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  1. When I did suicidalRP with you. It wasn’t the best. I did the normal thing and tried to get you down and talk to you. But all you wanted is an insurgent. In a realistic world, people don’t hand out Insurgents like that. So when you looked away I tried to arrest you so you wouldn’t jump. It didn’t work cause Handcuffs suck. If you want U.N to improve their roleplay, private message us on ideas rather than complain, which I’ve seen you do on the server. Good luck on your application.
  2. +1 Active, well-mannered and decent event crafting. Would like to see this man as EM.
  3. Suggestion Name: Other factions can't disable bombs/transmitters Suggestion type: Randoms-events Reason: I'm unsure if it effects the Australians, Russians or PLA. But the U.N can't help allied factions disable bombs/transmitters in random events. Evidence: You can see that I'm allied with U.S and I'm trying to disable the objective but it won't let me unless if there's an U.S member on it.
  4. Neutral I don't believe you deserve a position in the staff team yet, you need more time maturing and proving yourself to the community. However, you have improved since being in sec-ops. Good Luck!
  5. Hello all! As you may know, myself and Ezygle decided to make a video about himself. So we did. This movie is just a bit of sh*t and giggles and it's not to be taken seriously. And the reason it's 10 minutes long is because people have short attention spans. Anyway enjoy...
  6. Toby isn’t the hero we deserve but the hero we need.
  7. +1 From what I've seen, Zabat is mature, active and has done a good job in tali. As well, having previous experience as a staff. Good Luck!
  8. +1 Yapopey is a well-mannered and respected person. He’s doing a great job in marines and would do a wonderful job as an EM. I would like to add to your event crafting; “PassiveRP,” I believe you could do more than let Tali and U.S just run around. I would try to involve RP Characters. For example; U.S send in a special force. All of U.S must follow them, while Taliban act as civilians. The special force discovers the objective and the Taliban realise this and fire upon the U.S. OR a Taliban leader wants to be a "peacemaker" and talk to all U.S. But it's an ambush and the objective is created. Small details can make a very good event. However, it’s decent event crafting. Good luck!
  9. +1 Blaid is well-mannered and sensible. I haven't had any bad experiences with him. However, the event crafting is alright. It doesn't contain any new or exciting ideas but I don't think that's going to stop him from being a good event master. With the right training and experience, he'll learn and understand the ins and outs of being an Event Master. Good luck with your application!
  10. +1 I like your application, you've answered every question nicely. You seem to have a good attitude towards the server and your event crafting is good. Well done! Good luck with your application!
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