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  1. do you want to see a red-tinted screen for 10 seconds?
  2. What was your steam name during this time? I think I remember you vaguely but your Game tracker said you join August this year
  3. Fear RP is Fear RP.If you have a gun pointed at you and you are unarmed you are under fear rp and for those who are bringing in IRL shit it's a game.Yes it's meant to be a simulation of IRL military but it's not 100% the same because it's a game.
  4. As what Halstead said, I asked you a few things when you openly said you were gonna mass RDM your reply was "Fuck the server, It's dead" your intention was to leave the server as you thought it was "Dead" and you didn't care. so -1 sit out the ban you deserve
  5. -1 Minge, Disrespectful and doesn't have what it takes to be a good Mod sorry
  6. -1 Sloppy App it looks like you have little to no effort in your app "Briefly describe how a typical event is run. It would start off with the map being opened. Then it would have the map dupe spawned in. Then i would do debrief and monitor the event." 1. Though it said Briefly, you need to tell us how an event runs from start to finish 2. Take your app and use the Template and just post the Template as a post and leave your event crafting as a Doc 3. Map use: "Tet Offensives" This is not an event map and "Desert" is not an app either 4.Event Ideas/Crafting: Your event idea is plain and to used (3 points/ 3 points conquest).Also, your event crafting is terrible it looks like it 5% done. After your event game mode, you just chucked @@@ Move out and @@@ US Victory. Please Take this in mind. Before posting your EM app look over your app first and make sure that the App is done to your best and looks ok. Maybe try using other EM apps to compare it to your App. All in all, I'm sorry to say but this may be the worst app I've seen, please fix all the issue in your app If you want to talk about your app just PM me on discord
  7. ISIS earn their spots, they're not given, ISIS is meant for the members who are skilled in combat. Watch your spacing and it's fine. There is a reason why there are only like 2-3 members on at a time rather than a full regiment.
  8. -1 needs quite a bit of improvement with your app looks quite rushed. For the fact you have no event script it doesn't look good P.S your event script is a legit event not how you gonna run the event
  9. this is really confusing. You write in the title and Suggestion name 24 to Taliban which I assume you mean "24th to Taliban" but you then want to add a GTA vehicle but then in the reason you want to add this you write you want to add 75th?. Do you want to have 24th,75th or the Incurgent added in? this post is really confusing but it's a -1 from me as Brad said there is an update coming out soon which removes quite a lot of the regiments
  10. @Ian Please Lock (Ban is over)
  11. +1 Active on the server,nice and has been with CG for ages
  12. +1/-1 TBH you're a good guy but your activity has gone down quite a bit.Fix it and I may change it to a +1
  13. @Ian Close this app up this User has left the community/Stopped playing
  14. +1 Bryan is active and very friendly to CG players and by the looks of it been staff before. I think he would do well as a moderator again