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  1. Asatru

    Navy SEALs

    Haha, yeah I was shown this thing on the old forums were regiments used to make things similar to this. I thought it was pretty cool so I whipped this up.
  2. Asatru

    Navy SEALs

    The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday, It Pays To Be A Winner. In CG the Navy SEALs is a special operations regiment which focuses on training and combat. This means that the Navy SEALs can conduct; Special operations, High-value target raids, Direct action, Counter-terrorism, Special reconnaissance, Unconventional warfare, Hostage rescue/takedowns, and Counter narcotic operations. Most commonly Navy SEALs will be seen either in the training room or ensuring that their uniform is as wet as possible in the marshes, creeks and rivers outside the US base. Our loadout consists of ; boonie hats at CMDR+, AR15, M1911, and a Smoke Grenade. The current High command of Navy SEALs are: Asatru - Major Roasty - Captain Cav "deadeye" - LT, trial CMDR. As the leaders of Navy SEALs, we make sure we are well organised so that our men do not go without appropriate training and rewards. To ensure our organisation we keep a strict regiment document that details how our men are performing, when they joined and when they received promotions. Promotions are one of the most exciting aspects for our soldiers. It reflects their hard work which we in the High command hold with great value. Thus promotions follow a minimum guideline; if a soldier has performed to our standards they will receive their new rank after a set minimum amount of days. This goes as follows: PVT to PFC 2 days. PFC to CPL 2 days. CPL to SGT 3 days. SGT to SSGT is after 5 acceptable trainings observed by WO+ in SEALs or by the CO's. SSGT to MSGT 5 days + training must be at a high standard. MSGT to WO 7 days. WO to CWO 9 days. CWO to LT 14 days. If a SEAL performs well they can earn LT in just over a month. The Navy SEALs currently has four squads that PVT-CWO can join. These four squads are: DEVGRU - Training and development. SCS - Direct action, front liners, aim to top frag. SFR - Reconnasaince, sniper squad. ST7 - Vehicle deployment, Intel extraction. Do you think you have what it takes to be a Navy SEAL? here is a bit of information you should know: It is a requirement that Navy SEALs from Private all the way to general follow through with these expectancies: Be proficient in both combat, training and development. Report for active duty at least every second day. Remain respectful to soldiers of the US army; especially security operations and staff. Have a good arm. SEALs are expected to be accurate with their smokes using them tactfully. Any soldier caught throwing a smoke in the US base will be demoted. Join one of four squads to become an NCO/ CPL+. Follow the rules, repeat offences including RP offences such as breaking PTS, PTL, and PTE will result in demotions and or kicks. Lastly, SEALs are expected to bond well with each other. This means that we expect good activity in both Discord (our primary source of both memes and communication) and Team Speak. Thank you, Forza for this glorious picture -.-. I didn't even ask for it but since you put so much effort into it...
  3. 10/10 I really agree. The current ruleset has made it almost impossible to leave via the checkpoint. Most US now jump out the towers as it has become the only way of leaving the base without killing and dying multiple times just for a foot patrol. I think that if we made it so either faction can't raid till they hold a suitable number of points it will make capping points something more rewarding than it currently is. This will give players more incentive to roam the map creating more dynamic RP situations. In addition, I would suggest that a feature is added either on the map or displayed at the top or bottom of the screen that displays what faction holds each point.
  4. That moment when you can't access the google doc without asking permission
  5. +1 Knows the rules well, Keeps a cool head in sits, friendly and fun player. I have been in many sits with Spiky because of the position he is in as an MP. A lot of players have mocked you in these sits yet you let it slide like water off a duck's back. After reading your application you seem to have a good understanding of what we do. You also how a good sense of compassion and when it's right to be stern. Like a few people have said you just need to go around the TS and in-game to get to know some people in the staff team. I think you will have no problem befriending us since your a good dude :).
  6. Fuck that I paid $1000 for my levels. In all seriousness, though resetting levels should be a choice, not mando. We could make it so you get a different prestige symbol or something for the big boys who wanna flex. I really don't look forward to having my laptop on for 2-3 months straight again. There is also a possibility that more prestige levels could be added in the future (pretty sure it's been asked many times) though correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. Yeah, unfortunately, no matter how many times I've told and trained new players there is still always a bad egg in the bunch. I've only ever had to kick one person for abusing smokes but that was for throwing them in US base. Most of the time our smokes were really coordinated so that a bunch of us would all throw smokes to cover an area.
  8. Suggestion Name: Give the Navy SEALs a buff. Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Regiment. Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): The Navy SEALs used to have three smoke grenades per life we now get 1. I believe this nerf was because of the; new at the time, Al-Muributan regiment also having smoke grenades. This meant there were 5+ smokes grenades out at a time. I feel this was an unfair nerf because Al-Muributan gets really good snipers whereas we don't. This impacted our game style a lot and in terms of base regimental power has made SEALs weak. I would recommend either giving us one or more of these options; 2 more smokes per life (3 in total), increasing smoke plume duration, Buffing the M1911 or AR15, giving all SEALs player models the bonnie hat ;). Please feel free to add reasonable suggestions in the comments or pm me with ideas. Currently, the M1911 has a mag size of 7 + 1 in the chamber with an FMJ damage of 29 at effective range. The fire rate is inconsistent, slow, and has bad recoil. The AR15 used to be ok because although it has mad recoil you could still keep it manageable. However, due to the recent change in hitboxes and gun modifications, the AR15 has become nothing more than a side weapon for vehicle destroying. All the AR15 really needs to be competitive with even level 10-150 guns is a reduction in recoil and potentially bullet spread.
  9. +1 on the basis that you have finished your month break from the server and are coming back with the same or more hours like last time. I think you have had a sufficient amount of time to reflect on what you could improve on from last time. You were really dedicated to being EM I think you just made your events overcomplicated. IMO you tried to hard to put down heaps of dupes etc during the event set up which lead to a lack of attention to detail. A lot of players said they were sad to hear of your demotion from EM and many said they liked your events but admitted that they had room for improvement. I wish you the best of luck :). - I'm guessing this app will probably sit here for 2-4 weeks to see if your activity comes back.
  10. Asatru


