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  1. Well stated. Alot of this requires heaps of time and effort on behalf of the developer team. The server is constantly trying to make improvements but at the same time keeping everyone happy. The raid times were decided based off of trial and error throughout the years. But everything can always be improved and we encourage players to make suggestions like these.
  2. peak hours or not. Doing stuff like this with your q menu is unacceptable. And you havent even got staff yet. Imagine what can be done if you do get it. Down time is not an official thing anymore.
  3. what is this sorcery
  4. i get its a new year, and a time for forgiveness and all that jazz. But if you were unbanned, and given another chance. Why would we unban a person who throws our good deed back in our face?
  5. Taliban is good. This is the way
  6. +1 would be good to see you back on the server again as you were a good addition to this community
  7. Your Ban Appeal Has Been ACCEPTED However if you receive another ban worthy offence within your next 50 HOURS of playtime you will be permanently banned.
  8. @Complex Link Please provide your Steam ID.
  9. -1 I believe your attitude towards current staff, and also towards your fellow players is sub par and is not what is expected from a moderator. Due to this i believe you would be unfit for the position
  10. Matrix

    Jye App

    Was just about to ask for this, Please provide a few reasons why we should still accept you. Also, you said you were an 8 in regards to being known. i have 0 clue who you are.
  11. If this is a real application, you need to improve your effort and quality. It looks like this took you 5 minutes to write.
  12. You cant just chuck a massie multiple times and then say your sorry and get unbanned. You knew what you were doing and this is why i think u should just take the punishment you earned
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