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  1. -1 I agree with midday. You have many roles among the community already and adding another one just seems like a power grab. And you should focus more on running events on the Server like your primary job is. Plus we have enough staff already to cover the discord even if some of them aren't always watching, there is always 2/3 watching at one time. Hubert
  2. -1 It was a perm ban by feral for racism. and I was reading the chat when it was all going on midday and I dealt with the other person involved you didn't need to continue and retaliate the way you did. I'm sorry but you can either wait out the ban for your actions and maybe when feral feels it he will unban you or you can apply if again if this gets denied Hubert
  3. -1 I've barely seen you on the sever if at all. seeing as you've only played 3/4 days this past month I reckon you should wait a bit before applying for a staff position on CG (EM/MOD) even if you have past experiences on another server like Icefuse. The way their server is run is different to ours and our rules vary from theirs. I recommend you play for about a month before applying as it specifies in the prerequisites. If you have any questions DM me on discord but other than that Good Luck. Hubert
  4. -1 So the main reason why I am -1ing is cause I personally haven't seen you around the server very much and whenever I do all I see is someone who has been minging constantly. Your answers aren't bad but I would need to see being more active throughout peak time and trying to be less mingy in your day to day. When your on the server I will keep an eye on how you act and what you are doing. If you keep up the current behavior my answer will stay a -1. but if it improves I will consider changing my opinion. But anyway Good Luck on your application Gubby. Hubert
  5. who will I now kick for constant mic spamming. Good luck with the rest of your life.
  6. this is the game tracker you have linked. If you have another one from a recent name change please edit and add the link
  7. Game Tracker links cause spicy is lazy GameTracker.com : Player Page for Spicy_Tortilla GameTracker.com : Player Page for Spicy Tortilla
  8. -1 Its literally a copy and paste of your previous application. Plus you left cause you didn't have the time or effort to put into the event team. So what makes this time any different. Plus you didn't put any effort into making a new application so what makes me think that you could put effort into an event script or anything now. I'm sorry but I don't think you could put the effort into staff again. If you can change my mind maybe I will change my statement. Hubert
  9. +1 well well well. Sherlock came to me when he came back onto the server recently and said he wanted to reapply for staff and help the server he once put a lot of effort into. Since you've been back you've been an amazing role model towards new and older players and have shown you can still follow and enforce the rules. I believe you have a chance at improving further and if you get staff I only see that helping, so in saying this Good luck with your application buddy Hubert
  10. Neutral After your last time on the staff team the way it ended wasn't the best. I do believe that you have changed from the man you were but in saying that I've not personally talked to you very much since you have decided to re-join the server after your break. If you keep up the good behaviour and avoid the previous situation I do believe that you will have another shot on the Moderator team. Your activity still isn't really a month worth of time being back on the server, but that doesn't stop someone if they can prove that they will be active and fulfil the duty of staff if achieved. I will try keep an eye on you and try communicate more within the upcoming time to see if my opinion still stands or whether I change my outlook But anyway Good Luck with your application for staff Kiba Hubert
  11. o7. Will catch you some place else in life
  12. +1 I believe that letting Asatru back onto the team would be a good thing. He has been doing quite a lot for the Community lately and I think that he would fit in well as a Developer for CG Good Luck Hubert
  13. Was this your first offense for Accidental Jihad or multiple? Feel free to message me on Discord and we can have a chat if you don't want to over Comments デニソン ヘンリー#0713
  14. Gonna miss you on the staff team bud. Enjoy the time off. /me Salutes Hubert
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