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  1. -1 I'd like to reiterate that Kitty has been a toxic player and doesn't contribute a large amount of enjoyment to the server. He has asked to be banned and provided proof of himself cheating to get banned, why; I have no idea. All that matters at the moment is the fact that there is proof of you cheating/hacking on the server, no matter how the evidence was obtained it is still evidence, and you handing in the proof of yourself hacking doesn't demean the evidence any more than it would if someone else obtained it. You purposely leaving out information is manipulative and unfair. I now don't believe you deserve to be unbanned or to have your permanent ban shortened as this ban appeal has shown you to be manipulative and a liar.
  2. It seems you already understand that cheating is not tolerated on the server, and I'm glad you understand. Although I would like to point out that while you may be aware and understanding that cheating isn't tolerated, you proceeded to inject them and actively use them on the server for a period of time. Although I am glad you admitted to cheating, it still doesn't change the fact that it still did happen. Your toxicity to players on the server and your previous permanent ban that was repealed and shortened has shown how much you really contribute to the server as a whole. All in all your previous track record coupled with the recent proof of you cheating shines a bad light on you. At this point in time, I'm unsure if you deserve to have your permanent ban shortened, or for you to keep your permanent ban. NEUTRAL
  3. From what I've heard and what I'm now reading it seems that you've been a massive minge, you MRDM'ed, lied to staff members constantly and continued to say that you would MRDM again once you were unbanned/ban expired, this explains the reasoning for the permanent ban, you obviously didn't have any intent to RP whatsoever. I hope you stay permanently banned so you can't cause future issues for staff and players.
  4. James

    git of me men

    The real question is, why not?
  5. guacamole or mayonnaise? ur pick
  6. whats better guacamole or mayonnaise?
  7. To celebrate the Delta Force group on the forums I suggest we have a drinking game! Of course to follow the law (I know you're watching Canoon) everyone under the age of 18 must be having apple juice, and everyone above the age of 18 will be having a VB longneck, as it is a tradition! Have fun at the Delta Force party boys, celebrate the best regiment there ever was, and ever will be! this is satire don't take it seriously
  8. +1 From reading your application I can see that you'll be a fantastic EM. I've seen you walking around US base being friendly to most people that you see. You seem like a genuine guy with good ideas. Good luck with your application!
  9. NEUTRAL Although I believe you would be a great addition to the staff team I'm unsure if we need any more T-mods. I did enjoy reading and going through your application but at this point in time, we seem to have a reasonable amount of active T-mods on the server at any time during the day. I would give you a +1 at any other time, but unfortunately, we have a large amount of active staff. Best of luck with your application!
  10. Personally, I don't believe 60 hours is enough time to become any staff role. I believe that the amount of time needed to become a staff member on the server should be bumped up to a larger amount of hours as 60 hours on the server isn't an ideal amount of time to know the ins and outs of the server. But even then the main reason 60 hours is an issue is that he isn't well known throughout the community, which could possibly lead to some altercations, whereas having around 200-300 hours on the server could make you a more well-known player. To counter your point on giving 'LaidToRest' a -1 solely because of the number of hours he has isn't true as I stated in my response that he didn't elaborate enough on his scenario responses which is mainly the reason I actually did -1 him.
  11. -1 I believe you need more time to firmly grasp how the server runs. 67 hours is hardly a suitable amount of time to learn much about the server, let alone enough time to become a T-mod. I'd recommend you spend some more time on the server, talking to, and gaining advice from older players and staff members. I'm not that concerned about your English as we have had staff members whose first language hasn't been English as previously stated by Matrix. I would also like to mention that the answers to the scenarios were lackluster and didn't give me much of an idea of how you would handle the situation, you simply gave me the bareboned basics of the situation. I'd like to see you extend your answers to the scenarios, because as of right now, as I previously mentioned, I have no actual idea of how you would actually handle the situation. Best of luck for your next T-mod application in the future if you decide to make one!
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