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  1. The star wars RP was fun as fuck, but for the wrong reasons. It was only fun when doing the complete opposite of what was supposed to be done (Like playing chess during a debrief) (Watching ASMR at 1 in the morning on the tv's with the bois). I feel as if we bring it back it should be done the right way. The staff on the server were super useless and abusive,
  2. Pilots arent given parachutes because it stops them from ditching the helicopter, forcing realism and RP
  3. +1, Would give a more realistic and "cautious" approach to pvp and sort of slow it down and make it feel more real.
  4. Ill make sure to keep my eye out for you ingame, but for now good luck mate!
  5. As Asatru hinted, being "admin" on a regi discord server that is played and created by users of the server. It was relating to Official servers. Basically if you don't attend a staff meeting you are not staff. Also a few grammar and spelling errors, don't be lazy with the app, We look at the little things.
  6. You have to remember that there are set punishments that have to be followed. Letting someone off lightly because you think they are being sincere can be bad because anyone can act sincere and sorry. For a mass RDM it is a week ban. I understand why u said this but its important that you go off the facts and logs and not a story that was made up. Because anyone can make a story if they think they are getting in trouble. Just something to keep in mind
  7. I believe that you before all of this happened, were a decent member of the community and from what i saw were a cool guy to hang around. In my opinion, the group you hung with that led to that decision wasnt as good of an influence as you probably saw at the time. Now as brad said i believe people should take responsibility, at the same time i believe you could return back to what you were and enjoy the server once again. +1
  8. Love u lil nig - Youll be back
  9. Your answers i dont believe personally are correct. Letting someone get off with a Mass rdm just because he is known is not really what a staff member should be doing, Thats called bias. Also, why arent u an EM anymore, did you leave?
  10. ik Canoon has already said that, but im putting my comment here. Syn Was regarded as a pretty toxic player of the community by SOME staff members. But i dont feel like this is true for all the community. I believe syn had a place in the community amung the other staff and the players as he still enjoyed to play properly with people. I believe syn would bring some more interesting RP back to the server and bring a little bit of life. +1 and goodluck
  11. Some of the things you said werent 100% truthful, You didnt play for 2-3 years strait. Things like that dont make your appeal look too good. That being said i would still like to see you back
  12. +1 Best app, this man deserves owner
  13. Aye mate, relax, we dont have to read your application. Its not up to us to tell u to fix your application, Walter could of just -1'd with no criticism. Having attitude like that aint going to get you anywhere mate.
  14. This topic has now been addressed and he knows better for next time.
  15. Honestly, your application is great and super detailed. But we have so many staff members at the moment that its becoming ridiculous. That being said, i would still like to see you as a staff member. +1