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  1. I told them to stop once with the spetz shit with Halstead’s permission on one briefing. So the US should of stopped
  2. +1 A really good player and i've heard some interesting things and Ideas
  3. +1 it seems unfair that this happened to you and you deserve your rank back
  4. so for the next two weeks starting from the 12/01/2019 i will be gone for 2 weeks. i have reasons some are - I am getting super depressed and cant sleep - I feel bad for doing things both past and present - I barely get sleep So if people ask thats whats going on ok.
  5. Disable all of the addons try that, it seems that some materials dont download with addons
  6. I suggested this the other day apparently someone said it would cause lag
  7. He said its on the board behind you but you fucken turned around went behind me? ive turned behind me. stop being a troll
  8. We tried to train you and all you were doing was being mingy i know what community your from and there is trolls all throughout it, if you really wanted to be trained i would suggest that you stop being a big minge and actually do something worth your time instead of being a troll on servers. - If you would like to be trained and not be a big minge then i suggest you stop, you keep saying random stuff about random things so stop.