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  1. Close app il reapply if I become more active
  2. Suggestion Name: Dumbfire rpgs Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Weapon Addon Pack (Optional): N/A Addon Pack File Size: N/A Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): I feel like in close range events rpgs can be quite op, then can weave in and out of obstacles and go around corners. On home map they can chase a car until the isis cannot see the car anymore. I feel like this would be a good change as it would be a lot more fair. The rpg should not be a homing missile or a mortar it should be a rocket going in a straight line. Screenshots (Optional): N/A
  3. +1 bringing back prone would be good as it helps in combat and you can role play as a snake, both good things (also prone stacks)
  4. Rhys

    Lach report

    -1 there are a lot of ssgt son the server you dont have to,run into to run into the us base and yell at people who are ssgt+. Just say in OOC that someone needs to train the trainees. You shouldn’t of been in us base, shouldn’t of mic spammed. The job a ssgt is not to train, they are expected to train but it is not their job, CO’s JOB is the train go yell at the, not some ssgt you saw.
  5. Changing to a NEUTRAL as even though he is trustworthy, he can be a bit immature during events and other situations.
  6. While you were a good admin at times, I believe you should wait a bit more before re applying from a demotion from admin, you fucked up. I believe you need to increase your activity also. I will revisit my response when I get home from my holiday, but for now -1
  7. -1 you shot up US base when you were modeled with your hp set, if you can’t be trusted with a changed model and increased hp under “supervision” why should you be trusted with this power 24/7 I am surprised you weren’t demoted, it could be a mass rdm / solo raid depending on how you look at it
  8. @Ghett Fahct Your response shows a lack of maturity, if you can’t actually think up of a reason to -1 me, don’t respond on my app, dont just copy nana, whose response I respect. I know you dislike me but you need to find a legitimate issue with me.
  9. +1 At first I was going to do a neutral but after speaking to him I have realised the reason I wouldn’t +1 him is personal distaste, he has become less mingey and more mature In the past week or so Good luck
  10. -1 While he is active, I have not had very many positive experiences with him. also, this application is unfinished as there is no event crafting. This app looks rushed too, I can tell you dont really want em if you can’t put in the effort to capitalise letters and spell because fully. Bad experiences Bad app
  11. -1 you litterally joined the server 2 weeks ago... You break multiple rules, you think you deserve a q menu / power Play the server for another month and I will re-consider
  12. +1 I have never had an issue with asatru, he is a well known, active member of the community Good luck in your application 🙂
  13. Neutral While the em app looks like you have put time into it... the fact that you are responding to every post makes you seem a little un-professional, I recommend only replying to the comments that tell you something that you can change in ur app not just replying to a +1 because you want your app to be on the recent topics tab. Besides that, I only sometimes see you in game and when I do it isnt the greatest, good, not great
  14. He didn’t get demoted because he was a bad / abusive em so I feel like it would be nice if he is reinstated as em. He previously made great events, you just need to work on your dB delivery. +1