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  1. 75th Ranger Regiment - Rangers Lead The Way, Of Their Own Accord General Information The 75th Ranger Regiment otherwise known as Army Rangers Is an Elite Light Infantry Airborne Spec Ops Regiment In The United States. The Regiment is headquartered at Fort Benning in Georgia, United States. 75th has a Battalion size of 3 Battalions. Their Primary Goal is to rescue hostages & raid enemy outposts. Equipment M16A4 Burst Assault Rifle - Standard Issue MP-443 Grach - Standard Issue M67 Frag Grenade - Lieutenant & Above LAV-25 APC - Sergeant & Above Recruitment Status: Open We are looking for Soldiers that have the knowledge to lead a Squad into Battle, or, are serious & know what they are doing. Don't think you can do anything of those things? Don't worry, just try out anyway, we hold them twice a week. Contact CWO Jakey or Commander Steyr Forza for more information. Recruitment Video: N/A
  2. -1 Tiki your behavior recently has proven you are not fit for any staff position.
  3. General Discussion is mostly just filled with bullshit meme videos nothing that actually benefits regiments/characters.
  4. Hi, If you've been playing for a long time you would know that the older forums have Regiment Archives for US & Taliban. These Archives are used for Commanders+ & Other people in the regiment to store what their regiment has to offer, or what they are capable of. To provide an example of what a Forum Archive would look like, here's this Hyperlink to my old 75th Document: 75th Rangers Regiment Introduction & Guidelines Although this is pretty low standard from what my 12-year-old mind could do back then. It's a good example of what commanders could create with this forum feature. They can be used for other things too such as, Discord Links Documents Listing Logs (Regiment Members, Blacklists, etc) Regiment Commanding Officer Documents Personally back when I was Major of the 75th Ranger Regiment, I found it useful to connect to other commanders to see what they are doing with their regiments and give ideas to others. Or come up with ideas or training plans with Regiments too. If this could be re-added to the forums that'd be really great, thank you for your time.
  5. + Fucking 1 This legend has achieved high roleplay ranks such as Captain Of The 24th Special Operations Regiment. He has played a long time (Longer than me!) and is such a lad. Give him respecto unless gae
  6. -1 App looks rushed & your response to a previous comment really proves how immature you are.
  7. +1 Despite previous efforts as an event master, I reckon we should give Jakey a second chance considering the EM team is low on members.
  8. +1 This Application looks nice & I reckon you'll be a good choice for the Event Team considering we are low on members right now.
  9. US already have the navy seals?
  10. +1 Qrow is a mature & well-known member within the community and would make a great moderator.
  11. -1 Funky didn't know you could throw frags through props which isn't his fault. (Don't know about Joshiko) And if you are going to demote someone from this you are basically going to demote the entire Taliban faction.
  12. -1 When Tucker used to play he got in plenty of trouble, as in, hacking, ddosing, in general just minging. This perma ban was honestly deserved and shouldn't be lifted. As Brad stated above, Why should we let someone back onto the server that hacks & isn't going to make an effort to take the server seriously?
  13. Nightmare

    Navy SEALs

    Oh yeah, let's bring back Regiment archives for things like this, damn I remember making my old doc for 75th. xD