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  1. +1 great member of marines, would be an asset to the server
  2. Who is delta force and why do they keep minging?
  3. +1, cool dude, been on the server a while -1 used the shittest two colours possible for his application
  4. +1, probs the most detailed EM application I've ever seen
  5. From people from my sub-regi and other people within the community I have talked to, damage is definitely a factor in a sniper rifle, even if its a one-shot head shot, especially seeing if they have already been damaged, or a less experienced player with FPS experience who cannot be hitting head shots every time. Literally all members of my sub-regi currently use the T-5000 as the M82A3 has been laughed at by all members of the sub-regi. All I want is a sniper rifle equal if not better than the T-5000 that they can use before they reach the rank of SGT
  6. +1 Even though I don't play on Tali side, I can relate to the fact that they are fun to fly and do raids with, I believe this could potentially encourage people to play on tali side more
  7. Well then I don't see why the t-5000 a 308. rifle does 92 damage, whilst a 50. cal sniper does only 75
  8. Im saying that the firerate of the M82A3 is slow (37) especially seeing it is a semi-automatic sniper compared to the t-5000 which is bolt action and has a firerate of 46
  9. Neutral - +1 Quit active, positive impact on RP scenarios, trustworthy (shitting my pants doing a trust exercise with jesse in a promo training) -1 due to warns
  10. Suggestion Name: Marines SURVEILLANCE Weapons Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Sub-Regiment Change Addon Pack (Optional): n/a Addon Pack File Size: n/a Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): The current weapon gained when joining Marines Surveillance is the M82A3, 75 Damage, Firerate 37 - A semi-automatic 50. cal Sniper Rifle In comparison the T-5000 does 92 Damage, Firerate 46 - A bolt-action 308. (7.62) Sniper Rifle Delta Force, (Whilst being a more elite-regi) they gain the M95 at Recon PVT whilst, Marines get it when reaching SGT Both the M95 and the T-5000 are bolt action rifles, whilst having faster fire rates than semi-automatic M82A3 - Using the M82A3 in game is honestly laughable at how slow the firerate is I literally have to explain to new PVT's in Marines Surveillance that they should be using the T-5000 (that they already have unlocked). TLDR: M82A3 - Semi-automatic but slow af firerate - 50. Cal but does jack shit damage - In comparison to other regis its trash Screenshots (Optional):
  11. +1 So we can see when Banana crashes his heli
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