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  1. o7. Will catch you some place else in life
  2. +1 I believe that letting Asatru back onto the team would be a good thing. He has been doing quite a lot for the Community lately and I think that he would fit in well as a Developer for CG Good Luck Hubert
  3. Was this your first offense for Accidental Jihad or multiple? Feel free to message me on Discord and we can have a chat if you don't want to over Comments デニソン ヘンリー#0713
  4. Gonna miss you on the staff team bud. Enjoy the time off. /me Salutes Hubert
  5. You haven't even filled out the entire application here is the current format: And you don't really have any activity on the server currently within the past month. I'd recommend playing the server a lot more and filling out the application properly and probably closing this app and reapplying once you meet the requirements
  6. Neutral +1 After long conversations with you, I can see that you have a brilliant understanding of how the rules and server is in its current state. Your Application is filled out quite detailed. Yes you have bans but they are from quite a while ago you are picking up your activity and your helping with your regiment and being a helping hand to anyone who ask. I believe that you could make a great addition to this current staff team. Good luck with your Application. If you wish to ask questions or see where you can improve feel free to message me anytime Hubert Discord -デニソン ヘンリー#0713
  7. +1 Nomad has been playing on the server for quite a long time and he seems to have an understanding of how an event and debriefs are run. Your application is on the shorter side but you get the point and have a clear outcome with your responses. Same with your event crafting. Short but simple. I believe that you will have a good change at brining your ideas to the staff team. Good luck with your Event Master application Nomad Hubert
  8. I also Mentioned to you that you either require a Officer/Chief to raid, or you can enter the Base during wartime. Also your evidence is practically showing yourself shooting into US base when there was no raid or wartime. I'm willing to talk with higher staff about this decision but I stand by my Ban
  9. Neutral +1 I see you one the server everyday trying your best and doing what you believe is right and trying to help with any situation that arises that a Player can help with. I believe even with the ban on your account you can make it onto the staff team because your attitude and way of thinking has changed since I first saw you on the server. Disregarding your past community, You are apart of CG and because of that past community that shouldn't stop you from being able to enjoy a staff position and help the server that you like playing. And your idea's with the event crafting isn't as bad as some peoples who has applied in the past, I believe you will have a good shot if you keep up your activity more. I do believe you will have a good shot at Making the Event Master team and putting your good ideas into motion within events on CG But anyway good luck with your application for EM Hubert
  10. -1 Your last 3 times as a EM hasn't gone to well considering you failed your trial periods and proceeded to becoming more toxic after you had left the EM team these most recent times. if you were to become less toxic and more mature within the community, I will consider changing my response. And your attitude towards the server has majorly diminished and it doesn't look like your enjoying the server as much as you used to and I believe that, that would ruin your ability to make fair and balanced events for the Server to play. I'm sorry but I don't see you fit for being on the staff team a 4th time in this current period Good Luck Hubert
  11. -1 Your one of the probably the most mingiest people who uses the discord not including the countless times you've said Racial words and been muted for many things.
  12. -1 your not very active and when you are, your come on for only 10 mins then re-join and go AFK for the rest of your hours. I personally don't think you've put much time into your application and your answers are very wrong in many ways. what lindy wrote is the proper answer and is more reasonable. I'm sorry but it doesn't seem like you know many of the rules or are active enough on the server to really apply for staff If you are to pickup your activity and be active within the community I would personally reconsider reapplying for staff at a later date. And your recent Loa that made just makes this even more pointless I'm sorry to have to -1 but your effort towards the server recently is non existent Hubert
  13. Umm... Proof for hours. Post your Game tracker link... https://www.gametracker.com/player/CooperCody1138/ I barely see you in the discord chatting in text channels let alone Using Voice. and the only times I've heard you talk in game was when you have been mic spamming and told off by my fellow staff. and Events on CG only have 2 parts. But I like the drive to try make them longer but players would get bored if something like that is dragged on for hours. I'm sorry but I'm going to have to -1 Your application. But Good Luck Hubert
  14. -1 Your questions lack any detail and are frankly not even close to meeting the min requirements. and your activity is literally sparse. I'm sorry but I don't think you really have put effort or anything into this application Hubert
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