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  1. Soap

    My Ban appeal

    The sit from my perspective was not biased, I didn't even know it was a more known player till he spoke at the end of the sit. , I got pulled into it since you wanted another staffs opinion after hand complaining you wanted a higher staff even knowing we were the staff who were on at the time, Fosbury explained to me what happened, I took account of both sides. Before I got there you disrespected a staff member and had a not so clear case for your side to begin with because of warns and bans previously for the same thing. I do not know if there was sufficient evidence due to coming into Fosbury's sit after Fosbury asked me to come over to help out so I assumed an argument broke out as it did between both sides and towards the staff member. I do not know what happened during the time I wasn't in the sit but you surely were not acting appropriately during my time being within the sit. I will say one more time to end this, since it was not my sit I did not know of the evidence in place, but to bring on from that you didn't have any evidence saying you didn't Soloraid, especially staff disrespect. Commander Soap T-MOD "Always Faithful, Always Forward, Marines Represent!"
  2. +1 I've known you since you were in Marines, over time you got better and better with maturity and you follow all rules and expectations required, you were always active, always a good Marine and I believe you deserve a chance to be a staff member for the community. Currently: 1LT Soap of US Marines Previously: US Army PVT Very Previously: Al Qaeda CMDR Taliban Medic Lieutenant US Marines CWO Military Police Lieutenant 31st Commandos CMDR Green Berets Lieutenant US Army SGT
  3. Neutral - Your a great MP, Leader and a retentively nice guy, but your answers are lacking within it on the paragraph areas. Probably work on it more. Currently: 1LT Soap of US Marines Previously: US Army PVT Very Previously: Al Qaeda CMDR Taliban Medic Lieutenant US Marines CWO Military Police Lieutenant 31st Commandos CMDR Green Berets Lieutenant US Army SGT Always faithful, Always forward, Marines represent!
  4. You can't -1/neutral/+1 without a valid reason. Neutral - Seems to know how the staff team generally works around ULX and other needs, but application need to be edited in some categories and needs to be alot more formal. Currently: 1LT Soap of US Marines Previously: US Army PVT Very Previously: Al Qaeda CMDR Taliban Medic Lieutenant US Marines CWO Military Police Lieutenant 31st Commandos CMDR Green Berets Lieutenant US Army SGT Always faithful, Always forward, Marines represent!
  5. Yeah sorry about the app if its hard to read, my laptop is stuffy so I couldn't do anything about the colours. My Apologies Soap USMC Always faithful, Always forwards MARINES REPRESENT!
  6. General Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:152047146 Steam Community Profile Page Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/chezrage Current In-Game Alias (E.g.Captain Deston): WO Soap Most Commonly Known Alias (E.g. Deston): Soap Are you staff on any other servers within this community?: I used to be Event Master back in the day, but I shamefully had to retire due to family and internet issues. I wish to reapply so I can help make interesting and fun events into the community, and be able to provide assistance to other staff or EM's whom might need help in creation of a event or building. Have you been staff on any other communities (If so, please list your position, community and at least one reference and their SteamID)?: I have on multiple different communities but they have mostly been closed down due to low numbers of players online. How much game time do you have on the server? (Provide proof) https://cache.gametracker.com/server_info/ All three are mine, just old time within the server on the first and last one. What is your current rank in-game (e.g.: User, Respected, Gold, ect)? : I am a old member of the community, i have only came back to the server recently but not too recently, but I do have the Ultimate Rank within the server. Are you familiar with the administration mod known as ‘ULX’?: From past experiences as staff or EM on other servers I am not fluent within ULX but I do know a fair bit around the subject. For example, !menu brings up a list of commands in specific categories. !shock * 100 to shock players within the events for spawn reset or runaway troops (only affects players and not staff ranks above yours) as a few ULX commands. On a scale of 1 to 10, how well are you known throughout the community by both players and staff members?: Since I left for over 7 months, I do not know many new players or staff members, but through the community of whom are active, I am on the scale at about 6 or 7. Are you currently in Colossal Gaming Steam group?: Yes Do you have a microphone that you can use to assist you while dealing with players?: Yes Do you understand that Colossal server(s) are to be monitored sensibly and your duties are to be taken seriously at all times: Yes Have you had any bans to date? If so, please explain to us why we should still accept you: I have no warns or bans from my time on this server. Do you Understand as an Event Master you are not allowed to abuse your rank outside of the Events you run? (Type YES if you agree): Yes Do you have any Event Experience (Have you played a Character in an Event or assisted in the Set-up)?: I have assisted in setups in the past when I was EM and have played a character also in the past. I have Event experience, just not any listed here. What Inspires you to become an Event Master?: I wish to create Events for players whom want to enjoy the server outside of RP on the base map and give players a welcoming stay within the server during events or outside of them. Within doing so, I hope that staff and players alike will enjoy having a friendly player as a EM if accepted. Do you feel confident in delivering clear and concise briefings and debriefing?: I do feel confident since I have had past eperiences doing them on this server and on others. I am a clear speaker within game if I do not show any signs of sickness or fatigue. Teamspeak Agreement How often do you use the Teamspeak server?: Since the TS server either got a reset or its a new TS, I have lost all abilites to access channels and my old ranks, so I haven't used it often. If you become successful in your application, you will be given a Teamspeak Server Group that is appropriate to the position you were successful in. Please understand that you may not be given access to this Server Group instantly. By typing YES you agree to never abuse your Teamspeak powers and you have understood and read the Teamspeak Rules (Link soon): Yes Short Questions In One Paragraph, please explain why you would like to become an Event Master on MilitaryRP: I would like to become an Event Master on MilitaryRP because I wish to provide entertainment