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  1. Some of the things you said werent 100% truthful, You didnt play for 2-3 years strait. Things like that dont make your appeal look too good. That being said i would still like to see you back
  2. +1 Best app, this man deserves owner
  3. Aye mate, relax, we dont have to read your application. Its not up to us to tell u to fix your application, Walter could of just -1'd with no criticism. Having attitude like that aint going to get you anywhere mate.
  4. This topic has now been addressed and he knows better for next time. 🙂
  5. Honestly, your application is great and super detailed. But we have so many staff members at the moment that its becoming ridiculous. That being said, i would still like to see you as a staff member. +1
  6. Like said above, I don't really think banning someone who is a very well known and respected player for 10 months is going to go down well. I would recommend that you re do your Application PROPERLY and take some time to think about your answers properly
  7. -/+ App is pretty strange
  8. I think your event crafting is quite creative and interesting. Looking forward to how you can present yourself in game
  9. ACCEPTED Please message me in game or in discord
  10. is that mundy?
  11. In the team at the moment, we have had heaps of problems with a lack of time and Quality events. But this roots from the problem of having to rush events. If you do get event master, what could you bring to the table if you had the time to make a decent event.
  12. RP name: JoHnSoN Discord: Johnson1251 Rank: 4headchiefoflof Skittles
  13. uhhhh wat. Im not sure whether or not this is a joke or a genuine application. If so, -1 from me mate.