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  1. Wear a UN uniform and see who sticks out more.
  2. -1 "Just don't spawn there." Is a horrible excuse to allow spawn killing and is on the same level as "Get Good". Just because you want easy kills doesn't mean you can be a dick. The battle should be for the point not under the point and you might say, "Capping the point will be a lot harder if you don't spawn camp." but that is the challenge as the defenders should have an advantage. Also there's the fact that when you yourself die constantly in FOB you will bitch and complain. A good exploit of the rule is to not cap the objective and instead go down and wait in the spawn room for people to spawn in for a easy kill. The fact that this exploit exists is why there should be a protection area. To actually counter the "Just don't spawn there" excuse, What's the actual point of having a forward spawn area if you're not going to use or it's being camped. Not spawning at the FOB nullify it's existence and it would be better to remove the spawn altogether as so new people don't get confused and accidentally fall into a death trap. The fact you complain about this shows that you have not put much research into this and that you are probably not the person to be tackling this type of suggestion. So I ask you this, Do you want to have a quicker spawn? Then cap the point at the front and don't go inside. We can solve a lot of problems just by doing that but sadly we don't live in a perfect world and one person is going to go in and spawn camp. The question is, will it be you?
  3. +1 I still thinks it promotes toxicity in events but now I'm a little more lenient. The play styles and meta picks people use are already beyond toxic so you can't really go higher. As of promoting MRDM, yes it would entice minge players more but it will be easier to spot and lead to a quicker arrest. We can also see other hidden RDMs like team killing in homemap or killing allies. It may also help with factions as factions see who kills who and can do actions based on it (i.e UN member being killed at random so they declare war.)
  4. -1 Just because you want kills doesn't mean you can ruin the event for half the server. Spawn camping is one of the reason people afk in events as there is no point playing if you're going to killed or sniped instantly as soon as you leave red. As Feral said: "This new rule means that you will have a rough time if you are trying to go near the other team spawn." You'd deserve a rough time if you're being selfish and scummy by doing this. I understand people want kills, I abuse the Honey Badger and shit talk people when I kill them but I don't let that cloud my moral judgement as I know I am not the only person on the server. Taliban always complain about CrowRP where US always stay on the wall and wait till someone pulls a gun out before shooting and this is the exact same thing Taliban is doing with events replacing guns out with walking out of spawn. I feel that the current system where you can shoot out of spawn and not be fired upon gets rid of the CrowRP or at least moves it away from the spawn and is a decent temporary solution. Another solution is to make US better fighters but it's very hard to improve on garbage, large quantities of people and that Tali would complain when all of a sudden they get overplayed by US due to increase of skill. Overall, the current system is good and you may need to rethink your moral compass if you want to crowrp. CrowRP = Gay.
  5. +1 Very good RPer and definitely know his stuff when it comes to rules. Also he's my dad so yeah.
  6. -1 I would neutral with it but the fact you basically copied someone else Mod app and slightly changed it really displays how lazy you are. If you want to be a staff member you better make apps yourself and not plagiarise. Keiko Anyone noticed the difference in colouring and fort size in the Scenario section how it just changes 1/4 in? Ditch
  7. Neutral I like the concept and it would make for a good idea. I do miss it myself. However, I feel like the community would strive for more toxicity as people would strive to use more toxic meta choices and tactics (i,e ACR Slight of Hand and Headglitching) in order to get their name on the feed as to "flex". The second option would fix that problem but I also believe that it would nullify the purpose of having it up there as no one else can see it and would be a waste of time and effort just to have some words appear on screen. I am no scripter or well reinforced in the world of ULX and either how much Staff are doing at the moment but I feel this is too much effort to remake the leaderboard when even the old leaderboard would suffice.
  8. Cloaker


    I don't think it's safe I think it's quite the opposite.
  9. Damn I already have Ultimate. Guess I gotta give people a chance now.
  10. Recreating another loading screen image just to flex.
  11. Done this not for the comp but just to get it in the loading screen. It's a recreating of one of the images in the loading screen in Gmod.
  12. Just get me to recreate the current loading screen pictures in gmod too easy.
  13. So it has to be on server?
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