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  1. You've been banned previously for very similar offences, you should be extremely lucky that you only got a ban for that long as even if it's accidental it's still a Mass RDM, just wait it out lol. -1
  2. +1, long-time player with much past experience on the server, good luck!
  3. -1 cope seriously though, +1, knows his shit and been playing for quite a while now (also ex-staff), good luck!
  4. +1 Yes, already active and has great past experience in staffing, good luck!
  5. ^^^ Exactly this. I was one of the people who was RDM'd and can admit that I had not been present in the US base at any time before I was killed. I had only just spawned a helicopter, parachuted down into the tent with my gun out while it was neutral time. I was then shot and killed for no reason, and was also told by several other people in comms that they were also RDM'd by the same person. I was never in the US base and there is no evidence to prove that I or any others involved were (although if Rico's video can prove that they were trespassing then that's fair enough, however nobody was actually killed inside the base, and all victims stated that they did not enter). This person has already achieved a prestige, they should know basic rules like these by now. The timer in the corner and clear neutral sign infront of taliban is incredibly hard to miss aswell. You were even told in OOC that it was neutral time, however you still proceeded to kill the rest of the victims involved. Also, correct me if i'm wrong, was the ban not only 1 week? -1
  6. +1 very trusted person, obviously knows what he's doing through his past experience in moderation
  7. +1 beautiful man, server staff, i would trust him
  8. +1 not biased at all would be very good discord staff member as he is an active member of the discord server.
  9. +1 why not lol, been a good staff member during his numerous times in the staff team, i think this man should get staff again yes
  10. t


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