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  1. too much green im color blind btw
  2. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:52362730 In-game alias/rank: Faithful of Allah Who banned you?: Exemption/Jaz Ban Reason: Mass RDM Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): 1 Week What happened?: Pretty much two neutral aus have been granted PTE by me and I announced in the faction wide comms (vc) [which is on by default and limited for important messages that can be addressed via voice] that they should not be killed. Also not to mention those who were present near the individuals being escorted Leon and Kazi from Aus. The individual in question was JDY (who also with Candiey and someone else was alive at the time and saw me escorting them with Kane), he was ordered and others nearby they're to not kill the AUS. From that point he ignored my order and shot Kazi & Leon. He was killed by kane for disobeying my order, then he res'd them both. They were then being escorted into ISIS bunks and being situated for joining. At this point JDY continued to be pesistent and entered the bunks, once again being ordered to leave the bunks and proceeded to kill the netural again. (Ignoring NLR and breaking orders again, is this not enough?). Leon then respawns at AUS and Kazi is rezzed since my discussion with Leon had already concluded so he decided to respawn. To put this into perspective also, there has been multiple cases or instances where I ask for PTE in voice chat to an officer in the US and I've been escorted and not killed (if its regards to RP or anything else). They're aware since I'm being escorted and following the rp scenario, no one will just gun me down because I'm a neutral inside the base since they've been ordered not. This is the logic JDY ignored, and he repeated this offence multiple times. Ignoring any reprecussion or punishment, in RP if you don't follow a TALIBAN CHIEFs order in the middle east, you will most likely just get gutted. Then from there, we went to somewhere hidden / not very visible (even Kazi ducking and I) which was ontop of the ISIS bunks at the very back cornor and he kept coming back from the rock section at Al-Q bunks and repeats. Kazi and I still discussing on matters of transfer; this is then once again interrupted as he dies. I then proceed to kill JDY for each instance he killed Kazi. Then he is res'd again so we can continue our discussion and finalize the transfer. I took the perspective that JDY acted in this way to piss me and Kazi off; and nothing further will be escalated. However he used this an excuse and as a result neglecting my duties present at the time to fix things up with regiment. He proceeded to break rules (in which I was told in the sit he hadn't broken? However I don't see exactly in the rules you need to gc announce PTE for someone. You can ask for PTE in GC or in person, then be granted in person or in comms. And those in question whether they've been granted will see the chief/officer present escorting them, if they're not then that rule applies were neutrals are KOS in base.) This as a result shouldn't justify as a way to exploit breaking rules and not being punished for anything. And a result I recieve a recieve a one week ban for killing JDY 3+ times for not listening to orders, NLR and RDM? But I'm told that there is no punishment for JDY since I didn't announce it the faction comms, however I made it clear in FACTION WIDE COMMS (VC) and directly to JDY (also including those who come towards us or there during the escort; aka alive/active in Tali). This doesn't mean if he has been killed for not folling orders, he can ignore my order I've made to him and others. Since in RP he would come back (after dying and NLR applies) and would be asking 'why are there AUS in the base' and those present in rp seconds before (or during the escort after JDY had just been killed) would say 'He has been granted PTE and is being escorted by that taliban chief' So I don't understand how he gets away scot free for this and I'm at fault for doing my duty in rp. There is no excuse for him to break the rules and recieve no form of punishment either as a demotion (as a lesser punishment) or more appropriately a ban for instigating a mass rdm case for him repeatively killing someone who was granted PTE. Why should we unban you?: As of recent communication with higher command regarding my regiment, I've taken the liberty to be on the server for the brief time that I can be active (since I'm on LOA) to resolve regiment matters. And for me to be interrupted by someone clearly breaking the rules is a very glarying issue I find with how this was resulted. This scenario could've been sorted and delt with consistency of rules. At no point was I told what exact rule I had broken in the rule page ingame and explained in full context on how it was applicable for the context of this sit. Also considering that the sit required someone talking with Senior staff members which will likely have a loss of info on the context and the point being argured; find it hard to get what I did in the wrong as I've explained. The only reasonable argument that can be made is that 'in the server is still considered RDM', okay