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  1. Miller

    a poem by demonic

    is this a cry for help
  2. Suggestion Name: Add more pistols to buy menu. Suggestion Type: Weapon Addon Pack (Optional): CW2.0 (base pack, already on server) Reason: On CG, on the server, we have 3 perfectly good pistol not being used, that I'd hopefully like to see added, these weapons are such: khr_p226 khr_tokarev cw_m1911 (most likely wouldn't end up being a buyable and would Go to US officers but would be nice to have) khr_ots33 Obviously they will require stat changes but I'd like to see more options than just glock and bloodhound for weapons of the pistol type these are already on the server, I don't know how hard it would be to add them but I'd like to see more pistols on the server. (also surely add the cw_g3a3 for us mr feral and badger its already on server)
  3. These are base stats, to chuck in attachments to counter its downside is another 7,000$ followed by 21,000$ more should you want the handle, compensator and heavy stock. I shouldn't be needing to spend 78,000$ just to have a gun that is not comparable to other guns of its nature that are better even without attachments that will cost less or the same amount and preform better and with magnum the damage is still a 4 shot kill if they have armour, the IA2 will kill a player with armour in the same amount of bullets, should a player have no armour it will 3 shot... but so will the IA2.. the IA2's recoil also drops with attachments (by 10% I believe), leaving the guns far too close to the M8A7
  4. Suggestion Name: UnFuck the M8A7 Suggestion Type: Weapon change Addon Pack: Prestige weapons Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): The M8A7, on release was a very strong weapon that rewarded fast reaction and fast finger skills (and some naughty Marines people using auto clickers) and was deserving of a nerf but no one this strong, the M8A7 is currently worse than that IA2 which is a level 56 weapon.. please for the love of god just raise its fire rate again or make it 3 round burst. Screenshots (Optional):
  5. may Allah forever be in your favour
  6. +1 I've read through this, this (in my opinion) shouldn't have been a ban, I've ran neutrals over with the UN car before as its very clunky and has tank controls, its easy mistake to make, and if everyone apologises it really shouldn't have been an issue. Also no clue what crack senior staff is smoking but crossfire is defined as the action of intending to kill an enemy and accidentally killing a friendly or neutral (While I was not involved I'm gonna draw a very rough sketch of how this can happen)
  7. Suggestion Name: Dartgun change Suggestion Type: Weapon Change Addon Pack: N/A Addon Pack File Size: N/A Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): There is two things I'd like, not both as it'd make it too strong, but one or the other will do. 1.) Auto Equip dart gun or 2.) Boost how long the effect lasts Currently, the dart gun can do one thing, slow enemies down, the damage is not high enough to kill in a single or sometimes even in two darts (Most Assasin's and marines can vouch for this) Its also the only gun without a crosshair, you need to download your own, its bullet tend to go slightly right the further you are from the target (I.e, if I'm 5m away, I can expect it to go 1cm from where the crosshair is), it also has a bad habit of misinformation, see I use a custom hit marker and may times hear the ding of hitting someone with my dart gun, just to charge out to be shoot by a non-darted person (Anyone can use it can back that up) As it stands, its too weak to give up for a primary weapon, only really useful for slowing down juggs, and after its nerf, its not even good at that unless there is multiple with it. Its not meant to be this weak, but due to players feeding feral misinfo, it was buffed too much then nerfed into the floor and down into hell. TDLR: Dart gun was nerfed till its not even good unless you are memeing, should be Auto equipped or do more damage or long amount of time (NOT BOTH BUFFS JUST 1) Screenshots (Optional):
  8. +1 As former US officer of 75th and currently taliban boy I can say with both these views its a good idea, it has the chance to improve player to player interaction, raise the amount of RP done as US fear being shot less and is overall a good idea. obviously we would have to trial it to make sure and iron some bugs out
  9. Yes please change how it is run i am targetted for who I am
  10. Germany promised to not start another war yet in 1939 invaded poland -- Just because its unlikely doesn't mean it can't happen, hopefully the new head staff will have a open mind and not be a yes man
  11. -1 While this addon is small and neat I could see it easily causing issues Some props and other things have strange hit boxes that could raise/block player vaults, you could likely use it to get to cheat spots/places EMs blocked off, its a nice thought but unlikely to fit the server
  12. +1 This is his 3rd ban appeal and his a nice guy, no fake ass thats gonna minge makes 3 ban appeals just unban him already, his ban is older than some CG players age.
  13. Reply to this topic......
  14. Miller

    Im chef now

    Thanks everyone i am one of the TalibAn rmy chefs now as everyone knoiws its the most imporatntat postition in the whole server
  15. +1 I'm hoping with the change in head admin this get accepted, you've been gone a while, You've matured and learned better as you acknowledge in your post, if you're a bad boy you'll get kicked back out, with honest appeals like this I don't understand any reason to deny them, but I guess some people can't let go. so, yea, +1, unban this egg
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