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  1. Suggestion Name: Combat Knife Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Weapon Addon Pack (Optional): already on server Addon Pack File Size: already on server Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): All US have a knife as backup if they run out of ammo and they can’t reload so I think all US and tali should be given the combat knife by default. If that isn’t possible it would be nice if you could buy the combat knife as a secondary and equip it alongside 1 pistol. Screenshots (Optional):
  2. @Brad Pubble left so now it’s just me running the regi / faction. I am doing a mango later today where a I will tell them to stop killing US.
  3. I can say that since I have been in charge there seems to be less incidents between Spetsnaz and US In example #1 The officer in that situation was jake and I believe the operator is Lach (he killed lots of MPs) Both of these people are no longer in the regiment In example #2 I honestly do not know since it was probably when I wasnt on. This is unacceptable behaviour and I will try and find out who did it. In example #3 I believe this example was also of Lach but I am not 100% sure, I will try and find out. Example #4 is jake, again, he is no longer in the regiment. Most of these things have happened while jake was in charge, now that I am in charge I believe I have cracked down on the people who are behaving like this in the regiment. The thing I find most irritating about this is that all the new players who have done nothing wrong get shit on by the us for it and it gives spetsnaz a bad reputation of a mingey regiment because of peoples actions in the past. I would be completely open to a meeting with U.S. HC to try and resolve some of the issues brought about by people who are no longer in the regiment.
  4. Suggestion Name: Spetsnaz team chat Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): chat Addon Pack (Optional): n/a Addon Pack File Size: n/a Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): Currently US high command can see spetsnaz operator and officer team chat while spetsnaz operators can’t see officers team chat. Due to the fact spetsnaz is considered a faction and due to the fact we don’t have spetsnaz comms I would like it if high command could not look at our team chat and operator and officer chat to be combined so I can speak to spetsnaz through text no matter their rank without any US seeing it. It just seems a bit dumb that etho can se the messages I put in team chat but someone like yuri, a pfc can’t. If I want to say something to the other officer pubble without the lower ranking spetsnaz seeing it I would pm him, it seems like an inconvenience that there is no where ingame for all spetsnaz to talk over chat without US Seeing it. Screenshots (Optional): n/a
  5. In my opinion you were hacking, the fact that you got soo many headshots and the fact you used a t5000 on all maps even close range ones is kinda sus as is. I feel that this ban will encourage people not to hack in the future as it shows that staff are in fact doing something about hackers. You seem to never miss a headshot with your t5000 and you barely miss headshot across the map with assault rifles which is very very hard to pull off so you are either a absolute god or hacking. Finally in your appeal you try and say, why would I hack if I have put money and time into the server and in my opinion the answer is simple, you supposedly hacked because you thought you could get away with it since there are some pretty sus people on tali that haven’t been caught. You took advantage of the fact that BAC isn’t that great and you would only ever get kicked if you activated the anti cheat. That is just my opinion
  6. Suggestion Name: Being able to give money Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Money (idk) Addon Pack (Optional): n/a Addon Pack File Size: n/a Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): I feel like the al-Qaeda bandits are really useless at the moment due to the fact that you can’t give money, being able to give money would improve rp in some aspects such as being a corrupt mp and taking bribes. You should be able to give a max of $7500 every so often so people can’t give someone all their money ect. I can see why you aren’t able to give money at the moment but I feel like if there are some restrictions about how much you can give it could work
  7. I mean I have never been tked by malakand armoured, if you want to talk about tk complain about grenade launchers, I have seen people kill 5 us with 1 grenade...
  8. Flamethrower I understand but why would people join malakand if they arent joining because they donated and want to become armoured when they can be an isis/al-qaeda and get something useful at prophet+. Its not like we are the only regi with a mercenary class, sniper class and medic class.
  9. Suggestion Name: Flamethrower for Malakand Chief Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Weapon Addon Pack (Optional): Already on server Addon Pack File Size: N/A Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): I would like Malakand Chief to get a flamethrower because slams no longer represent malakand. Isis chief gets an rpg and al-qaeda chief gets darts while Malakand gets slams, something that you can get without donating in a class that isnt even in the regiment. I have spoken to the malakand commander and he agrees that slams are shit and should be replaced with the Flamethrower. Slams are some of the most useless pieces of shit because they teamkill more friendlies than US and have no practical use. Screenshots (Optional): N/A
  10. Close app il reapply if I become more active
  11. Suggestion Name: Dumbfire rpgs Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Weapon Addon Pack (Optional): N/A Addon Pack File Size: N/A Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): I feel like in close range events rpgs can be quite op, then can weave in and out of obstacles and go around corners. On home map they can chase a car until the isis cannot see the car anymore. I feel like this would be a good change as it would be a lot more fair. The rpg should not be a homing missile or a mortar it should be a rocket going in a straight line. Screenshots (Optional): N/A
  12. +1 bringing back prone would be good as it helps in combat and you can role play as a snake, both good things (also prone stacks)
  13. Rhys

    Lach report

    -1 there are a lot of ssgt son the server you dont have to,run into to run into the us base and yell at people who are ssgt+. Just say in OOC that someone needs to train the trainees. You shouldn’t of been in us base, shouldn’t of mic spammed. The job a ssgt is not to train, they are expected to train but it is not their job, CO’s JOB is the train go yell at the, not some ssgt you saw.
  14. Changing to a NEUTRAL as even though he is trustworthy, he can be a bit immature during events and other situations.
  15. While you were a good admin at times, I believe you should wait a bit more before re applying from a demotion from admin, you fucked up. I believe you need to increase your activity also. I will revisit my response when I get home from my holiday, but for now -1