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  1. Thank you for the suggestion bunnings. Although you originally requested for Medics to get smokes we decided that Recon classes needed something unique. Your suggestion has helped thank you for the input. Forum staff lock and close
  2. Cheaters don't get unbanned.
  3. +1 I've given Miller some pointers on where I think the application could be improved on. However, I'm still adamant that Miller will make for a great staff member. He has been on the server for quite some time now being regiment officer to both Sec ops and 75th he has shown good leadership and maturity. Most players that know miller should have no qualms as he upholds and respectable manner and is enjoyable to RP with.
  4. I get the idea but tbh you already get the perk of healing and reviving. I think the equipment would suit recon classes at a high rank like SFC to aviod smoke spam.
  5. @︻芫═———Tropica I'm level 3148
  6. The update has no confirmed release date. Currently the main public information is that there will be 4 new factions in addition to the current 2. Spetsnaz is being merged to Russian armed forces. There will also be the United Nations, People's Liberation Army (chinese), and the Australian defence force. Names are assumed as I think they were listed as UN, AUS, PLA, and RU. Ontop of the new factions will be 10 new prestiges (11-20). The ambition for the update is to create a more dynamic game play that will also balance server events. By adding more factions, players will have more chances to lead their own regiments. This will mean that there is more opportunities for new players to get enlisted and become involved with the server. The addition of new prestiges will also give players more reason to grind for levels and money as the guns will be obviously more rewarding than thier lower prestige counterparts. This is just my opinion of the update btw
  7. +1 Has been back for about 2 weeks now and shown a continuation in his maturity and respectable behaviour. Although I think we will probably hold this for at least another 2 weeks.
  8. I was tali and got killed three times behind that extended spawn lol
  9. No, I have heard your voice before and it was definitely you. Your account has been banned for cheating. Coming up with blatent lies is a waste of your time and our time.
  10. Would prefer to test this out on a mirror server to see what it's like. Has the potential to be good but also has the potential to have dirty asf glitches and peaks.
  11. +1 Chill dude and respectable member of the community. I see you on most days for a hour or two. Some people seem to misunderstand the second scenario question. It is true that as staff we don't want to push away members of the community so we give them chances to realise they are messing up before dealing harah punishments. Staff are given a handbook that gives a guide on bans (scenario one ban is too short). The main thing is your take on the sits are professional and what we expect from our staff team.
  12. You left out the part where you abused your perms as a chief to promote Ghett to NTS to Massie DB and then the alt you came on to probably pull mass RDMs. You were part of that operation to doxx and harass staff aswell. Although I found the memes excellent and is why my information is pretty public your attempt to harass staff was still over the line. Sensible players such as Jarrad were in the same environment and had the same choices to make yet you made the some of the dumbest ones trumped only by the idiots who lied to you in the first place. Even though the damage only lasted a few minutes you have burned your bridges with this server. | Main accounts steamid: STEAM_0:1:172622878 | May 20th Ban evading on alt - Already perm banned I believe that people grow and become more mature through experience but it often takes a while to understand and reflect a better sense of what is right and wrong. Maybe in 2020 but it's only been 3 months since you ban evaded which is not nearly long enough.
  13. Delta Force mass Officer recruit?
  14. You fixed my spelling mistakes