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  1. hasn't been admin on enough servers +1
  2. SteamID:STEAM_0:0:448387843 In-game alias/rank: Chief of staff Grand General Adi Who banned you?: Snake I think Ban Reason: Trolling Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): 1 hour, 52 minutes What happened?: I trolled deeth and gave him a faulty strip bind, I am very sorry, my chiefs need me to do tryouts can I please be unbanned, thank you Why should we unban you?: Please. Evidence in your favor (Optional):
  3. make it WO+ and you got yourself a deal
  4. +1 I majorly support this, it would help freshen up the server and rebalancing all weapons would be a nice change. lets cover some points of people whining about level reset 1.) I wanna keep my levels Yea well I wanted to keep level 1845 last level reset but I didn't. You get over level resets pretty quickly and they help everyone on the server be on a equal level, if someone is prestige 20, level 600 and someone else is prestige 20 level 2, at level reset, they will now be equal, its nice for balance and to get the experience of leveling up again, giving you something to do. "To Stay in the past or the present is to miss the future"
  5. If you pinky promise not to shoot the GOA again, maybe we can make it happen
  6. I've jihaded 5+ US during neutral time by accident and wasn't warned. bring my man bilbo back
  7. yea like the one but a bit bigger and more things
  8. the one with the things you know the one with the places and the things and the stuff and the grass and the sand and stuff, yea that one
  9. I am very bored of registan not that it is a bad map but it is the home land on Grand General Adi and he has seen it tooo many times
  10. I changed my mind i will only accept 65%+
  11. i will even accept 65%
  12. +1 Xhenoa is our local gun expert, literally just follow what ever he says
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