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  1. Grand General Adi DECLARES WAR on ANY creates that DARE to have wings and FLY because the more they FLY there faster they ESCAPE from ALLAH
  2. Yeah, nah, there is no problem having exceptions in cases where the community wants a player unbanned, even in real laws and courts within Australia and New Zealand, that are normally extremely consistent special exceptions can and have been made before. And I will argue that other hackers have been unbanned before as well as players that affected the community far worse than simple hacking has. And as you stated "Different values on different matters" is why this should be dealt on a case by case basis instead of just using blanket bans. A player that is perm banned for hacking, MRDM'ing, yelling slurs and death threats shouldn't be treated the same as someone that hacked, was banned and reapplied after a few months without major incident. Consistency is nice, but I'd much rather have unbans based on the community thinks is right rather than just denying all apps of that type. (Sorry for any grammatically errors, I've very tired, over worked and half sleep as I write this up)
  3. Yeah nah, we've also decided to unban some players that have got perms for other shit, while denying players that did the same thing, this should really be dealt with on a case by case instead of just treating it all the same someone who cheated and spammed offensive material at staff shouldn't be treated the same as someone that cheated and is genuinely sorry
  4. I have talked to Allah and we have both decided they are not allowed no more
  5. Was fun having you on CG. Sad to see you leave, but we all have a time to go, may Allah be with you, and forever in your grace. Long live da CG queen!
  6. Sadly, even this compromise is a bit sided, as the taliban, unless they want to use the slower, more cumbersome trucks would be at a disadvantage, our utility truck and car that are mostly used have about 1/2 of the health of the US Humvee (its like this because the tali car is a little quicker I believe), in about half a mag you can get a taliban car to smoke while it can take 1-2 mags to make a US humvee smoke, making it harder to fearRP any factions that have humvees... so all sides but taliban.. A way around this, I could see, is maybe making it only specific regiments can fearRP people out of vehicles, E.g Taliban's Al-qaeda and US's security Ops could fearRP people in cars while regular regiments wouldn't be at skilled at convincing people to get out of the safety of the cars, I know a lot of people will dislike this idea, but really think about, taliban Al-q job is to kidnap and Security Operations job is to arrest, it would be only natural for those regiments to have the linguistic ability to convince someone to leave their vehicle
  7. It saddens me that so many players don't want to see isaiah unbanned. He has proven that he is truly sorry. He can't take back what he has done, but he can rewrite it with good memories. Hopefully, higher staff will be able to understand that. “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” -Mahatma Gandhi
  8. Clearly you haven't been playing the server long enough, majority of my men who capture people is fearRPing them out of cars when US decide to stand stationary in their cars when talking to people, the only times its used to kill people are if they are a direct threat to something the taliban are doing The problem with argument, is people are given the option to join US or Taliban when joining the server. Second problem is, the skill level isn't always the same, its not NBA professionals vs high school kids, the NBA professionals are mixed in between both teams, both major factions have very high skill players, its just due to the numbers the US have that their high skill players make up a less percent than compared to taliban. US also have people that are able to be skilled pilots and players, you aren't naturally born good, you have to put in commitment to becoming good at flying helis or PVP, its just US don't seem to want to do that, while I do see some people try, I've not really seen SAS train a single one of their pilots outside of first joining the regiment. And yes, you are the US forces, expect to get new players as everyone wants to be the hero, your officers should be prepared for new players and be teaching them, like marines already do.
  9. pretty sure the what you said was If your suggestion was to be added, It'd tip the server majorly in US favour as fearRP out of vehicles is the main way of capturing US. The LAV has a large but not giant pool of health and it would assist US majorly in raids, as taliban don't always have members that have explosives such as the RPG equipped, its more common for jihads or grenades which you have to A.) Be close or B.) Hope they don't move out the way and taliban don't get the luxury of focusing on one car, its most commonly, a Hummer, then a LAV, followed by a blackhawk, meaning we have to focus on the LAV and the blackhawk which are high HP vehicles, being unable to break the LAV tyres would make it an even stronger raiding vehicle, tipping raids in US side. Let move onto the other issues you mention in this, US can do something, if checkpoint is full of taliban LEAVE OUT THE OTHER EXIT all bases normally have two exits, you can leave out the other one, people like kruuze, and yapopey and other officers do this to avoid conflict. and you speak as if the taliban helicopter was doing more damage than the US one, it isn't, US just doesn't have any good pilots. MooMooCow aka Pingas is a really good pilot, and when going to the US side I've seen him pull off 60+ kill bounties and strike the same fear the US feel when they see a taliban helicopter, there isn't a mis-balance in gear and US don't need more things to help them, the only unbalance is the unbalance of skilled players, more skilled players enter taliban then they do US, thats why it feels like its unbalanced, not because it is but because of skill level difference. if you wanted these things added, you'd see way less taliban players than there already is. There isn't a way to fix skill unbalance unless you want feral to open a second server for high skill players TLDR; The server is fine as it is, there is no need for a rebalance, the only unbalance is skill level between players.
