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  1. +1 This server used to be so relaxed and incidents like this; no one cared about. Its sad to see people getting banned for shit like this at the end of the day its a gmod server not a fucking fivem or arma 3 server. we_live_in_a_society.mp4
  2. +1 defiantly not worth a week ban
  3. rip you fucking legend... yt1s.com - Bad asian rick roll video_360p.mp4
  4. +1 Everyone deserves a second chance, valid points in your appeal. good luck
  5. +1 very good roleplayer and would make a very good addition to the staff team, from the years i've played with eleventeen i noticed he roleplays better than some pornos out there just saying. Good luck eleventeen
  6. imagine posting endgame spoilers on cg forums rather than reddit lol u must be gae videoplayback.mp4
  7. you uwu one more time you will be responsible for rainfurrest 2019 and future rainfurrest events turning into a Christchurch Mosque
  8. +1 Give him a chance at least, if you think about it he's active, has a shitload of server knowledge, half the people coming from when he started have at least gotten staff and hes got more brain cells than me so that says something. the ems have got nothing to loose at this point.
  9. Reapara

    CG Rule 34?

    where do i find the CG rule 34?
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