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  1. Papa

    Post your cars!

  2. +1 Get this changed now it's not fair
  3. Alright. You found yourself in a private discord which you knew you were not meant to be in but you joined anyway. We will let @Deku explain himself, that photo may be forged/his discord account hacked and we will get proof whether he did send that or not soon. From there let the senior admins handle it and give evidence when they request it.
  4. If it’s a defusal, there’s a 2 minute defuse time. By the time you get the heli, start it, get it to the location and bomb it, time is up.
  5. +1 - I've only ever seen you following the rules, you're active, well-known in the community. You should be given a chance at staff.
  6. Neutral - I think you have potential to be a good staff member once again but my first interaction with you was 5 days ago. Until then I had never heard of you. I believe you should get to know the current community a little better before becoming a staff member. If you put in the effort to get to know the community I believe you'd be a good moderator.
  7. -1 - I just haven't seen you around recently. Possibly if you become more active you could be given a chance but I'd like to see a large change in activity first.
  8. +1 - Even though you were a bit of a minge and broke some rules when I returned to CG after my break, you have cleaned up your act. I was given a chance to prove myself, I believe you should too.
  9. -1 - Even though you have been an active, genuine member of the community recently I don't believe that a person who cheats should have a second chance this quickly. Possibly in the future, I just see players who cheat in a different light and don't believe they should be rewarded even if you have changed your ways.
  10. Neutral - Although I feel that you could do your job as staff well I'm a bit concerned with the amount of times you have switched from applying for EM then to Mod. This has made me suspicious that possibly you are trying to become staff for the permissions and haven't truly made up your mind which staff position you actually believe you'd do best in.
  11. If you do, developer "1" con_filter_text "YOURNAMEHERE" con_filter_enable "2" This will show only your kills or when you get killed
  12. +1 Follows the server rules very well Long time member of the community Relaxed character who is easy going.
  13. +1 was a really good feature role play wise. Would like to see it return.
  14. Suggestion Name: Make riot shields have HP so they can break Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Item Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): UN sometimes head glitch behind the shields when they're placed. When they have the high ground and do it you literally cannot see their head but they can still kill us from behind the shield. Therefore, a few of us believe that placed riot shields should have like 1k health (Still make it hard to break) but still give us a chance to stop them from being able to head glitch behind it.
  15. Re-opened at the request of the user
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