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  1. Not much. About 1 percent
  2. What Use proper grammar
  3. @Canoon either way he should have told ME why he didn't give ME ranks,not the trainer. as you can see earlier on in the report, Joel and Asatru lying and saying that Joel told me why I didn't get ranks. But now that I have uploaded the video, you guys ignore tht
  4. Dude I never threatened to kill him. I get your applying for staff so you're needlessly putting stuff in staff reports
  5. Asatru has nothing to do with this buddy. Also how TF is me saying "with your incompetence" getting a reply like "Ian hided the others" You make no sense and keep bringing up useless shit
  6. Nah dude clearly earlier on in the report you can see that you said you informed ME , not the TRAINER. Now youre bringing up random shit like push to talk and changing your story after I disproved your false story. You just left me without telling me anything, leaving me with nothing to do for 20 mins with your incompetence. After this, I said some shit in OOC. Youre saying you were just waiting around for 20 mins with my trainer ?
  7. You have to inform me why you didnt give ranks, not someone else. Wtf are u on about saying push to talk ? are you ok ?
  8. yeps all lies from @Joel can you explain this now ?
  9. Stop lying Joel You never told me why I couldn't get my ranks. And ignored me for more than 10mins straight before I said some stupid shit on ooc. You already didn't do your duties first, afterwards the ooc thing happened. Don't try and pin me saying diss in ooc as a way to say why u ignored me. You ignored me 10 mins straight before the ooc thing even happened.
  10. @Joel mind giving your side of the story ?
  11. @RussianBias dipshit you don't have to quote an entire wall of text just to reply. Just do @"name" My main issue here is how unresponsive and uninformed Joel left me after bring initially trained. He never told me why I didn't get ranks nor did he tell me about the sgt+ issue. Please don't derail the topic by bringing out events that happened afterwards. Report has absolutely nothing to do with that. How is it that something I did in future would affect Joel's poor staffing in the past ? I never did anything prior to encountering Joel... Will upload the video soon @Asatru
  12. Staff Members In-Game Name/Alias: Joel Staff Members SteamID:idk Staff Members Teamspeak Name/Alias: (optional)idk Staff Members TS UniqueID: (optional)idk Where did this occur? (Teamspeak | Forums | MilitaryRP) MilRP Type of Report: Staff report - poor admin Reason for Report:He didn't whitelist me after a trainers requested it. Didn't even bother to tell me the reason. Just no clipped away Evidence:will upload later today Extra Comments:He just blabbering about some random Tali shit and physgunned away the trainer without telling me why. Later on he ignored my question and tickets of me asking reason and then dissed when I saw him in character in voice chat
  13. I dont think what I did was justified but let me just tell you guys what happened. I came on and then asked for a trainer. I waited and got some Tali man called ahmed who fully trained me and then called for an admin. The admin "Joel" appeared, said some stuff if I wanted to join Tali or not, I refused and said i'd rather be in USA. He then phygunned my away and didn't even whitelist me. I numerously made tickets and even poked you(Ian) and another staff on TS but the other staff told me ingame admins will sort it out. Already 40 mins had passed going back and forth until an admin answered me and said I had to go through retraining even though I just got trained 30 mins ago. He said If i got trained, I would have been whitlisted as well but he didnt listen that Joel just Noclipped away. I then spent another solid 20 mins through retraining because of someone elses fault i believe. Again , I'm sorry for my trainer Asatru that actually fully trained me and gave me rank, It totally wasnt your fault and anyone I killed. I should have made a report instead of doing this stupid shit and I regret this. I would even go through training again if it meant I can be unbanned.
  14. I meant to do it but out of anger. i killed only 2 poeole until admin froze me itss still my fault but i just want t be forgiven i wasnt thinking straight and am sorry for all the trouble i caused