outside of the home map within events for players and staff, help Staff, event masters and players in anyway I can, such as, helping within events I am not running by playing a character, building or watching over the event, if staff need assistance within a task they cannot control and/or there are no other staff members to assist, I'll try and help in anyway shape or form, finally for players if they can't perform a task without staff assistance, like a question or RP within the home map if no Roleplay Overseers or staff are available to perform it. In One Paragraph, please explain how you will bring new, interesting and creative Event Ideas to the table?: From previous events I have seen ran by the EM and Staff team, I did enjoy there creativity for events, such as, mini events/ extra parts within the event, like, one life crossbows or combat knife previously done and RP situations with events aswell, like, hostage situations or events when civis can't be shot till proven a Taliban. I can create more interesting events for the server with other staff members or as a individual, an event idea being, A US Naval officer has fallen into taliban hands holding information on one of our FOB bases within Iraq borders, US must recapture him before the Taliban can force the information out of him, Taliban must hold him till they have got the information (time runs out) and then kill the Naval officer, 2nd part will be a TDM/point capture of Fuel for vehicles, tali win first pt, they stop off at a warhouse to collect fuel and regroup with the remaining forces being ambushed by US soldiers, US win, they will stop off at the warehouse to collect fuel and get ambushed by Taliban forces within the facility area. Briefly describe how a "Typical Event" is run (Keep it short, you will provide a more detailed answer further in the application)?: Staff and EMs will enter the TS Event channel to help run the event, the running EM or staff member will most likely post the event within the message system within it so staff and other ems can see it, there will be 2 staff/EMs running breifing and debriefing on home map and within the parts of the events. Ask any PTS after breifing/db then change to the first pt map, to breifing again after the building timer is up for the event breif again (have staff or EMs on a side if uneven, for eg. Tali being 2:1 to US, meaning US need the help), do a prepare to move out, move up to the cades, then do a moveout when everyone is sorted for the event (time, ect.), EM will watch over the event to make sure nothing has been broken rules wise and make sure it runs smoothly, if it is too one sided, add in a handicap for the first part, such as jugg or mortar. After timer is finished, whomever one the part put Tali or US win within the sever chat command. Then do a prepare for map change and change it to the second part if no staff incidents have occured. Start steps for the same a part one, at the end of the 2nd part depending on who won, give levels to both sides, less to the losing side compared to the winning side, such as 5 : 2, 5 for winning side and 2 for the losing side if 2 pts were one by one side compared to the 2 lost by the other. Map change if no incidents occured which are staff related and get 2 staff or EMs to run debreif for both sides (usually the same people), ask the Cheifs/officers for any promotions, then after, ask the Cheifs/officers if there are any announcements, such as tryouts or training. Then dismiss them. Scenarios Scenario 1: Users are complaining about the quality of the Event you are running despite only being 2 minutes into the Event. You spent almost an hour crafting this event and you were very keen to run it. Question 1: As a Event Master, how do you react? I will ignore there complaints within 2 mins into the event, when it hits the halfway mark and they are still complaining about the event I will try and add in some other aspects into the 2nd part to make the event interesting, like RP within the event, such as, hostage situations which involve RP to get him out of the situation, then lead onto the event with a signal laid out by a specific side if it gets out of hand. Scenario 2: During your Event, you urgently need to go AFK. You will most likely not return in time to finish the event and it has only been running for 5 minutes. Question 2: As an Event Master, how do you react? I would get either a staff or a Event Master whom knows how the event is going to be ran and run it for me, telling them it is a urgent matter and what it is so they understand the situation. Making players not have a delayed event to enjoy, but it may be ran abit different to aspects of my plan if the other member has to run off only a event template and not a script. Event Crafting You must craft your own Event from start to finish (Include Briefing and Debriefing). You are required to use full details such as map, actions (e.g. !model @ "model"), plot twists etc. Remember to include PassiveRP Elements! EVENT: PT 1: Map: de forest Time: 15mins Mode: TDM Info: Taliban and US men have been sent to a forest for a "small" war, US and Taliban must kill as many of the opposite side as possible before time is up. US DB: Soldiers, the "towel heads" decided to have a 'bit' of a dispute with us and it didn't end well, Taliban want to have a small scale war in a forest landscape were some of our men have followed them for hours, eventually being spotted and killed right after when we were told their location. Defeat the Taliban in the forest before they defeat our forces. Tali DB: My brothers, the US have decided to try and mess with our shit by sending a few troops to follow us, we have 'disposed' of them but they gave word to the US before we found them, be prepared for a battle greater then many others against them in this forest and don't fuck up. Its either our troops or theirs. PT 2: Map: gm emp bush Time: 15mins Mode: Conquest Info: (depending on who won) US or Tali were pushed back to a small, maze-like canyon to fight for certain areas to stay in control of this sector. US or Tali must capture the points till time is up. US DB: Men, we have been pushed back/pushed Tali back to this canyon, we must hold off the remaining Taliban at certain bunkers till they lose their forces. Hold off the points from any Taliban engagements or face losing control of this area. Tali DB: Brothers! We have pushed back/been pushed back the US to this canyon, we must defeat the US here or lose this area from our control, for now. Hold off any points from the remaining US soldiers or face the consequences of death on the field. WO Soap USMC Always faithful, Always forwards MARINES REPRESENT!
  7. +1 The lower Ranking Surveillance should start with the T-5000 to begin with and then work through the ranks to get to better weaponry. Other regiments overpower the Marine recon teams sniper in comparison + the M82A3 can be easily countered by other snipers or prestige weapons. CPL Soap of USMC