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  1. i still dont have a clue who this man is
  2. I have seen you get in many altercations with players when you played. Correct me if im wrong but you and yuri were the ones giving me shit for getting mod. Also you dont even play on the server anymore. These are not the values that we usually look for when giving this rank. Its generally given to players who are respected by the whole staff team and have been playing for a long time. for now its a -1 until i see improvement.
  3. EESH, Really? If this is true i believe that ur chances just dropped significantly im affraid. For obvious reeasons. -1
  4. Not being known because someone is taliban is the exact reason why i belive you are still waaaay too new to get respected. I struggle to see you successfully RP on the server and dont believe you try to be known enough to be at that level of respected. Respected takes alot to be given, trying to get it after only 350 hours is a little silly imo.
  5. Pfff no its not, its just nostalgiaaaaaaaaa
  6. Im with asatru on this one. I have seen you around a little bit in game. But as he said it would be a good idea to get to know the community. Also the only problem i have encountered with you is that you dont really seem to want to RP much. And as a moderator that is important that you enforce things like that. But you havent been playing too long so there is plenty of time for improvement. Looking forward to it! -/+
  7. Matrix


    oh dear
  8. Welcome back, See you on the server!
  9. I wasnt referencing that. But good to see you apologising. Best of luck
  10. I like the shawshank reference, and also +1 because we dont usually perma ban for things anymore. Looking forward to canoons response. Remember "salvation lies within" 😉 Goodluck
  11. Sorry for the confusion, Im saying that we are always on the lookout so be on your best behaviour 😉
  12. Looking forward to seeing how you can prove yourself to the staff team in a good way.
  13. having extra HP is kinda ruining the feeling we had where 1 skilled soldier could take down multiple just because they are good. Now it makes it more difficult because everyone takes more shots to kill so that individual skill is gone. +1