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  1. It isnt supposed to be fully auto thats the issue, you already have more than every other regi, like way more, not a single other regi has shock nades, you dont need the m14 ebr as well. If you want a DMR just buy the sks, not that expensive
  2. +1 Tbh the dart gun is actually very useless if 1 person can outheal it, I feel like 3 ammo could be fine if 1 dart could take out a person in a small amount of time
  3. I mean it would be fine if the m14 ebr wasnt a fully automatic gun that did 40 something damage per shot, you have LAVs, Slams, Grenade launcher, m14 ebr in infantry and shock grenades, I personally think you have enough already.
  4. +1 good player, hasnt done anything stupid, follows rules and we need ems
  5. +1 Great member of the community, shot me before, dunno why but doesnt change my opinion
  6. +1 Good app and we need more ems
  7. Add some to weapon searching, walking up to someone searching them then tazing them isn't RP. If people were given an opportunity to do out having guns it would be fine but mps are arrest hungry and value their arrest count over rping with Tali. I think they should be able to weapon search anywhere as long as Tali have a legitimate way to defend themselves through RP and don't get shut down or powergamed.
  8. -1 you litteraly put yourself as a 3/10 when it comes to being well known, I have seen you once and never after that.
  9. Join Tali, get to kill US and can't be shot while unarmed
  10. The scarH is getting 40mm grenades so us privates have access to smokes and explosives.
  11. You were warned because you bombed a teammate whether intentional or unintentional, you are responsible for you explosives. If you throw a frag and kill 4 teammates, whose fault is it? You grenade launcher teammates repetitively, whose fault is it? You have access to explosives and you need to use them responsibly, thinking they had a gun out or not seeing them isnt an excuse.
  12. 1. Why bring USAF back we have sas 2. Planes and jets were fucking useless, they had no practical use 3. Taliban would need to have an equivalent meaning there would be 4 flying Regis which is autistic
  13. I warned you as you need to be a lot more careful and they were around 40 metres from the point. You can't just bomb areas near an objective and expect everything to be fine, it is a big issue with heli pilots and it's more of a warning to be careful, it's just a warn, be more careful when bombing and nothing will happen. If you bombed them while they were on the point fighting Tali, yea sure but if you shoot at snipers nest when there is US there and there is also US at the objective (ghetto) there seems to be an issue with who you were shooting at. (Also according to one of the US you killed the civilian was unarmed) Basically don't shoot at US who are fighting or standing near a civ/Tali it was a stupid thing to do and unless you can somehow find a way to only damage the Tali and not teammates, don't shoot at US. Edit: a ticket was made, you killed a staff and I was asked by them to take you to a sit.
  14. +1 good former staff, don't see why he can't be good again, had no issues with him
  15. -1 too immature, gets angry easily, doesn't really matter how good ur events are if you are going to be immature. You should be mature before getting a position, not after.
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