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  1. -1 is a terrible pvper and bad chief jks +1 is a reformed man and has been a good player for some time now.
  2. +1 Give him dev so he can fix grenade launcher.
  3. It's not solo raid till they have a gun out just like Taliban when unarmed they are civilian.
  4. You keep rdming during event set ups, breaking rules such as raiding rules, and continuously fail to follow DB rules. You aint trying hard enough
  5. That moment when you see a really good moment to use your unique weapon but you didn't have it equipped cause a sniper and AR is essential
  6. We used every single map only once for the whole operation so I don't understand what you mean?
  7. Operation Inherent Resolve Congratulations to the Taliban on saving the Caliph Ghob Ghane. He has now retired to paradise island alongside Osama Bin laden. This concludes the operation with: US Wins: 13 Taliban Wins: 15
  8. Operation Inherent Resolve The stalemate continues as both Officers and chiefs succeeded in countering each others use of resources. Today the Iran general was killed by a drone stroke. ISIS in an attempt to form political alliances with Iran took revenge for the bombing.US wins: 12Taliban wins: 12
  9. Did you go on LOA for 12 days? Activity dropped off pretty hard what is the reason?
  10. One of the reasons you got kicked/ left the staff team was due to inactivity and poor performance. Your application doesn't seem like a promising change. One of the first days you were tmod you mass RDM'd due to a lack of mature decision making. That was only like 2~ months ago.
  11. Operation Inherent Resolve Taliban have been fortunate to recover from their losses and finish today's missions with 9 victories. This bring the count to: US wins: 9 Taliban wins: 9 However, have the Taliban victories been a result of the US being at a disadvantage invading ISIS territory? Tomorrow marks the death of an important general. Flag up and support your faction in tomorrows 2.15, 5.15 and 8.15 events there is 6 victories to take!
  12. Operation Inherent Resolve US win/s: 8 Taliban win/s: 3
  13. When myself and Halstead joined discord to talk to you you called me a poofta for no reason and said our voices sounded like shit flushing down a toilet among other colourful insults. Your ban has been extended to one month.
  14. Operation Inherent Resolve US win/s: 5 Taliban win/s: 1 Here is the current list of support that Officer/Chief can call out:
  15. Despite the US winning most of the battles today the Caliph, Ghob Ghane executed his wife and American hostage Kayla Mueller!
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