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  1. Miller

    Thanks US

    Just side with taliban
  2. +1 This should have never been changed, there was no need to change it, if players want to spawn at FOB and get killed that is a choice you make the FOB should always be able to be spawn camped, that is an optional spawn location not someones bunks, there is literally no reason to protect it, you have to fight to keep FOB, by making FOB have a safe space where you can't be spawn camped, it ruins the main challenge of keeping FOB, which was getting killed on spawn. #SpawnCampFOB
  3. Miller


    +1 It doesn't take a genius to see it was a stray, you see dragoul in the background, you see the person recording fall then you see the person he was actually fighting fall soon after, honest mistake, it happens to the best of us. (added quick drawing to show how easy it was for this to happen)
  4. Miller

    8 ball

    Lets play 8 ball
  5. Miller


    Lets play 8 ball
  6. +1 [Got on forums just to +1 this] the grenade launcher used in game is most similar to M32 grenade launcher/Milkor MGL used by many branches of the military but largely by the marines, this weapon is normally used with HE rounds and at 100+ meters (330~ ft) This because it is a very lethal weapon that, if landing near you would 100% kill you, there is not butts or ifs, if it lands right in front of you it should kill you, rather the explosion or the shrapnel, this shouldn't just leave a player on 25 HP, should kill anyone within 5 meters (16 ft) of the explosion area. TL;DR: Boom stick kill people that close to it Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milkor_MGL
  7. I will still sometimes talk in the discord but I won't really play the server that often, maybe once or twice every 2 weeks
  8. +1 The rules aren't always updated fully when a update comes out and small stuff like this slips through, obviously this should and most likely will be changed as Its frankly ridiculous.
  9. -1 broke the law broke discord ToS broke discord server rules
  10. I think best cause of action would to just appeal them all at once No, but seriously, give it a shot at finding it
  11. Hi razi, would you care to show us the warn?thanks
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