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  1. Ban Appeal Template: SteamID: STEAM_0:1:174399317 In-game alias/rank: US PVT Rex Ban Reason: Mass RDM (on multiple accounts) (16 Weeks Ban) Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): 11W 4D Remaining | 16W Ban Initially Why should we unban you?: Ok, first off I want to apologize to all staff/players that had to deal with all my shit for the 2-3 months on the server with all the toxicity, abuse and bs I really should've been banned ages ago, but back on topic, I miss fucking around with the player on CG and after a bit of a break I want to come back an actually RP on the server again. For those who are wondering why I Mass RDMed on multiple accounts, was 1. The server has gotten really stale once hitting prestige 10 the only real RP there was, was Spetnaz just pulling you up and then killing you after 5 minutes and 2. I thought that the server was just going to be the same thing over and over again so I thought it would be funny to Massie on 3 accounts. This is my first "Legit Ban" (Another ban was from Dex when I accidentally blew up Tali DB) and I do regret doing this, I ask kindly if I could get unbanned or even get my ban shortened. Thanks, Rex Evidence in your favor (Optional):N/A
  2. Rex


    Still waiting for my 1v1 *cough cough fake LEM*
  3. Rex


    Yea, no it's Aimwear retard get it right, everyone knows that is where it's at I just have a good gaming chair hwy, did your free cheats fail you?
  4. Rex


    Haven't ever seen a 75th get more than 10 kills
  5. Rex


    Toxic, more like the truth
  6. Rex


    You fucking wish 75th can't even get more than 10 frags in an event
  7. + 1 big daddy boi active in TS but we do have quite a few TS Admins
  8. Nah you need to be with Mad Cats to say anything
  9. Are you fucking dumb. The Regen is like 10 HP per 5 seconds so no.The Medics are fine your reasoning to bring them back is cause you like them + medics = free mass promo You weren't apart of the old medics and No Matrix's 37th Gang was the best Mad Cats come back
  10. The way Medics are now is fine, all they have to do is just fix the rank of defibs. If you give regiments a personal regiment class it gives more teamwork skill and allows regiments to set proper units with different classes
  11. -1 Bad App, Answers aren't the best please improve them (PS the Signature picture isn't delta force, they're Navy SEALs )
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