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  1. CovaL

    ive fallen

    -1 Dragoul is a good player and cannot leave In all honesty though i know im late but good luck dude
  2. +1 When I played Levi was an excellent player and would always follow the rules -Lil Gucci
  3. CovaL

    My Time Has Come

    Holy fuck took me like 3 attempts to start this so here it is The server right now is in a terrible state. and has been for a while. The server is losing players for a while and 70% of those who join either mass rdm/minge or just never join back. The toxicity covering the server is also huge from both Tali and US. It's P2W and unless you sink most of your life to get a F2P experience you're just going to pay for a rank. Taliban are very inactive and when there are tali the RP experiences are close to none. When I did play I would get stressed out way to easily and that caused me to get burnt out just as easily. In theory this should be goodbye for a while if not forever Here are some few people that made my stay rememberable over the years: Canoon because he is pretty cool Asatru because he too is also pretty cool Ethan Shirley (Before he was banned) for mass promoting me in 75th Explosive (Before he was banned aswell) for being a good friend Mangolces because he was really nice Dragoul for allowing me to have autistic rants in OOC during events and many more that I can't remember Good bye y'all
  4. I like it Also, I would say use this PM mod as the ones you suggested either didn't have it or they looked... off https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=189078975
  5. So you want to add a regiment based off of a militia that ended 15 or 20 years before the taliban formed
  6. How about this everybody gets 50 HP and basically make it rising storm 2 up in here lmao
  7. And in 5 months he is gonna make his grand return
  8. That's kinda like saying that cops can't arrest people with warrants In real life, if somebody goes around murdering soldiers the army will identify the person doing it and set out a bounty on them happens all the time
  9. -1 You say you will change your behaviour and that you're sorry to the people you've annoyed and then you pull this shit in the forum chatroom
  10. Staff Report Template: Staff Members In-Game Name/Alias: Henry Staff Members SteamID: STEAM_0:0:440561463 Staff Members Teamspeak Name/Alias: N/A Staff Members TS UniqueID: N/A Where did this occur? Security Operations Discord Type of Report: Reason for Report: There was a picture of a BB gun in the discord so Henry asked where the person who posted the picture got it as they are difficult to get here. I said you can get BB guns that shoot gel balls and he proceeded to call me dumb and shortly after compared me to his friend 9-year-old sister and continuously calling me immature as seen in the pictures below. This is no way a staff member let alone an adult should be acting. Evidence: The rest is just Mirakk trying to defuse the situation (He was a witness aswell) Extra Comments: In the Pre-Requisites, it says "You must be calm and know how to handle stressful situations as a staff member you will get stressed, a lot." which clearly he has shown he couldn't stay calm as a non-staff member had to tell him to calm down.
  11. -1 I have seen you be quite the minge and if what Henry said is true I don't trust you with mod powers I will overlook the bad grammar as I know English isn't your first language though Edit: -100 CHILD FUCKING PORNOGRAPHY
  12. +/- I like the look of the application and you have quite a fair bit of mod experience though I do have some concerns 1) You only have a week of play time on this account (The one I'm assuming is the one you want mod on) 2) I don't know you very well (I will be keeping an eye out for you though!) 3) Matrix did mention you don't want to RP that much Best of luck and hope you get accepted!
  13. As much shit I give Taliban I honestly agree that their numbers are way to low for some actual roleplay outside of the US faction to take place and I remember when the server would have dozens upon dozens of players on at a time because the server was actually good then but like Dragoul said the owners don't listen to the community and the staff team doesn't care that the chiefs are inactive. I think the most active officers of tali I have seen is Dragoul (Not sure if he is not familiar with tali ranks) and Johnson and I think they are some of the main reasons Taliban haven't become a dead husk of its former self yet. I think that if they decide to add a system where new players can join as either US or Taliban trainees and have those sides actually train the new people accordingly Taliban could actually be active because the US doesn't advertise the perks of the Taliban or as a joinable faction as a whole. Well hope you enjoyed my rant just thought i would throw in my 2 cents
  14. +1 Don't know you very well but your application is nice and detailed and you have pretty good activity not to mention you also asked some staff for help with your application. Good luck hope you get it
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