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  1. does not need to happen at all -1
  2. I feel like since you just left your role as event master, this doesnt really show much dedication. You were an alright EM and an event better guy but i would like to see you show that you are actually going to dedicate yourself to the role -1
  3. +1 yeah cheating isnt a good judge of character usually, and i have seen bigger changes in people often in this community take what you will - smiddy
  4. -1 Look, Chris, i don't know your life story and i don't want to, but every time i have had an interaction with you it has not been a good interaction, or it has been during a ticket. Some of the specific reasons i am going to be negatively supporting this application include: Acting with toxicity to a good friend of mine, henry, on repeated occasions (The fact he was in secops, and "secops trash") Constantly asking for helicopters in both admin and ticket chat 36 hours on the server, lack of experience Only a few weeks/days ago i had to warn you twice for whatever reasons, but it seems like you most definitely aren't ready for a staff position. I wish you luck in your application, but i really, wholeheardetly don't think you would handle this position well. Sincerely, Smiddy/ Eilish
  5. +1 i have no idea why you misbehaved so much but ive seen you play before and id like to see you back ill be witch hunted for siding with the constant misbehaving minge but i have done similar things on other servers before and i have changed a lot since those times and i suspect other people can
  6. yeah you wouldnt kiss me
  7. Even after a very general warning, i was shot in the face behind red. I think being more careful about the rules could go a long way for this person. -1/ Neutral
  8. Low effort, spelling mistakes, short answers -1, Dearest Smiddy
  9. im surprised this isnt a thing already if im being real +1
  10. I'd just like to address the overwhelming amount of people that have come to my app to tell me about the supreme abundance of moderators. I get it. You can stop telling me. This is what i said in the highlighted red at the top, i feel that any of you could gather that i am putting my app out there ready locked and loaded for a moderator to be needed. I don't want to add to an existing problem that you all believe so surely exists, so i wanted to get the message across that this application can sit around for as long as it needs to, before moderators are needed. Just tonight one of them got COMMUNITY banned for crashing the server, and if a trial staff member is stupid enough to do that, i'm sure there would be others. What i am really trying to say is, give me support based on the application itself and my community standing, not on the amount of moderators, that mind you is totally out of my control. Getting a neutral or -1 based on the fact that there are too many moderators totally invalidates the reason these apps are open to the public. So if i may say, CAN WE, ,THANKYOU. Love you all, Smiddy
  11. @eleventeen Sorry about busting down the door by the way, someone said in comms there was a prisoner and in that room seemed to make sense XD
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