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  1. Hello i left CG six (6) months ago, I played CG for a total of Two (2) years, 103 Days, 5 hours, 26 minutes. mental. ok thats all, send me very cool message to learn about my lego collection on nintendo
  2. Hello, I love colossal gaming, colossal gamikng is my life, i would die for my colossal gamers, but I have been getting a bit bored lately as the sole player of the server, its normally just me against the AI which isn't very fun because I cannot raid bases as no one is online, I think the flop the clue update woudl increase players so I can have maybe 4 or 5 other players to play with, currently its just me and the AI and its starting to get a little boring
  3. Miller

    ok so

    would you rather 1.) Unlimited bacon, but no games 2.) Games, Unlimited games, but no games
  4. would you rather 1.) Unlimited bacon, but no games 2.) Games, Unlimited games, but no games
  5. Miller

    Back Again

    staff meetings no longer a thing, i approve of this tho, someone unban him thx
  6. You and adam helped me unlock my true extremist, xoxo
  7. traps are gay liking a trap is gay liking a trap you think is a girl is not gay
  8. hello i have secretly been on an alt on the server just wanted to let you know
  9. Miller

    hello admins

    lyrics to arab song
  10. Miller

    hello admins

    i love when you delete my obvious shitpost but you leave up other peoples just because you like them, i love favouritism, it is a great system
  11. Big Momma's House 3 vote
  12. -1 snake don't do this to yourself
  13. Hello yes, since everyone is making one i want to make one two if you did not already realize, i have not been on CG for about 2 months now. I don't really play anymore but I wanted to join gang and make post too @Adam Walker very handsome, yallah yallah yallah هزيمة إسرائيل @Linus very cool because he hates israel @Feralswan thanks for feet pics @Asatru real G, first person to warn me and made me stay in CG for a while @silenced Very sexy, understands the minecraft lore @Yapopey repeat above but remove sexy part @Erik Fox mmmm more tarkov pls bbay @Shade hazbin hoggu @Dark you can have head furry ambassador of CG because i left @faruq make a form account so i can @ you please uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fucking if i didn't mention you its becasue i forgot im still in the discord if you really need me but i unistall gmod long ago to play foxhole and tarkov
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