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  1. hi i've seen footage of m2 flame throwers being used in ww2 funny thing the stuff sticks to clothes a bandage won't stop the fire but it does anyway, because feral doesn't care what is "logical" or "realistic"
  2. "You did good, son, damn good, but now, its time to rest." Keep your head up king, we will miss you! 07
  3. +1 I've talked with you many times before and after ban, you were mostly professional and friendly, after your ban you showed genuine feelings of remorse that you hacked, and apologised for it, even while banned you stayed in the discords and positively impacted the community, if anyone deserves an unban, its this man.
  4. +1 I'm unsure about this one, In my experience, you were fairly toxic towards me, last words you said to me before your ban was "I'll fucking destroy you in pvp" before being perm banned for hacking, but... people change, in 2 years, the world and everyone in it has changed so much, I think its time you were allowed to return, but I'd suggest a similar system to other cheaters have faced. (2 strikes, 1st is a week ban, 2nd is a perm) “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” -Mahatma Gandhi
  6. +1 This CHAD of a viking man has done the work of a dev team by himself and still doesn't have developer
  7. +1 Most of this was in the moment, and people found it funny. Don't think Gab did this on purpose and even if he did, several other taliban and Aus did similar acts (e.g bombing a group of taliban to kill 2 US and throwing gas into a room full of civs, neutrals and allies)
  8. GL sucks ass last time I checked, and I agree with laza on this, US and Tali are meant to be exact copies of each other with small differences, as a reward to getting to NTS+ taliban get a jihad, as a reward to getting to 1LT+ US should get grenades
  9. Miller

    Furdy 2

    Hamad added as option now
  10. +1 As an ex mod, when I was a moderator I would often find myself running events, as a trial-mod I ran both an 8:15 and 2:15, these events were lower standard than normal as I'd never run an event before, luckily, after this, I happened to be on when trial-EMs were being trained and was brought in and also given EM training, this allowed me to, when needed, do events that were "up to code", my ability to make events went up a lot, as did any mods that got EM training, I +1 this as I believe EM training is something mods should receive. before I see any -1 saying "that would make no sense, why even have EMs" shut the fuck up it is vital that mods are given EM training as there won't always be an EM to hold their hand walk them through it I would write more on this but I have a headache, you get my point anyway
  11. Miller


    high talk for a man that believes he will get to walk the rainbow road
  12. Miller

    CG people folk

    What happening not been on server very long time, been working, what hapen
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