  10. +1 isaiahh is a good lad, he deserves to be unbanned, we've unbanned worse in the past
  11. No, This is how it is in real life. If you leave the base you run the risk of being shot. This is the reason why US vehicles have more HP, for this exact reason. Making Taliban not able to fear RP would make insurgent extremely over powered, with its large HP pool If you don't want to die instantly, learn situational awareness (Speak to kruuze or nomad to help you for that) and use your equipment (Blackhawk, attack heli, large HP pool trucks and smaller HP hummers) if you make wheels unbreakable, it'll make stopping raids a lot harder, the US lav will become a pain if there are no explosives on
  12. +1 Silenced, over the last couple weeks, I've watched you and how you conduct yourself in your regiment, some people pointed out that you can some times be mingy, and I won't deny it, BUT you have proven yourself more than capable for the position, you understand when to talk and when to listen (I and some others could learn a thing or two from you on that), you stick to your guns, even when its your friends, you don't back down or treat them differently when they are being troublesome or naughty, you are stubborn when you know you're in the right and you've always backed down after being proven wrong, and apologized, I've only ever heard good things about you, and after getting to know you more the last couple weeks, I'm more than sure you'd make a great staff member, I'm sure you could even rival people like Zynix and Canoon with how good you'd be in the staff team. To sum it all up. You are respectful. You'd fit into the staff team perfectly and, given time, will shape it to the better, Its silly that you even need to apply with how well you conduct yourself. I hope, this coming week or the next, that we see you in the staff team. Allah bless you, you crazy son of a bitch and change the community for the better o7.
  13. -1 No. There is no need for a nerf, the heli is fine as it stands and rewards people that know how to use their vehicle. And of your other comment, a large amount of the people that collect high heli bounties are people like pingas, who knows his vehicle and has put countless hours into mastering his ability to use it, and when he switches over to US, has also got 30-40 kill bounties in the SAS heli. The helis are fine, you just need to train your pilots to not suck
  14. "And so the Map developer, who had cheated feral in the MilRP Server outside Gmod, cheated Feral once again, and the Gmod MilRP server was forever changed. The New US army privates celebrated their second victory at Gm_thread, establishing definitive control over the entire Map. Soon after, they negotiated terms to annex Highlands, Registan, and many surrounding communities. The Gmod, at long last, had entirely fallen under the the new players banner thanks to the Map Developer" Even if I was mean to you, cursed you out and generally annoying to you, you were my friend. Goodbye mundy, may you change the next community you join in an even more positive way than you did here, Your friend Aqui Mandal/Miller. o7
  15. Was a blast having you deeth, Even through me and you didn't talk much during my time in taliban, you seemed like a very genuine and nice person. Thanks for making taliban very poggers, Will miss your leadership and being hit with crowbar xoxo
  16. No you monkey PLA deserve nothing but the butter gun
  17. -1 Please stop giving feral ideas on how to add more donator products
  19. is this a cry for help
  20. Suggestion Name: Add more pistols to buy menu. Suggestion Type: Weapon Addon Pack (Optional): CW2.0 (base pack, already on server) Reason: On CG, on the server, we have 3 perfectly good pistol not being used, that I'd hopefully like to see added, these weapons are such: khr_p226 khr_tokarev cw_m1911 (most likely wouldn't end up being a buyable and would Go to US officers but would be nice to have) khr_ots33 Obviously they will require stat changes but I'd like to see more options than just glock and bloodhound for weapons of the pistol type these are already on the server, I don't know how hard it would be to add them but I'd like to see more pistols on the server. (also surely add the cw_g3a3 for us mr feral and badger its already on server)
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