 This was suggested for Green Berets (they used to get slams at WO) and it was never changed. The main reason is that slams kill allies and civilians way too frequently.