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  1. +1, This is not ONE WEEK ban worthy. Came online to see my man Valk banned. The punishment applied in my opinion, seems to be over the top. This incident was looked at the wrong way and needs to be relooked at.
  2. +1 Mr. Bahri, is well fit for the position of Event Master. I've had great experiences with him, and is a great Chief to serve under in AL-Q!
  3. heiio me name firebeak i like play CG and play in bed mum said it wasnt me turn on the xbox, plz hlep mi
  4. +1 Gohnson is a very well known, loyal and well respected member of our community, he is a chill dude, and yeh. Ex - Al Shabaab Jihadist, Zealot (K9 Firebreak, btw)
  5. How big gay fat, mcDonald slurpee fat mcgay, english very mcgay and blackfish language pigs
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