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  1. There will never be more than 3-5 reliable EM's it's always been like that as far as I'm aware. Like I said, adding more events will increase EM fatigue resulting in sloppy events, shit officer/Chiefs (since most staff are 1LT/Prophet+), and shorter life span of an EM. Most EM's resign after 1-3 months from being burned out as it is.
  2. 3 weeks of holiday events are straight up too much work. Even as a Senior Admin I run around 15 events a month - this doesn't include the events that I had to help set up. Adding too much to the workload leaves us no time to make new map dupes, think up new event ideas, craft new building - OBJ - barricade dupes. Currently, this is my workload: March: 39 warns given. 20~ mini events or scenarios held. 13-15 events. 2 RPO applications being worked on. 16 new event maps looked at. 4 new map dupes made. RCOM try-outs held. Delta Force Major General duties (regiment training, promotions, 1LT tryouts). April so far: 30-40 warns. 15~ mini events or scenarios held. 1 new RPO 1 application denied and 1 new application advice given on how to improve. 12 events. Currently voting on a large list of potential new event maps. MCOM try-outs held. Delta Force Major General duties (regiment training, promotions, 1LT tryouts). The point I'm trying to make is that our staff team already has a lot on its plate. Sure 3 weeks of events sound nice but the reality is most staff will get overworked. Overworking results in resignation, low effort, shit Officer/Chiefs. I enjoy all the work I do in CG but we all need time to just play the game as well. Just like most of us on the server we all have day jobs wether, it's school, uni, or work. I go to University from 9-5 (7-3 server time) and afterwards I still have assignments that need to be done. I always need at least 1-2 hours of shooting towel heads and just mucking around with my regiment so don't go adding more to the workload!
  3. Probably not the best response, would have been more sincere, but I think a 2-week ban is enough. I recommend shortening the total ban from 4 weeks to 2.
  4. -1 3 weeks would be aids. -/+ Idm when we do that 2 weeks
  5. He was minging heaps, got kicked from Tali for leaving spawn and shooting US then as a PVT killed his mate at DB. If memory serves me right I kicked him for spamming staff chat and breaking PTS minutes earlier. I told him he needs to stop minging and follow the rules.
  6. That right there is the kind of attitude that will get your application denied. This was your third offence of Solo Raid.
  7. Obviously, you should have notified staff when someone accidentally set you to prophet instead of INT. However, I do appreciate the temptation. The DB that he Ji-haded was a late night both faction DB for a zombie event so it's not like you killed 12+ people at a 5.15 DB. To show that you want to come back to the server and act responsibly can you explain why we should unban you and why you want to play the server?
  8. Has been caught playing on an alt account. Water bus 12 was the alt account name. steam: STEAM_0:1:150823196, https://steamcommunity.com/id/21341235/ Even on your alt account, multiple people were complaining that you were cheating... His alt account has been permed for ban evasion.
  9. Assuming your story checks out you will likely be unbanned. Just gotta wait on the head admin to review your ban.
  10. Kia Ora Dean, All morning staff and guest users were complaining that you were super suspect (achieving multiple bounties above 10 kills). I spent a few hours watching you deciding on what the issue was. I tried fighting you a few times and you were dropping people at 20+ meters with absolute accuracy. Still, this wasn't quite enough since the MP5A5, although weak, has little spread. I came to the conclusion that you were likely using an aim assist cheat. I did a little background searching and found that you possess multiple alt accounts some of which have a bad history. After investigating and taking the advice of staff above me I tried administrating near players you were shooting. The first close-range encounter I got was at the FOB where you killed a Pvt from about 3-4 meters. As soon as you finished killing the player you flicked at me and hit me down to 64hp. Keep in mind I was cloaked and in no clip, so there was no reason for you to flick 1-2 metres to your left after shooting the PVT who you were tracing forward/ to the right (especially since you were so accurate with the MP5A5). The flick was quite mechanical and at random. During our sit, you seemed to be laughing and found it quite funny that I had brought you to a sit for cheating. I took the advice of the staff above me and banned you for 1 month. The reason I put a link to the forums in your ban and didn't perm ban is that I feel that you should have another chance at playing the server.
  11. Killing an admin in a sit is normally 1 day so be glad bananaking didn't give you a longer ban. In the future, if you have issues dealing with your anger, don't resort to breaking the rules or you will be banned.
  12. -1 We were originally going to get 3 helicopters and Feral graced us with 4. This post will probably become more relevant when the alien update drops.
  13. Ah yeah, that's pretty neat. So only the shooter knows they got the kill and they can see the profit coming in
  14. You can use /roll to counter unfair RP. If they roll lower than you the RP must go in your favour.
  15. It already gives heaps of XP and money for getting kills. Levels aren't being wiped lol I said it on April first...