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  1. +1 smh cheating is very bad but people do deserve 2nd chances. hope u get it mate.
  2. ''Bakka''

    Furdy 2

    so ur telling ur proud to be a man cat with ears n whiskers? while going around in a town buyin shit u just go meow meow master pet me uWu yes yes ooo what is going on with this generation
  3. lemme join u my friend. i doubt the server will get better i just doubt it. for now i will play among us with @dInGo @Midday @Gizmo @XxX_CGXCOMPLEXLINK_XxX and the rest very nais
  4. another 1k firerate gun? they all should be removed end of story
  5. +1 Man has already posted 3 appeals if that doesn't show the dedication this man has then idk. Unban
  6. remove unnecessary props spawned in general to reduce lagg
  7. ah burger king mafuckin coke and a xl burger idk the names
  8. i actually know this never ordered anything apart from coke
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