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  1. +1 Auto equip all special weapons except for the flame thrower as that thing is already OP.
  2. What I've found is that some NPCs seem to spawn with stronger weapons than others, some will do like 5 dmg every few seconds meanwhile others will unleash 100dmg at you in the space of 1. Also I've been shot in base from crash site by NPCs which is kinda broke...
  3. +1, just give it 25 damage with magnums loaded, problem solved, don't touch anything else.
  4. @Zynix Sad to see you go man, I'll always remember you for hosting that bronze giveaway. Good luck with your future endeavors. Thanks, -Cap
  5. Time to go get pictures of my regiment committing war crimes.
  6. +1 this change never should have happened, not being able to treat yourself with a first aid kit is kinda retarded.
  7. +1, would be so much better and would mean the special weapons actually get used.
  8. -1 Poor spelling + grammar suggests that it is a rushed appeal and you are one of the biggest minges I've seen in a long time, frankly I think you got off with a light punishment.
  9. Shortly after the GOA's speech, from Major Cap in conjunction with the Central Intelligence Agency and United States Special Operations Command. Every effort is currently being put into founding the whereabouts of all senior members responsible for this attack, when they are found they will be swiftly and without mercy executed, we are taking no prisoners. The combined intelligence and special operations networks will tirelessly find and deal with all members whether that be through drone strikes, commando raids, black ops, assassinations, torture or similar methods. The enemy will know what is is like to be hunted. We also would like to release this image to show what happened the last time we decided to pool our resources. Click Here, this image is from a commando raid by the 24th special operations wing, we successfully kidnapped the at the time LOF, needless to say they have found a new one as well, the body *cough* I mean he was never found.
  10. I've had trouble getting the construction permit to fill it in with concrete to park LAVs on unfortunately..... I don't mind if someone adds one outside the main entrance as long as it doesn't get included in my prop count. I have no control over upstairs, I'm sure @Ezygle could restrict it to only medic subclass/officers though and add back in "the holy shelves and the table and chairs" Also, who the hell gave you PTE to my bunks?
  11. Realistically though the CIA tends to find out who leads what terrorist group and get a picture, I could understand getting pissed off when your a low rank warrior or something but if you scan the face of the head of the Taliban chances are something will come up.
  12. Your getting confused with the way that we deal with annoying Russians.
  13. @CovaLyou will be lucky that you dont get dragged out of your bunks at night and taken to the black site to be killed at this point.
  14. Last time captains could get a license to fly which would probably work again, also @Ellionwould basically be in heaven if it came back.
  15. If they do give the tali helis I would like to see a few more helis added, now I'm not asking for the attack helicopters to come back (as much as I'd love it) but it would be good to see as many other unarmed helis as possible added to the spawn menu. I feel like having it so that tali can spawn one heli and US can have two would work well.
  16. US need more than one heli, if giving tali helis means that we can only have one it's a no from me.
  17. Last time I checked I never heard anything about ISIS having helicopters in the middle east, if they had its bound to have popped up on some main stream news network.
  18. @BananaKingI didn't add that in, from memory that was what someone had the music bot playing.
  19. From memory there are a few civilian helis in WAC/WAC community, dont think they should have the little bird as that is literally made for military purposes.
  20. During a recent event this message showed up and while I didn't kill him I did hit him and if we had actual one hit guns he would have died. Due to the shit quality of my computer it was only recording at ten frames so you may need to pause and use slow mode to verify or just use this picture (I have my hit markers set to red). @Asatru
  21. Tbh it would be nice to have somewhere on base like a armory where you can go and restock ammo for grenade/rocket launchers and standard grenades as right now you have to kill yourself if you want to get more.
  22. If we want ultra realism then Taliban should have a bunch of AKs and nothing else and US should get a fucking Apache. Anyhow I feel like buying ammo isn't really realistic as in the army they give you all the shit you need (including ammo). However I feel that a system should be implemented where your ammo is capped to whatever is equal to 10 times your guns mag and you have to go and top it up.
  23. Cap


    +1 all are good memes, @Asatruyou can expect a Delta Officer meme now.
  24. That would work, possibly cuffs as well to deal with stupid pvts etc
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