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  1. I assume you are referring to the last sentence, Asatru mentioned that I should have another chance at the server should I be cheating. Furthermore, I believe greatly in second chances depending on the circumstances, but in cheating spec, it is difficult to provide that second chance, should I be cheating.
  2. The MP5A5 although with a high fire rate per minute and relatively low damage per bullet of 14 damage per shot, it had low recoil-it did not require much control over the gun all things considered-but the damage per second which I believe was around 150-200, was well enough to drop players. Camping F.O.B. from a mid-range, higher ground covered by lowered wall-covering half of my model-would not be surprising getting large amount kills from killing people from the F.O.B. spawn as I have the advantage of cover in addition, players like yourself were fully exposed and had no cover thus providing multiple kill bounties. I'm sure you and other players were in the position I was in and how easy it was killing players from F.O.B. at players in F.O.B. spawn. I do not see the difficulty in that. Furthermore, I seriously do not know about that 'flick' and 'lock on' to your invisible model, I just sprayed the soldier and that's it, I do not recall flicking my mouse to an invisible person. I took the sit semi-serious as I found it unreasonable, as all I did is just killed a soldier and just carried on and apparently I flicked onto an invisible person. I'd wish I had been recording gameplay of sessions as I did from another server, but unfortunately, I did not do this, have no evidence to support my reason. Even if I was cheating, I would appreciate your leniency for providing a second chance.
  3. He put me in a sit then banned me
  4. The other one was placed in the wrong area SteamID: STEAM_0:1:61746398 In-game alias/rank: kunis 23 Ban Reason: Hacking/Cheating Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): 4 Weeks Why should we unban you?: To be honest, I find it unbelieveable to be banned for someting that I have never done. I understand that was cliche, but from the staff that has accussed of hacking and flicking to invisible staff I find it absurd. Espically if I have not been provided evidence with my 'hacking'. Seriously, I do not know what to say, only that I have been in the community of colossal gaming for a while now, I have been banned once ages ago for hacking, but that was false and the banned was removed. Ever since that ban I have never been questioned by people up until this moment, and I have participated in almost every event for the past three months. And even if I possibly get unbanned, I would be forced to not try because I would get accused of cheating, but I am not saying im good. Evidence in your favor (Optional): How can I provide evidence of my self 'hacking' when I didn't. I would like to see the accusations and evidence supporting reasons towards my ban.
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