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  1. +1 Has previous experience.
  2. King

    bye man

    Cya lads have a good one
  3. Miss my dawg creamymayo :(
  4. Notice how regiments always had something to do back then. Take note commanders
  5. -/+ 1 Although you are someone who has proven himself to be active and somewhat dedicated, I feel being a TS staff you gotta be someone all players can approach.
  6. Shit make a grown man cry
  7. King

    i did an adine

    Dont worry about me you know *cough* *cough* just keeping the streets safe
  8. +1 Give this man admin right now
  9. +1 they did he dirty, he deserves it back.
  10. +1 Active and really devoted individual.
  11. It doesn't matter when you did because you still did it.
  12. Your lying and leaving out parts of the story won't help you and was also a key factor to why you weren't unbanned the first time.
  13. Have a good one lad.
  14. King

    Em App

    +1 I likes you
  15. You sure u didn't eat it Rice gum looking ass
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