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  1. Quebec


    You too. Long live 24th. You were great back on Pred.
  2. *locked at request of user*
  3. Quebec


    Cya Brad. Enjoy being general of the armies 😛
  4. The person died on the rooftop, and on your side, the client side, the body fell down onto the ground (or some stupid physics was applied and it went flying). You then revive the person, from where their corpse is on your screen, and they get revived back to where they died/where the corpse is server side. Which is on the roof of the building.
  5. Pretty sure Canoon kept his rank while he was gone though. You stepped down from your rank, and was told to re-apply. I agree with others that you shouldn't apply immediately after coming back.
  6. This is correct. Sometimes my body will go flying, but it will only be on my side. The defibs work by using where the body is located on your end, but it revives the player where they died on the server's end.
  7. Quebec


    Thanks, hope you continue to enjoy the server and forums 🙂
  8. Quebec


    Hi all, I am resigning from moderator and roleplay overseer. I want to improve my grades and decrease my procrastination levels, which does not give me much time to play the server. When I do have free time, I don't want to play the server. I don't want to feel obligated to play the server, and come on when I don't want to, to keep my rank. Frankly, I am enjoying other games more at the moment. I will be keeping my forum rank, as I enjoy the forums more than the server, and I may still come on the server from time to time. It was fun playing with all of you, but I feel that I want the freedom to play what I want, when I want and how I want. You'll still see me on the forums, but you probably won't see me on the server much. See you all.
  9. Your image proof of your gametracker time doesn't seem to have worked
  10. If you do want to suggest maps, it would be really helpful to extensively test them first. If you do not want to/have the time to just ask an event master and they would probably do it for you.
  11. -1 doubt there will be enough water for this regiment to exist, might be too much lag if we add in boats as well as all the other new vehicles coming to the server
  12. No, they shouldn't be warned. If a staff member is doing so, talk to a higher up because that makes 0 sense to me as to why someone would be warned in this scenario.
  13. "Oh sorry mr admin, on my screen the rock was blocking him so I thought I was safe to pull out my gun, it wont happen again I swear" yeah nah I already feel that this rule will be abused by taliban at every opportunity the other rules im neutral on, as I dont really understand them/why they should be added or changed