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  1. @GEEMANbig boi geeman
  2. Didnt even mention me even though i sucked your dick
  3. -1 I saw you on a bit ago then stopped seeing you, I would say get your hours up and fix the application up as first impressions are always the best, try spending more time and elaborate on your answers more If you change this I will change what i put down but for now i have made my decision
  4. @eleventeennow why is my name in this :thonk:
  5. +1 You seem like a good guy and the app has a crap ton of detail. Best of luck!
  6. if only I was in U.S Medics, oh wait I wrap a towel around my head for a living
  7. Help @Mark (Mundy) he did bad stuff to me
  8. I said maybe look at others event crafting or sumthin, some feedback may help but for now im neutral