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  1. shutrup for a second gogddamn
  2. sad that you didnt get unbanned, dude always welcome in the TA discord see you round boss
  3. +1 yeah i dunno why its not its kind of like how its failrp to blow yourself up with the nade launcher on US but on tali its not because we are all jihadists and thats pretty standard
  4. 1. if this is real nobody cares 2. if this is a joke it isnt funny nor does it hold any entertainment value
  5. Hey guys, Recently I have been editing a video together of the taliban army guys being retarded, and I wanted to share it with you all. If you are wondering about the grain on some of the clips, it's cause I added a 70s film stock to add the pulp fiction vibe + gmod has a bad res by default. Hope you enjoy : ) Heres a link to the video, and hopefully it embeds.
  6. neutral you dont seem like a bad guy but your app was written so badly i could mark it. this shows you dont care enough to spellcheck or even spend more than 10 seconds on the structure of your application and it frankly pissed me off update some of my suggestions and ill consider a +1 not that it really matters from me anyway @Ryan
  7. I appreciate the sentiment/rationale behind it and It does make a lot of sense logically, BUT if you apply it to the internet and more specifically this community It comes out different. There is one definitive way to avoid anyone finding anything out about you, and that's to never put it anywhere in the first place. As disappointing as it may be, anything you put out there on the internet is fair game as soon as that upload finishes. Have you ever heard of that saying where its like "Once its up its up forever" ? It is similar to that, but the internet is full of scallywags, and whether its someone in the community that finds it, or a murderer hunting for your details, the root of the problem comes back to you for putting it up. Prevention is better than a cure in most cases. HXTP did not hack into a database to find something on someone. IN MY PERSONAL OPINION, rito should be glad that someone in the community found it first, before some other retard on the internet, I am not best mates with everybody in this community, and there are some randoms in here, but it is a best case scenario for someone that you know vaguely pointing it out rather than some idiot from 4chan (whether its a kind hello or a public meme doesn't matter, they still pointed out a flaw in your plan to keep it secret). Ill use this as an example: Back in the day someone on CG found my facebook and started calling me by my full name, which wasn't great but I didn't care enough to report him to the cyber police, and I took it as an opportunity to strengthen my online privacy. Although HXTP didn't send a quiet PM to rito, he did unintentionally help him by pointing something out. I didn't appreciate the guys actions in the past, but in hindsight I would have much preferred that he found it, than some retard off /r9k/. Welcome to the real world I guess? People don't always act how you'd think.
  8. +1 Unwanted has never been behaved and that probably wont change, but is what he does that harmful to anybody? The most he is going to do is join every few months and play a few events with the guys and leave I can understand that breaking the rules is supposed to be punished, but a collection of outdated warns seems to be no reason to be banned for literally ever
  9. +1 HXTP would not have stuck around for this long continuing to try and better his reputation if he really didn't care about playing on this server and community. People can be toxic but still care about this community, I would know. A mistake that he has made in the past has stuck with him for far too long, and I am glad he has called for change in the form of another ban appeal. If this doesn't get accepted he doesn't have many other choices. Can we all just wait a minute and remember that we unbanned Ghett? Also call me crazy but wasn't the "revealed" information already public? This conflict is so old I am beginning to forget most of the details. Also out there to middy if this means anything to you: Whatever information was leaked I cant remember it and I would wager that most people never cared enough to even seek it out. I am aware having your information out there is no fun, but if nobody remembers it, and nobody wanted to use it for a malicious purpose, then that's a best case scenario. Most often the purpose of a dox is malicious and aims to disadvantage you (Ordering pizzas to a house, contacting family) but HXTP did not follow up on a mistake he made. That's just my 2c.
  10. well you got one of those three things right i guess nice
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