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  1. This is why grammarly is utter shite, there are two cases of 'your' being incorrect in that sentence
  2. Hello. I initially became forum moderator back on the old new forums when there were no active forum moderators and I was extremely active on the server. Even though I left the server, I continued to moderate and use these forums as I personally enjoyed these over many aspects of the server. However, recently I have found it to be more of a chore than an enjoyment to continue this, and I have decided to resign. Ian and Bobby are capable forum moderators and I do not doubt that whoever takes my place will also be right for the job. Thanks for everything. Shoutout to @Halstead for being one of my best friends on the server and being an absolute lad. Also thanks to everyone else that made the community enjoyable. Bye.
  3. experiment and practise, that is how you learn how to use SLAMs
  4. why would you need to get into a vehicle in no clip also they claim they were not in god mode
  5. SLAMs are much more versatile and useful, plus its fun to use
  6. That makes it seem even less like a mistake. I don't know if things have changed, but staff use the administrate command to instantaneously enable cloak, noclip and god. There are almost no circumstances where a staff member would be cloaked, but not godded or noclipped. I do have noclip binded, so I can administrate but then stop noclipping, but to also ungod himself is quite suspicious in my opinion.
  7. i remember adding you on steam and becoming friends with you and then the next day you left
  8. Please use the template for all suggestions.
  9. definitely not I mean, im not 100% sure but I suggested it to feral ( after a few others did ) and we had a discussion and feral said he had a mod in mind and then on the forums there was the announcement that showed a tank and a jeep thing saying vehicle update so im hoping it wasnt a meme
  10. tanks are already coming in the vehicle update that was announced a while ago
  11. *locked* bug is being fixed/will be fixed
  12. *locked* suggestion has been confirmed also moved to correct forum because apparently this was a teamspeak suggestion?
  13. I mean idk if things have changed but saying "you are 12 years old" doesn't sound like harassment to me. Depends on the context, and hunter still shouldn't have said it, but I don't think saying "you are 12 years old" classifies as harassment (at least, in the way it is portrayed on your staff report). Honestly, Hunter shouldn't be demoted but definitely should be his only warning for this kind of behaviour.
  14. Staff use teamspeak and are required to be active on there in order to communicate.
  15. Never retaliate to an RDMer. If you are being RDMed or teamkilled, just let it happen and call an admin. The more times they kill you, the longer they'll be banned for. If you kill them, that just adds to your warns/ban time.
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