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  1. Phat +1. You are a really nice guy to be around you know all the rules and know how to conduct yourself when someone is I guess "Being annoying" you really deserve the job. Good luck 🙂
  2. The amount of add-ons there are for one car is absurd *Only might be like 4 but still* And as Razi said: "Do you want less or more FPS"?
  3. Quick question, why are you applying for Moderator when your already EM. And the Event Team is slowly loosing members?
  4. F, for private was ban for long tim by me xd
  5. To be honest. And imma get dragol banodelto.
  6. Etho.

    i hack btw?

    Is this how you get into ISIS. Spawn camp while holding left click.....
  7. PHAT +1 You have shown lots of maturity lately and you are a nice guy would make a good addition to the staff team. As you said both open that's good 🙂
  8. Here are all the files on the server at this current time. Note this changes if Feral adds or gets rid of mods. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=827022393
  9. +1 Very nice guy, you can always go up to him and have a good chat which is key for a TS Admin so keep it up 🙂