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  1. and this is why you were never unbanned from ggs. Just stop honestly this isn't even the same community.
  2. +1 Was previously a senior event moderator, I believe we need more for better roleplay and faster setup times.
  3. +1 Although I'm not even in the same side has Stubbs, he has still been very nice to me and he is quite active as I've seen him on almost every day this week. He does lots of roleplay and doesn't shoot just for a gametracker score. I believe that he deserves the role of Event Master.
  4. I find funny that the people -1ing him for "bad previous staff experience on ggs" are very unknown in the ggs community (besides ian). I doubt any one of them would've actually experienced him administrate on ggs, and are just going off rumours. If he did abuse his powers, you should've made a staff complaint and he would've been removed of his powers. There have been many people from ggs in which you can contact to prove he is not abusive.
  5. +1 I am listed as one of his references/recommendations as being staff on ggs.sx. I can confirm that Stubbs is an amazing staff member on ggs, and one of the longest running staff members. He has been very dedicated with amazing playtime, and probably one of the best admins on ggs. He without a doubt was one of the people I looked up to when I was new to ggs, and he was always good at roleplay. I've never encounted him breaking rules, and he pretty much knows every rule off by heart. In Stubbs time as staff on ggs, he has done an estimate of around 4000 tickets, which is currently the record on ggs. Good luck my friend, and it is very sad to see you leave ggs!
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