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  1. +1 This man has been around for longer than most players/staff, yes he did have a large break but Tropica is extremely mature for his age and I think he would make a great staff member. Also has a good app. Good luck
  2. It could be tried again but I played that event and I remember it being a bit autistic with civs risking their life's to block the cap. Idk
  3. Ok can you please inform us as to how we get more ems? Do you want us to pick random players and say ur an em now? There isn’t enough people applying for the position that are fit for the role.
  4. The main issue with spetsnaz at the moment is that their rp is only fun for spetsnaz, fix this and there will be less complaining.
  5. Have fun and interactive role play, if the person you are role playing with wants it to stop and hates it because it is shit rp only fun for the spetsnaz, stop and kill him / let him free. I personally didn’t get people complaining about my rp when I was spetsnaz so it can’t be that hard...
  6. No its not? This forum post is complaining about how Spetsnaz handle RP and how they need to change, that specific incident was brought up as an example.
  7. Il be completely honest, that kind of rp is utter dog shit and is only fun for one of the 2 parties involved. I see no problem with spetsnaz interrogating civilians but if it’s just “nah ur Id is fake, im gonna have to kill you” or “that’s not what it says on the Id”, I feel like something has to change. Let’s say your ID is a drivers licence, why the fuck would that have the company you work for on it. Also why would civilians be required to carry Id around, what if they don’t have a drivers licence or any other form of is which you would carry on you everyday, what if their only forms of Id are a birth certificate and a passport? I completely disagree with this kind of rp. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is something that would be changed by a rule, you would have to convince nomad to change his regiments way of RP.
  8. Like what was stated above, while I think you are capable of being a moderator, I don't think you are ready for it yet given today's earlier events. I will be happy to change from a -1 to a neutral or a +1 over time but for now, it's a -1. I would say give your app a week or 2 and the warn won't affect whether you are accepted or denied as much.
  9. -1 might want to get your activity up before applying
  10. No one really cares about the script and the storytelling in an event, for most people they care about the map and whether the event is fair. If there is an issue with EMS making the times for the event, just teach TMODs to run them, like me. I am on for every 5:15 event so I can run / help run them, the way it is may result in people not getting promoted and leaving the server. The main thing I think EMS need to work on is making quick, balanced events. The main turnoff for most people is the wait time for an event. It would be nice if map dupes pretty much covered most of the map, just like the ship map dupe, if its a tdm then you can get the event setup in less than 5 mins solo. Instead of decreasing events, I think we should work on decreasing wait times for events from 10 mins down to 5 or whatever.
  11. Its fine the way it is in my opinion... now people may not be able to attend the one daily event when they could prieviously attend the 515 or 815, I personally don’t see an issue with the current system.
  12. Rhys

    Big Oof

    What happened to georgy?
  13. +1 This actually seems like a decent application, the event team needs ems at the moment and if elventeen does a shit job or abuses his powers he can just be demoted. Eleventeen has been around for a long time and knows how events run, with a slight attitude change I can easily see him on the event team.