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  1. goodbye lads, been a pleasure enjoying this server with you, love you all I am now in tokyo.
  2. Kane


    @Quickhell i want snr elder too man
  3. +1 Snake has been on a power trip lately, I have seen him abuse administrative powers on the server and as well as the discord. Bongo should not have banned for this.
  4. goog bye degu sorry for the diss
  5. video0 (1).mp4 after a night in akl G
  6. thanks mate im gonna bash ur misso now
  7. Ban Appeal Template: Discord ID (name#2003): Kxne#4121 Discord alias/rank: Kane Teamspeak UniqueID: Teamspeak alias/rank: What happened in your perspective?: got muted, left then join back ban. Why should we unban you?: Ian said he would Evidence in your favor (Optional):
  8. Kane

    holy shit

    wat can do
  9. +1 nice fella and he works in the construction industry so you can tell he's a hard working bloke and will give his 100 percent to the role of moderator.
  10. A true king, good luck with ya future much love bro
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