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  1. +1 I understand what hxtp is going through after suffering a ban similar to his, both Rito and Hxtp were being childish and the situation got out of hand. Hxtp has shown me he has changed and is remorseful of his actions. Hxtp had no intention of hurting Rito and wishes for a chance to rejoin the server, It's been long. enough #freehxtp
  2. +1 I too like to play my own music before I get rudely interrupted by invis badmins but it brings a good vibe to certain situations and if the music is used with a soundboard it sounds good and shouldn't be considered mic spam.
  3. you only m27 if models get fixed
  4. Kane

    8 ball

  5. +1 good bloke, the least you could do is give him a shot p.s. turn down your fov next time
  6. +1 cool feature bring it back
  7. He called me out for crouch jumping and i don't think i can ever forgive him but at least change the models for this bloke
  8. +1 the Golden Honey Badger is more fucked than this photo of Mikey T
  9. only thing i'd change about the aug is the ammo
  10. +1 top cunt. massive cock, best RPer on server
  11. Looks Familiar... @An Spoon
  12. +1 not a clown, good bloke, deserves the position
  13. Could you please link me the movie you have recreated
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