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  1. You fixed my spelling mistakes 😠
  2. Last night we had the return of an old player "voodoo" who was talking about old times in the OOC. A player named Jazyno who was a very low level was talking as if he had been on the server for a long time so I asked what his old RP name was. For some reason, you decided to say it was Moonman. After checking I realised that Jazyno was you on an alt account so I brought you under the map. While under the map you claimed it was a joke and that you weren't Moonman. I told you I had checked and have concrete evidence that you were family sharing from Moonman. I then preceded to ask you why you had been cheating on your main + ban evading instead of making an appeal. You explained that you had spoken to Badger and said he wasn't going to unban you. I informed you that unless you make an appeal you will never know. You then told me that you weren't even hacking and that it was your brother playing the game and had set you up? this story doesn't match up with what was said that night and with your appeal. How are we supposed to take an appeal seriously when you continue to lie to staff? I would like an explanation about this 'brother set me up' story too.
  3. Because of the 2-second mic delay and defibs not having to obey fearRP, the Defibs are basically a free kill. When you whip them out zap someone and then put them away the body disappears leaving all the US nearby confused as they aren't sure what happened. Hundreds of times I've watched Taliban players as a civilian who before the US player can say "Back away if you don't comply you will die" they pull defibs and zap your dead. In all honesty, it's a dumb asf way to die the damage is too high. It should go back to the better days when it was considered FailRP. It is also very annoying in events because it's very easy to hit juggs with defibs doing 500 damage. We can never really balance this as if I give a jugg a shit tone of HP then no one defibs it then there is no possible way to take it down. Whereas if I give a jugg like 3-5k they did in under two minutes.
  4. I swear EM apps are always designed to rape my eyes Good app, though you will need to show more activity in the following week or 2. To be a valuable EM you need to play the server for at least 10-20 hours a week minimum.
  5. Asatru

    My Time Has Come

    Please add more p2w I need more big boy guns to shoot people with laters dude
  6. Let's be real many of you naysayers are ex EM and current staff you know Mod is far more appealing than EM. Bee could have transferred to Mod and taken an LOA like some of even our current staff have done. Instead, he chose to resign and then make an app when he was ready to staff again. +1 Since his resignation from EM he has still shown consistent dedication to the server and a high level of maturity and decision making.
  7. When you look up at that hill from US base the player's silhouette is clearly visible. This is known as sky-lining. All players can clearly see you on that hill from inside the US base if you back isn't against the hill but the sky from where they are standing.
  8. I don't believe you are banned on the server. Normally CG bans will show the staff member that banned you as shown below: Your steam ID and names provided have no active bans. Stop wasting staff time or you may face a real ban to appeal.
  9. You've given the wrong ID to your account. This account was originally unbanned on appeal by Canoon "unbanned on appeal. FINAL CHANCE. Original ban "No intent to RP" (Perm)" the account was then banned by Erik Fox "metagaming, rdm in sit, changing name to avoid punishment + DCTAP - (1 WEEK BAN)" then I perm banned it "After reviewing previous warns + current actions you have violated unban conditions - perm ban" I believe this account belongs to Tucker and you should not be making an appeal for him/ trying to deceive staff. The image you provided is not the ban that matches the ID. The current ban is by myself and says "Violating unban rules".
  10. This application was accepted by Canoon during last nights staff meeting. Please lock and close. Congrats Bob Jane
  11. The current game mode and menu is set for 2 factions which is why Spetsnaz in the code is US.