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  1. I mean another issue is that there's a cringe rule loophole where if you have 2 sas officers once one crashes the heli the other one spawns one bypassing the 4 mins, making it really fucking annoying to stop them from defusing if they are dedicated enough to spam helis at the bomb
  2. - FailRP: If there is something you can't do in real life, you can't do it on the server (use common sense) I didnt know you can disable bombs or transmit information while being 10 metres away without a bomb defusal robot
  3. +1 did good as EM before and is active enough
  4. Theres nothing wrong with the current ones, models dont need to be flashy also you would want to suggest models from the pack the server uses, not a seperate pack. If you wanted a redesign just suggest changes to the bodygroups or changes to the camo type such as what happened to delta or 75th models.
  5. Imo if people wanna spawncamp fob this wont stop them, you are still going to have the advantage so as long as you are not shit at pvp you will get the kill. Also, spawncamping the ladder exists and thats about 5x as hard to counter compared to camping them in the room in my experience, rule doesnt do anything. +1
  6. My man really put in a submission after the date he set himself
  7. Now eleventeen make it into a stop motion movie
  8. None of the other sub factions get grenades with the exception of pla who get the flash grenade, it really isn't needed for AUS let alone ADF as none of the other factions get grenades. Also ADF, like pla ground forces, 45th Russians and whatever the UN 1st regi is get basic equipment, not explosives or grenades, for more advanced equipment you need to join the 2nd regiment of the sub faction anyway.
  9. I mean like why shouldn't they be able to hold a crowbar if they can hold guns
  10. It's a buff to medkits, just be a normal medic and be a team player, it takes no time at all if you and a medic heal each other, work with your team instead of using the medkit on yourself.
  11. -1 I mean like, seem a bit immature if you ask me, going around mic spamming everywhere doesnt make you look like a good staff candidate. Also in general you just dont seem mature enough yet also scenarios are answered correctly, could just be a little more fleshed out.
  12. +1Good guy, would be a good mod.
  13. +1 Unwanted was an excellent and valued member of the community and should be unbanned
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