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  1. Where would this regiment/faction spawn? They basically have all the equipment that makes SAS and Delta regiments good which isn't very fair to Delta and SAS.
  2. Asatru

    ban appeal

    I'm looking into your ban. If there is no extra information found out in regards to you ban you should be un-banned shortly.
  3. Asatru

    Ban Appeal

    https://oculusgamingau.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=4685&pid=16699#pid16699 Lol doesn't really surprise me that your banned for minge on other servers too tbh
  4. You didn't supply your steam ID
  5. Thank you for the suggestion Unfortunately this would require the server to use a vehicle base addon. These are lag intensive and were taken out of the server back on Night jungle (maybe early FS2) about two years ago. We are currently working on a content update that may dabble in some new vehicles, weapons, equipment, etc.
  6. FeralswanToday at 5:18 PM Basically if you get revived it is as if you never died Just remember that in the case of solo raid/returning fire the person that killed you should still be visible. If they went away for a bit then came back you can't meta game their name and model. This should resolve the topic. Please lock and close forum gods.
  7. Idm the rule being changed I just didn't want to say yeah sure you can kill someone in US base if they killed you and you got revived since your reason for still knowing who they are is thier badge which is metagame.
  8. +1 Lexi is a well manered and hard working officer in SAS. I beleive he will bring a similer standard to the event team. I would like that you add some passive RP to one of your event scripts. Here is an example from an event I ran on casino once "The Taliban are civilians gambiling in the casino and the US meet us with the Casino owner down at the vault to discuss a recent Taliban threat to raid it. The US then head up into the casino and stand gaurd for a while. After a bit a drunken civilian (who is a EM/staff member as a taliban chief) offers to play russian roulette with the US. He says that we take turns at rolling and if you roll over 70 you die. Once a US rolls over 70 the chief laughs and says /gc Open fire and all the taliban start a shoot out. The Vault OBJ is placed and the event timer starts."
  9. I think communication staff need to be very mature to understand when to moderate things in discord. Unfortunately I don't think you always have the best sense of judgement. I'm not really going to dwell on that further here on the forums so feel free to dm me. You're a kind and innocent hearted dude but I don't think you suit the position.
  10. Grammer doesn't really matter since english isn't alwyas everyones fortay. What matters is that applications have a fair emount of effort put into them. I'm going to say that unfortunately there is a few issues, but none that you can't work on given a bit more time. As I mentioned in discord to you we have a pretty high standard. The minimun 60 hours has often been a heated topic of debate among the staff team since I joined as it really isn't enough. Given more time on the server you should aim to get to know some more staff members. The best way to do this is either by being talkative in-game or the best way is to join the various discord channels that people hang out in. You are always welcome to join Delta Force discord, a few Al-Shabab already hang out in there. Another point I have to point out is the last question you answered isn't what we expect from our staff team. Because we are a close knit comunity that doesn't have hundreds of unique players per day like american and european servers it is important we treat well known players differently. As staff we aim to keep RP serious and the community positive. So I would, in that situation, have spoken to the players he killed, the player himself, then made a few dicisions. If the player was sincere I would have issued a warn, if the player was heated I would issue a 12 hour ban so he can cool off, if the player was really over the line harrassing the players or myself I would issue a 1-3 day ban dependant on history in Awarn. I would also make an attempt to talk to the player to see if I can resolve what issues are causing a normally well respected player to act up. Only if the player had recent counts of rdm and or mass rdm for the same would I consider a week or more. I think needs to be addressed as your answer wouldn't resolve the issue. Good luck in your application you still have plenty of time to work on what I said above
  11. Are you sure you tried connecting to colossal? I tried looking up your ban and you don't seem to have one. The ban image you put up doesn't look like our servers ban messege either.
  12. Idk about this dev stuff but dying behind cover is aids People with over 200 ping just suddenly drop me and when I check logs they regged me 4-5 times but on my side I instantly died.
  13. Kia Ora, It's not often we get active duty/veteren soldiers from the US on the server. Obviously not everything can be as realistic as possible in a game. However, if you have any suggestions that you would like to see implemented roleplay wise feel free to dm me on discord Asatru#9542. I'd be very interested to hear about any ideas you may have after playing the server for a bit.
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