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  1. The map you have created looks alright but it seems that you have put no consideration into how alot of props creates alot of lag for players, Also for the event crafting it would be good to see more than just a video of a map with some props on it. We want to know how it would play out. Your answers are extremely short and you put little to no effort into making the application appealing. The events seem very simplistic and alot of what we already have. There wasnt really any original characteristics or roleplay that would make the event enjoyable.
  2. +1 Tony is more than capable to be a staff member. Give this man the role plz
  3. I agree with dingo, If you compare it to something like a milsim in arma 3. The person who is making the mission in arma is actively changing the environment and missions can be apointed to people mid way into the event. i feel as if this is put into the mix with our events and event masters are actively apointing missions to commanders and giving more than one objective, it would be alot more interesting that what it currently is, which is just a run and gun. Event masters at this point would much prefer to do a team death match than setup a nice roleplay event and actively be monitoring and working on it purely because it is easier. In a real scenario not all of the time is spent in a gun fight, It does involve some waiting around. You could then bring the excuse that "its boring for the players" But we have to remember that people are playing this server for a realistic military experience, and players wouldnt mind doing that. Today for example, i told graham that he should try doing something new because what is currently happening is really boring. He instantly got to thinking and although it wasnt the best roleplay experience it was a step in the right direction. I feel if there are more event masters out there like graham who are actively listening to critisism and taking in to account what players are saying, there would be an overal improvement on player enjoyment.
  4. Have u tried turning your computer off and on sir? 😛
  5. Matrix


    CGX Gay
  6. You were clearly being a smart ass and intentionally trying to piss off the trainer. Im pretty sure there were a number of staff watching you, many people would agree that what you were doing was not acceptable and after numerous warnings you continued to have the same negative/ smart ass attitute towards everything that was happening
  7. He was also running out of trainee spawn on the home map
  8. Thats because you joined in the wrong era of USAF
  9. +1 Trying to make himself known in the community aswell as being friendly to all players he has come across. He has been dedicating himself to the server and even helping with debriefings during events. Good luck on your application Adine.
  10. If you enjoyed your experience on the server then why did you decide to ruin it for yourself and others by mass RDM'ing?
  11. it depends on play style, you have a literal bush on your body but i always see scouts choosing to stand ontop of the front gate, which is not where they should be. Its not the models fault.