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  1. who tf is dissing the malteasers
  2. Kane

    unban appeal

    +1 As witness to this situation I met both @Kazi :( and Leon at the front gate of Taliban base with Boss. After their PTE was granted both kazi and Leon were allowed into ISIS bunks for the discussion about kazis transfer back to our regiment. During this jdy constantly disrupted the discussion and blatantly disobeyed orders from both myself and boss. The execution of jdy was valid for his insubordination and boss should not be facing a 1 week ban for such.
  3. ello should russ 1v1 me in csgo thang u good day
  4. Kane

    1v1 russ in csgo

    well im the monkey for sure
  5. Kane

    1v1 russ in csgo

    I challenge @Russ to a 1v1 in csgo if he is to win I will leave forever if I am to win he must step down from EM. I await your response.
  6. Ban Appeal Template: Discord ID (name#2003): kane#7661 Discord alias/rank: What happened in your perspective?: staff diss like last year when everyone was getting com banned. Why should we unban you?: talked to views about it i promise not to do again Evidence in your favor (Optional):
  7. goodbye lads, been a pleasure enjoying this server with you, love you all I am now in tokyo.
  8. Kane


    @Quickhell i want snr elder too man
  9. +1 Snake has been on a power trip lately, I have seen him abuse administrative powers on the server and as well as the discord. Bongo should not have banned for this.
  10. goog bye degu sorry for the diss
  11. video0 (1).mp4 after a night in akl G
  12. thanks mate im gonna bash ur misso now
  13. Ban Appeal Template: Discord ID (name#2003): Kxne#4121 Discord alias/rank: Kane Teamspeak UniqueID: Teamspeak alias/rank: What happened in your perspective?: got muted, left then join back ban. Why should we unban you?: Ian said he would Evidence in your favor (Optional):
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