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  1. Since you have been banned you have lied in appeals to staff and been a minge on an alt account as recent as the WW3 update. I don't see how anything of what you have said above can be true
  2. +1 At times I often wondered how smooth your brain was but you have experience and have probably developed more brain cells since your last time as staff
  3. Asatru developer/veteran staff application STEAM_0:0:32327624 https://steamcommunity.com/id/southernasatru NTS ﷲAsatruايشور Asatru, Asatru [THOR], Asatru [DIVCOM]. I understand that if I am given permissions and or duties that they will be taken seriously. I have never been banned or warned. I came back from a break about 3 weeks ago with a reinvigorated sense of fun on the server. I found the position of head admin did not suit me as I had to represent and enact decisions I did not find reflected my own morals. I thought it was stupid that I was spending so much emotional energy on the server so before I did something that would negatively effect anyone I quit. Before I quit head admin I had the role of developer that was given instead of payment after I completed the model hitbox fix. I understand I didn't exactly leave on a polite note from head admin but I hope my attempt to burn all my bridges has been mended. I believe I can still be trusted with the role as I never griefed with my roles (I had admin in the donation store, hidden staff access on both the main and dev server and root in the discord). Recently I had been working with Feral again to produce a new home map. I am interested in completing maps for the home map rotation and helping with menu changes, weapon stats, model fixes etc. At the moment I know there is a broken PLA hands model that I believe I can give a fix for and some of the new prestige guns aren't fully adjusted as I was giving suggestions to polish them off as I was prestiging. I don't mind not having roles in game until I complete enough work for the role to be awarded (like actually finishing the map) but I would like access to the staff discord for play testing helpers. I also want to run events but I don't have the time to become a chief and edit maps on top of being event master. Any work that you'd like to show?: Under the direction of Eclipse I did the hitbox rework for most of the models on the server. I lead the creation of the 4 sub factions in the f4 menu working in conjunction with Feral. I selected most of the player models and load outs then with Bob jane and Halstead's help we entered them into the menu. I did the prestige 11-20 gun stats by editing CW LUA files (with help from Feral, Pingas, and Ghost). I also gave many nerf/buff stat changes including the re-haul of sub faction weapons. I have dabbled in editing CW weapons by changing sounds, damage, duration, models, optimization, etc. For example, I edited a molotov, percussion grenade, and mortar that would be balanced and has little impact on the client and server.
  4. He isn't banned in game so I don't understand why he wouldn't be able to join voice channels in the official discord. You're really poor at appealing bans but even so I don't think the ban should stand especially considering it's been months and months now.
  5. At the end of the 5.15 I hopped up on stage and told Taliban our mission for the day was to terrorize the US as much as possible. This started off by yelling insults at US base and setting off dozens of jihads. We then started a 'party' in the US tent to repetitively lure US into the tent getting some massive 10+ jihads with many tali sacrificed to kill the US. It then moved onto the RP seen in the school, this RP was a continued attempt to group players for fun and to terrorize US. I think given what had happened into the build up of Gabs MRDM it should have been over looked. If I was staff in that situation I would have told Gab to not go overboard and always check with allies if your OK to jihad an area if there is a lot of allies around. Ontop of that, baiting your jihad to scare the people in the room was part of the Taliban mission for the day it was just unfortunate you didn't make it through the doorway in time.
  6. Assuming your ready to be fully open with staff in any investigation they may have to ensure you aren't cheating at all then +1 If you still cheat even on other games then I think you should ask to close this appeal.
  7. Taliban don't need nerfs if there is no benifit to being taliban then the server dies. No enemy to fight is boring asf. Anyone that played Highlands first time will remember how shit a weak Taliban is as a US player.
  8. This gun is meant for when you are a low level giving you acess to a decent gun if you can't use a shop one. Every AR at 480 fire rate is a 5 shot kill, this gun with magnum is a 4 shot kill. It is easy to control and can take down players at a medium to long range quicker than they expect because of the one less shot to kill. This is a main faction gun and should not go to a sub faction. We actaully wanted this before WW3 came out but under testing no addon was suitable. Some of your post I understand. However, I believe you are focusing too much on faction equipment and are getting stuck in a grass is greener somewhere else mentality. When I ran PLA I could have just dog piled everyone into Beijing and spammed RPGs but that would have reduced the overall faction numbers as it ruins progression and leaves nothing to aim for. Australia should be doing the same by setting some kind of standard to reach to be allowed into 2nd Commandos. Other regiments in other factions get much less.
  9. Was 7.30~am in NZ I just woke up lol
  10. @Lazabeam 2 @Burh Get a mic, it's hard to remember mutes. You guys are cool but without a voice to a name it's hard to picture the people you come to know in CG.
  11. +1 Even without event crafting Lucifer is a mature and active member of the community.
  12. now now nerds no need, nor nefarious narrative, On the forums.
  13. Asatru


    They are all degenerates, this here pictures where they all lie in terms of general being
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