but by following the structure of tali and its rp; I don't think its unreasonable the action I took in my situation. Remember that in my mentioned perspective, I don't typically believe that someone will place a ticket over something that they're clearly aware of doing (aka breaking the rules also) since its apart of Taliban RP. And they're aware of since they play on Tali and also RDM people??? On a final note I have example of the justifiable RP reason as a taliban chief to act in this manner, from Asatru in a previous discussion about a similar matter. In the Taliban it was normal RP to kill insubordinate INT-NTS because we don't have MPs. Normally a chief would give warning, say if a low rank was standing on stage at DB. But in the case of a low rank being insubordinate and killing a [person with PTE] it's too late to give warning. It's fitting to the serious nature of Taliban being extremist that it's not RDM to TK in these scenarios. [originally -> hostage | still can fix the same context] Also not to mention, since this is a private matter between me, Kazi and Leon (which are both AUS) I didn't discuss what it was about pubically to those escorting and JDY wanting to kill them 'because they're neutrals'. It could've been a discussion regarding an alliance with the Australian Army on homemap (which is obvious not a matter to be affiliated or get involved for a low rank Taliban), however even if I publically annouced it JDY would've ignored this regardless. And it can even be infered that it was RP matter when I was asked by JDY 'Why are they in the base', and my response following 'To discuss private matters'. And as we know what occured and also his response 'But they're neutrals inside the base', this was negated and as a result is the reason why I was banned. With what has been explained in full context, to the best extent. I'd also like to reiterate, as mentioned above my intentions on the server (as of recently) is to do my duties as chief and get things in order for my regiment. So for this situation to spiral out of control and not clearly investigated; as a result has now limited my chance/opportunity to be on the server for the brief time I have (still on my LOA) to adjust and fix regiment matters. However you look into this situation, take into consideration the position I'm placed and limited time I had to finalize my duties. Evidence in your favor (Optional): Witnesses: Leon, Kazi, Kane, Candiey (since he popt in and out of bunks). Video evidence slightly from the sit, with Jaz at some point near the end. Wouldn't have anything relevant to some of the occurances that started this interaction (since it didn't escalate or wasn't considered an issue intially or during the situation - from my perspective hence I didn't clip)
  3. only the real ones know the feel and sound of the MSBS SoH back in early CG. Probs the best soundin and lookin weapon
  4. Boss


    www.alameme.com/cheats/foreskin_v2_colossal_gaming_nation ^^^ WOULD RECOMMEND!!!!
  5. "You have no proof of me using cheats on alts and I was mainly streaming my game on Tony Montana alt which I was cheating on or any of the alts." > There is proof gathered by staff members so no that wasnt the case "And I wasn’t lying I haven’t cheated on any of the alt accounts I would just play normally like any other player. " But you just said you cheated on your Tony Montana alt??? Kid we've seen how you play, we know what u like ya . Get lost and read the community, you're not welcomed back. Bye
  6. One, don't try to uphold a lie that you know isn't true. Two, I, Asatru and many community members (including staff to which I will not disclose) were present and aware of your behavior for your first instance. Third, you were caught multiple times and now your using the excuse of 'Hey guys its was me Mudcrab, guys remember me' upon being caught . Whilst also being overlooked due to suspecious activity, to which I myself called to be looked into and others that felt the same upon the matter; and what do you know, you were still using external programs. Huh, who would've thought Finally, you will never gain the reputation or trust of anyone on this server. And this will remain, by your countless attempts to avoid the current ban placed upon you and use of external programs Put simply, even from my perspective and knowledge on your whole character; to how you played and interacted with the community. Just imagine, that you needed to cheat because you were still that bad with them or without. Let that sink in. L.mp4 L.mov
  7. Let me assist your incapability to understand what I said. You get on cg, you pretend to be new player. You then talk and put facecam yes. You got caught my Asatru mid call and many others (including myself) witnessed/ You got caught again using more alts and still using cheats because you're not the sharpest tool in the shed yes. Therefore you get no chance to come back, yes? Underrstan!
  8. -1 You were caught on 8K HD 600” Curved widescreen coming back (voiding ur current perma from asatru) to which you were caught again by him as he recognised you Not to mention you were using cheats again you head
  9. +1 my favourite n****
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