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  1. I tried making them full auto and was going to tweak the damage to a 3 shot instead of 4 but left before I finished doing that. Someone might be able to do that I think it would make the two new shotguns viable. SWEP.FireModes = {"auto"} - this would solve the firing glitch and make the shotgun viable SWEP.FireDelay = 0.0625 - This might be too fast. I thought it might need to be faster than a standard AR though. SWEP.Recoil = 1.3 - It should have a fair amount of recoil considering at close range a standard 0.8 would have little effect SWEP.Shots = 11 - This could be tweaked down but if it is damage should stay above 42 SWEP.Damage = 4 - ^ SWEP.BoltActionLogic = false - pretty sure this is already in effect SWEP.FastMagInsertBulletAmount = 2 - This could be made higher. What it does is it makes the fast mag load x amount of rounds per load.
  2. Chur, have fun and study hard bro
  3. I like the role play you incorporated into your briefings. It shows you have an understanding of RP the server has and how that can be used to relate players to the story line of an event. Pretty sure I had you in Delta Force mid 2019 and it seems you have also put in a lot of work to reach prophet as well shows commitment to the community. Based on your application you have also being paying attention to how events function. As event masters are prone to deal with a lot of irrational complaining which can make it hard to pick out valid and helpful critique. I like that you are ready to take on that experience to help you gain experience to deal with critique and irrational people in real life. If you are accepted I hope you remember your goals and enjoy what the role has to offer.
  4. All that can be said, has been. Thank you for being an amazing friend and for exploring cg together these two years. I will not forget this journey for a long time to come. I would say good luck, but you don't need it. o7

    ArtStation - Godspeed, you magnificent bastard., Gregory Comey

  5. Thank u for making CG an enjoyable experience for me and the community.  o7

  6. I honestly wouldn't still be on the server if it wasn't for you. Everything I know about running a regi or helping with staff stuff has been from you. Thank you for all the guidance and good times. o7

  7. o7 very good man, sad to see him go 😞

  8. i love crack

  9. You thought me so much till I became Senior Admin. Thank you and o7

  10. 07 May you find enjoyment to where ever you end up.

  11. did my mans just leave

    1. Bob Jane

      Bob Jane

      Yeah dude

  12. @Silent does maccas near you have thick or skinny fries. And what about Burger king. When I had both in Guangzhou airport I was suprised to find they were thick boys. Not as thick as the fish and chips shop but not really french fries size.
  13. I did consider gas, I found a decent add on so that the shop gas could stay the same. Gas easily goes through walls so it could be pretty problematic on small maps so I yeeted it. I thought about a very small radius like a door size 1-2m but on maps like ship 1-2 can easy gas an OBJ through a wall.
  14. Riot control has too much shit it's a strech to add more as it is :L I'm not on the server rn but they get shield, shotgun, metal detector, cuffs. Most infantry for example gets a gun then at some high rank a frag. Every US and Taliban regiement has atleast infantry, medic, recon, unique and donator. Whereas sec ops has infantry, unique, donator. Excluding Officer. Spreading out equipment balances accessibility but it also encourages regiments to organise and train their men to perform different roles.
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