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  1. WantMym8pro


    Colossal gamer Itsgab (Al-shabaab most memorable chief,Best player of colosal gaming) Subcribe please https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLWGcg-tRmbbAxx-skHJykQ
  2. WantMym8pro


    Lets play minecraft xoxo
  3. Hi Tropica welcome back to colossal gamieng
  4. i wanna be a proffesional meme gamer cretor and make colosal gaming staf steam mad
  5. Tank good car we can run over dogs and they go boom boom
  6. SteamID:STEAM_0:0:242084377 In-game alias/rank: Legendary Who banned you?:GodOfCats Ban Reason:Massrdm Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): 2 weeks What happened?:So we were in this School in the town doing roleplay and stuff. And this one time i pulled out my jihad to blow the shit out of midday but i was too late and blowed up the people inside the school so i got banned Why should we unban you?: Because i accidently pulled of that jihad and was gonna blow up midday who ran off outside and i forgot to press my killbind which will stop the jihad and im sorry for everyone who died i will never massrdm again and be an asshole Evidence in your favor (Optional): proffesional mass rdmer.mp4
  7. +1 I heard he have been a EX EM so i think it will be fun if we have him back
  8. nO I will not eat crayons or any not eatable? gehfej food and i only inhale sharpie and crayons So Pick OR gay.
  9. Watch black clover good shit , Ex-malakand Prophet,Ex aus-WO, Ex Marine-CWO Current Al- shabaab ZLT
  10. A man dog me on cg o7
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