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  1. Neutral - Although you are a good member in the community, you have shown your mingy side multiple times with other Delta Force, you are one of the self-controlled ones but you do participate in mingy behaviour which staff shouldn't do. You app is very similar to Ditch6's application, I recommend you do edit your application and make it more in your words or less similar then Ditch's application.
  2. +1 Everything looks good, activity is good and your not mingy anymore haha, I believe you deserve a chance as a Moderator Good luck man
  3. +1 Great guy, known him for a long time, hes been a staff member during all that time as well, hes a ex-head of ems, an ex-vet staff and currently an admin, he has great activity in both game and discord, definitely deserves a chance at the role.
  4. +1 I known you for awhile now, its been about 3 to 4 years haha, you have shown over that time you have been around you have gotten better in so many ways, you have a lot of potential, you know your way around RP and have a general understanding of ULX, you are a great team worker on top of that. Best of luck you to
  5. +1 Great application, great player in the community, knows his stuff, readable layout Definitely deserves a chance at staff Good Luck my guy
  6. Soap

    Ban Appeal

    I think Yapopey summed that up for me and N3V same with blaid
  7. +1 Your a great officer within my regiment, you show aspects of working hard, working together to finish a task between the officers and other marines. Very respectful member of the community, I have never seen you cause any problems for staff to deal with, you are an outstanding member of the community in multiple factors and as another plus, your event crafting is amazing, the amount of detail given is especially great. You look like you answered everything as much as possible towards the truth and passion of yourself, everything you wrote sounds like something you would say. You are a great leader and team worker overall, I recognize that you hold most and I say maybe all the expectations of a Staff member and a EM.
  8. +1 Great app, great man I don't need to write too much since you are a great member of the community and know what you are doing, if you get staff I'm willing to teach you the ropes
  9. I had a little bit of time ago had this happen to Yap when he was 1LT, I tried numerous things to fix it when it didn't, I promoted him and it worked for a bit then proceeded to break. I'd say its either fiddling with commands in console or a clientside bug which is hard to fix.
  10. Neutral - You are a great member within the community, you hold every aspect needed showing a great attitude towards the community and you are slowly gaining respect within the community. But you have had a previous ban, after time it might blow over.
  11. +1 You have shown to me that you are a great member of Marines, you can control yourself when needed and show the qualities of a staff member. You react in the right way towards your scenarios. You further understand the rules over the time in the server (warns were involved in miscommunication or not knowing the rule correctly), since it is only a trial you deserve a shot at Moderator. You must be at the greatness of your abilities and capable standards like you are in Marines if you are to get staff. Good luck for your app
  12. +1 He knows what he is doing, mature, respectful and one of my good marines. He can be taught more about ULX ;), its only a trial anyway so its a good shot for him.
  13. -1 I have seen you disrespect Delta force on multiple occasions, you were a T-EM and did not support your role very well, if you didn't use Team Speak when you received it, how did you help well in events. "I always try to remain friendly and respectful, however as anyone can, that can sometimes be switched off and go too far. There’s only so much one person can take, right?" If it gets into a situation where you lose your temper at a player and take the wrong action or you switch off, it can lead to multiple bad occasions, every sit must remain un-bias as possible. Especially that your warn given as about you getting at a player by accusing them falsely.
  14. +1 Blaid is a great staff member as an EM and a mod, You always show respect and help out in any way you can for other staff members from my perspective, you are a great member to have within our community. I think many others can agree with that. Even if there is no spots you deserve a positive response.
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