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  1. +1 Would love to see Skillz spill water on PC again
  2. Listen here nerd, I'll curb stomp your ape ass looking face you ugly ass keyboard warrior, fucking dweeb. Keep talking shit and you'll just get a longer ban you fucking nonce
  3. -1 Like what Asatru said, Angry enough that 75th TK more people than they kill with grenade launchers, Slams would make it worse. If they really want slam they can wait
  4. Rex

    remove p2w JUGG

    Ture, even with most P10 guns their models are kinda fucked making them hard to hit +1 remove or nerf at least
  5. https://cache.gametracker.com/player/Qrow/ Fam you sure about that
  6. type deselecting all guns and selecting the scout
  7. hmm not sure do you have 2 weapons selected already?
  8. oh ok so. If you prestige and try to use lower prestige weapons you must go back to that weapons level to use it again.Sorta dumb hope it gets changed
  9. -1 The US get enough firepower and utility as it is and just a few days ago they got Helicopters, I don't think the addition of Tanks is needed. Though it's not a "Tank", the Rangers currently have an APC which is a very heavily armoured vehicle which I think is enough for the US, adding another Armoured vehicle which can now shoot an explosive causing what I would assume a heavy amount of AOE damage. This is not really needed the US to have enough utility as it is and do not need more.
  10. -1 Sorry but I don't think this is needed.
  11. +1 Event is on point, good person , active in game and in TS I reckon you would become a great EM