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  1. Etho.

    The Dayz

    Good times
  2. +1 Would bring in more RP and enjoyment to all factions and the server.
  3. +1 Myself would put it down to CPL. As the Taser from MP's, and defibs from the medic classes get their special weapons/"abilities" at the rank of Corporal.
  4. We all know Lindy uses Amin.exe roll out boys
  5. That's the USAF Officers problem. To be honest it would make sense to put the flying class in US army as they are 1 short that everybody else and the same would happen for Tali Army. So +1 you seemed to put a lot of effort into this so good job hopefully it gets accepted and added in. 🙂
  6. Etho.

    able introduction

    Hello Able you gey PoWeR pLaY mE? I will giv ya a smak like I do to Privates
  7. +1 Bring back Helis/WAC. Only 1 regiment for it will do no need for 2+ where would we put them?? But phat bring em back many people loved those helicopters and it would be nice to see them back. 🙂
  8. Phat +1. You are a really nice guy to be around you know all the rules and know how to conduct yourself when someone is I guess "Being annoying" you really deserve the job. Good luck 🙂
  9. The amount of add-ons there are for one car is absurd *Only might be like 4 but still* And as Razi said: "Do you want less or more FPS"?
  10. Quick question, why are you applying for Moderator when your already EM. And the Event Team is slowly loosing members?