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  1. +1 gambling was a fun edition to the server and brings a bit more diversity to the economy system. If we can find a roulette addon in addition to this I'll join the server and put it all on green.
  2. +1 Loyal, genuine guy, very dedicated EM in his time, just get rid of the sound board it isn’t funny
  3. Thank you Bob Jane very cool
  4. Neutral I see you have taken the time to fix some of the many errors that were apparent in your previous staff application but this one is still littered with errors. Although, the fact that you did put in the effort to improve shows some dedication. Also, you stepped down from Event Master not too long ago. From my point-of-view which is fairly harsh, you did an okay job, I didn’t see many events being produced by you so I fear that the same situation may occur if you were a moderator (Using the position for commands rather than helping the server)
  5. +1 Makes use of the airfield which currently doesn’t get used at all and adds to overall RP.
  6. Neutral I think you’re a really good guy l, kind at heart and would have the best intentions but I just don’t think you know the current player base well enough yet. Like many have said you’ve returned from a break recently and my first interaction with you was about 2-3 days ago. Therefore, I would like to see you on continuing to interact with the community for another 2-3 weeks just so I know your intentions are true and this isn’t just a power grab.
  7. Papa


    @LUCAS H should be on here too
  8. +1 Get this changed now it's not fair
  9. Alright. You found yourself in a private discord which you knew you were not meant to be in but you joined anyway. We will let @Deku explain himself, that photo may be forged/his discord account hacked and we will get proof whether he did send that or not soon. From there let the senior admins handle it and give evidence when they request it.
  10. If it’s a defusal, there’s a 2 minute defuse time. By the time you get the heli, start it, get it to the location and bomb it, time is up.
  11. +1 - I've only ever seen you following the rules, you're active, well-known in the community. You should be given a chance at staff.
  12. Neutral - I think you have potential to be a good staff member once again but my first interaction with you was 5 days ago. Until then I had never heard of you. I believe you should get to know the current community a little better before becoming a staff member. If you put in the effort to get to know the community I believe you'd be a good moderator.
  13. -1 - I just haven't seen you around recently. Possibly if you become more active you could be given a chance but I'd like to see a large change in activity first.
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