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  1. A true king, good luck with ya future much love bro
  2. Kane


    i will react if u give me beijing
  3. Kane

    go to fruit beer

    what is this monstrosity @Deston
  4. usually just cop a pack of these every once and a while
  5. funniest cunt, gonna miss u smelly
  6. +1 Hxtp has worked tirelessly to once again rejoin the server and I commend him for his actions. I have spent many hours in a voice chat with hxtp and other members within the CG community and they all can vouch for how remorseful he is of his actions and how he has changed his behaviour. Hxtp has also discontinued his HvHing days and has never cheated on the server but I respect his decision to have his PC searched. Overall, the man regrets his actions and I believe he should be given another chance. Shook ones
  7. I get the chicken cashew nut, the honey sesame chicken and a lipton ice tea
  8. My advice is go play warzone they have those kinda parachute mechanics.
  9. Kane


    shut up deston
  10. Kane

    Go to woolies order

    perfect for when you're on the caps
  11. Kane

    Go to woolies order

    at this one woolies I go to they have a hot food section, i order the six pagg of hot chiggen wing and blue v and then some chibs
  12. Alright, here is another one this time its ya go to sub way order mine is a chicken teriyaki foot long on white or Italian herbs and cheese (depends what they have) then I add mozzarella cheese have it toasted then add carrot lettuce and spinach. I then add sweet onion sauce finish off with salt and pepper and usually snag a few cookies and a lemon ice tea
  13. i had it once at the airport, do not remember my order but it was yum
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