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  1. +1 I know what server you are talking about here and i agree
  2. Jake nomad = biggest gay
  3. Holy shit this is the best thing ive ever seen
  4. Honestly, I dont really see anything new here. I mean its not bad. But its not different. Thats what we need
  5. I believe that this is an ongoing issue that is obviously going no where. It would be smart if it ended here due to the fact that there are too many "he said" and "he did" comments. I believe that Joel's intentions weren't to directly single you out and make it inconvenient to you. This isn't to say it couldn't of be handled it in a different manner. At the end of the day it is up to canoon and Views as to how this staff report is going to be handled. This thread is going on and on for no reason.
  6. When you fishing for Rep on the forums xD
  7. Matrix


    What is a 75th
  8. Matrix


    Literally more like Lindy: Inactive Other officers: Who?
  9. This is no place for arguments gentlemen. We are simply trying to resolve an issue that has arisen. Joel has made his statement and now canoon will decide what happens with the staff report.
  10. Also Joel is an EM and it isnt his top priority to promote you.
  11. I believe there could be potential, keen to see what you can show the staff team!
  12. Matrix

    Tf wrong with yall

    old forums were so lit
  13. so if i donate for someone, i get double in steam money? xD