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  1. SteamID: STEAM_1:0:164696641 In-game alias/rank: Kane NTS Who banned you?: Fosbury (supervised by matrix) Ban Reason: MassTK, Blew up truck full of civilians to kill a singular US Soldier Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): 1 week Why should we unban you?: So, I went to jihad a truck full of soldiers. About 4-5 of them were sitting in the back so I jihaded the truck with the intent to kill the US soldiers. In the act of jihading, the truck driver Matrix drove the car towards some other vehicles which caused the cars around me to explode. Resulting in killing nearby Taliban and US. I believe a complete unban is appropriate due to the time already served (3 days, going on 4). I was also informed by a senior admin that Fosbury had read the logs incorrectly as one person died to the jihad explosion whereas the others were killed via car explosions. Evidence in your favour (Optional): During the predicament, the only evidence I have is Dean, a witness. Although he has no hard evidence, he was in the truck when it was jihaded.
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  4. F To Pay Respects ;(
  5. Could not agree more with what you just said trof
  6. -1 Ronic brother I know this is your first time applying but I think you need more hours played and continue to get known in the server (for the right reasons of course.) Also some fixes here and there and this application would be better
  7. I could clearly see that you were causing havoc in ooc so staff gave you the standard punishment. Like the others have said come back with a better attitude or don't...
  8. henlo but also goodbye 😕
  9. Wonder why his dad needed the computer for a day
  10. good man dont give him defibs tho :0
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  13. +1 good man, Helping Al-q get back on its feet he'd be good for the job