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  1. Just to add to this, the issue where you can see people's names while they are cloaked is a thing. Have had it happen many times.
  2. +1 Given Amin enough chances, why not Moon Man?
  3. +1 Beat me when I was mod on his DarkRP server Additional: I wouldn't say a 9 for popularity but sure chief.
  4. +1 The entire ban was fucking BS.
  5. +1 Shows a clear understanding of the rules & is well known throughout the community.
  6. Disappointed, should've shown the scene of Spetsnaz running you over at the end.
  7. Spetsnaz models are errors. Bit sus
  8. I feel as you would do good as an Event Master, but this application is terrible, little to no effort in your replies, & the event crafting itself. Until this is improved I'm going to remain NEUTRAL about this application. EDIT: After having a conversation with this player, he was real cocky about how he is going to get staff & kept bragging about how he got me warned, etc. Which now I've come to the conclusion he is not suitable for staff. -1
  9. -1 Cheated previously as an Administrator & was useless last time as a staff member.
  10. +1 The answers given are a bit short & the event itself is a BIT undetailed but overall this is a good application.