    There is no official discord. However, many regiments use both TS and Discord.
  11. I was in the process of gathering recordings of your ESP anyway. You consistently shot people from places that were not possible for you to see. I still remember you got caught long-range pre-firing people and got away with some bs excuse like Oh am I not allowed to use third person in combat. Multiple times you shot and killed me from the Hill above the FOB when I was standing in the DIVCOM building which for most people is impossible due to fog. According to Ian, you have been banned from other servers for cheating. I see no reason for staff to accept your plead of innocence since you go from server to server cheating.
  12. If he is caught using the macro in-game he will receive a warn.
  13. -1 You barely play on the server. Over the last 30 days, you played 13 of them of which you played an average of a few hours. This, in my opinion, isn't enough to be considered for Tmod. Your game tracker shows you average between 3-5 hours a day on the days that you do play.
  14. +1 GOD DAMN FLYBOY!!!!!! jokes aside you a mature and active player and I'd be keen to work alongside you as TMOD. As some people already addressed you can be a little mischevious at times but I think it's because you have a laid-back attitude. As a TMOD+ you need to keep a cool head so you can properly asses and punish players. I think that your attitude would suit the responsibilities well. Recently I had to warn you for team wounding. However, there were about 10+ people shooting each other, shooting off helicopter blades, and standing on heli's etc. Because you are LT I decided to make an example of you so you were the only one to cope a warn. You handled the sit like a champ, apologised to the players involved and even thanked me for my time. 10/10 one of the best ways to handle a sit which is one of the reasons I gave you a +1.
  15. The rank was given back to the player and the proper way to handle the situation was explained to the EM. I was online and saw what was being said in the OOC. I had to kick three people for staff disrespect before and after this incident occurred. A lot of the player base needs to understand that making insults on someone's gender, sexuality, race, etc. will not be tolerated. This EM is getting targeted pretty much every single day by large groups of the player base for their IRL identity. I know most of you are young and immature; so are quick to jump on the bandwagon, but a lot of the staff team and player base are over it. This should go as a warning to some of you that we can see who the instigators are and punishments will start to roll out.