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  1. +1 I don't play anymore but banning someone for being good is fucking retarded.
  2. +1 17 fucking pages. SEVENTEEN! A normal fucking EM these days can't even get TWO pages in for their events.
  3. Yes yes sir I will tell my friends about this very good
  4. +1 Yes, having an F-16 blow me up for no reason as tali is gonna be great, add this back.
  5. -1 From experience you seem immature as fuck, and as previous comments show, this application is more rushed than a special ed kid escaping from the classroom. Good luck with your application.
  6. hey i hav been playing militaryrp on gmod for 30 minutes now i thinkz i hav the knowlegde to lead australia army real life!!! :OOOO
  7. Didn't play it much, but when I did it was decent. Phat +1 to that
  8. Sad thing is, this is literally a decent podcast lmao
  9. +1 This addon was on Poseidon DarkRP & was awesome as a combat mechanic. Would be great on the server.
  10. -1 You shot up debrief & killed 8 people, what do you expect?
  11. +1 Played Siege with him & acted like retards, good times. But seriously, I think Levi is a good moderator candidate.
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