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  1. Pretty much suits home map sized maps with a decent amount of buildings. Because the weapons drop when the event starts it would be pretty hard to build a dupe for it. However, I think some smaller maps like grey hammer, bangclaw, city ruins etc could work for faster game play. I think the best experience is on big maps tho because it gives you and your allies a chance to communicate, regroup and win the Match as a team.
  2. +Ɩ ʍonlp ɯɐʞǝ ɟoɹ ɐ ƃoop ǝɯ
  3. Dude just got a 12 hour ban. Should close this application.
  4. -1 was unbanned from perm and failed the opportunity by demonstrating a continued interest in manipulation, lying and misbehaving. Twice now he has proven that he shouldn't be a member of the community. Also weird that you are reaching out to players and staff to trying to play your games when your supposed to be community banned. Instead of directly taking to management like the head admin+. Also from Ian on your last appeal: Ban Appeal Denied Throughout your time spent on the server, it was followed with rule violation, community toxicity, minging and generally trolling our player base. This being said, this behaviour was not only displayed on a single account, this was separated throughout multiple alternative accounts of which you would ban evade and break rules, later being found to be you. Unfortunately the amounts of chances you were given by Staff were more than adequate only for you to continue to display bad behaviour.
  5. I think the prize pool includes $50 from me and $20 from jack off
  6. Good luck in your appeal. I hope to see serious RP midday (surely in al-q)
  7. Asatru

    Grey Hammer

    Once again I am looking for the community to help with my new event maps description for good memes. Fill in the (blank) spaces and post your reply. See my first map for an example: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2328234970 Edit this part: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grey Hammer Story ||warning community memes alert|| Grey Hammer is the location of the power plant operated by the Russian terrorist group (blank) lead by (blank) had been discovered in 1969 by ((blank) forces). A lone spy known by code name (blank) successfully planted an EMP bomb to destroy their new target. However, the bomb's detonation cap malfunctioned due to (blank). (Rank (blank)) and his regiment (blank) managed to repel enemy forces and successfully detonate the EMP bomb. Two married tourist named (blank) and (blank) were live streaming to their YouTube channel (blank). They were not permitted to enter the Grey Hammer site but had said on their stream that (blank), the famous rapper and politician had paid them to explore the site. Shocking footage viewed by millions of people around the world showed heavily armed and masked men patrolling Grey Hammer. The youtubers tried to escape but where captured. YouTube blocked viewers from the stream but footage leaked by an employee named (blank) showed the couples execution. A man calling himself (blank) proclaimed that the leader of the 1969 terrorist group was his father. Despite the successful operation in 1969 it did not have the expected outcome. The collapse in major world power authority caused by what is being called World War Three has enabled terrorist groups to move more freely and unchecked. Grey Hammer has once again become the base of enemy forces and fighting has already begun. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The map features: - US base for fat and lazy Crows to defend. - Taliban base for sweaty nerds to pretend to be cool. - Multi-story car park. Ezygle left his van underground. - Main two story office building with multiple entry points. - Swamp area where the terrorist leader grew up. - Military style camouflaged towers for players who roof camp in rust. - Industrial areas with sewer tunnels to help player approach the middle of the map. - Both bases have an underground tunnel system large enough for vehicles with 2 exits. - Skybox is large for helicopters with three helipads. - Large Admin room/ OOC room. - Small admin room with various buttons. This can be found under the map under the carpark. - The buttons on the right control fog. The closer the fog the more FPS. - The buttons of the left play different sounds. Two are for horror PVE events and one of background immersive conflict sounds. - The button on the left with a terrorist player model controls two walls in both bases inside these walls is a teleporter to the killhouse. - The two buttons ontop toggle the grass. The grass is kind of FPS intensive so you can turn it off if you want and turn it back on. - Kill house with built in timer and moving targets (The timer is a little weird but you will get a consistent time from it). This can be accessed via noclip below the admin room or the base teleports.
  8. +1 once you are mod for 3 weeks you can join EM
  9. If your crafting was good I would +1 Here is my event crafting as an example: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l_jbQCCBXvxAqCVc4QOVf0ICNQRMTV4OeG0ndiWIoaU/edit?usp=sharing
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