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    ok razi
  2. -1/+1 This idea was actaully being made a while back by one of the devs but was cancelled, its probably not going to be added
  3. [Enjoy it while you can] While I can't speak for everyone, I personally like school, as its where you meet a lot of your friends, and yeah, work, homework, tests and such can be stressful, but most miss it, the adult world is a lot less forgiving than school is, enjoy the little things, enjoy hanging out with your friends in school, enjoy the breaks, enjoy the laughs in class, even if they are rare, enjoy not having to pay rent or go to work every day to be yelled at by a Karen. to sum it up, enjoy school while it lasts as once you get out, the world is a much harder and wilder ride, where meeting friends is a lot harder. And don't stress too hard over school work, it'll ruin your vibe and make it harder. [But I'm just a kid so what do I know?]
  4. +1 there is with no doubt in my mind that I say you will get approved, you are a star of the community, one of the ones, if we had the option, to represent us, godspeed you magnificent bastard.
  5. - .... . / - .... .. .-. -.. / .-.. .. -. -.- / .. ... / -- -.-- / .- .--. .--. @Asatru this is my app,
  6. I've mentioned it before around senior staff and none of them have said that its not suppose to do that, and If it was to lose its poison effect and trade it for blindness, I wouldn't mind but I think some marines might
  7. This could also work, but you see, the reason I like the blind aspect is because, in the last 7 days, US have broke fearRP 10~15 times (including a 2LT and officer) Edit: I wouldn't even mind if feral added a rule saying that blindness cannot be used for combat
  8. While I like this idea, I do prefer to do damage as it is a counter to shields (penetrates shields)
  9. Suggestion Name: Dart gun (for non-combat uses) Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Regiment Weapon Addon Pack (Optional): On server Addon Pack File Size: N/A Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): Bascally, the dart gun, has three features, poison, blindness and mute, currently on the server, 2 of the features are disabled but I think blindness should be added back, this would make the dart gun more useful for taliban when kidnapping other factions. (example would be: Assassin blinds US and then a al-q handcuffs him) This could also possibly come with a rule like: Blinded players have to obey fearRP even if they have a weapon drawn as they would not be able to use it Edit: I wouldn't even mind if feral added a rule saying that blindness cannot be used for combat.
  10. Its a gun, not equipment, handcuffs is equipment, guns are not all guns like things: RPG, Dart gun and LMG are not equipment things that are equipment/gadgets: medkits, handcuffs and defibs
  11. -1 / +1 You're not a bad bloke, its just, you can be a wee bit toxic at times, you've gotten far better from what you use to be, but it's still not the best. if you focused on trying not to be as toxic, you could probably make a decent member of the staff team, maybe try some calming yoga before getting on CG? or playing some nice calm music.
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