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  1. I would be happy to make a death sound for you. I can make really cool sounds!
  2. Ok add to server. Make apartment floors safe zone for gambling.
  3. Suggestion Name: Gambling Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Minigames on server in forms of blackjack, poker, slots and other casino games Addon Pack (Optional): https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/casino-kit-blackjack and all the other casino kit addons Addon Pack File Size: Doesn't say Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): IT can add another FUN way to earn cash. Current forms are repetitive and by adding gambling it can spice up the things. Making it a good way to earn money but risky to do so. I will buy them all for the server
  4. -1 Almost every event you are mic spamming, I believe you need to mature a bit more before staff. Mic spamming moaning isn't funny.
  5. Hi, I am Diirex some of you may know me. I have been playing Colossal Gaming since the beginning of 2017. Last night I realised that my actions on the server are not right. For a while now I have been quite toxic to the entire community. I have recently been told this by several staff members and I have decided I need to make a change. So from now on, I will do my best on the server to reduce my toxic comments. It is not fair for the community or any of the staff members to put up with this while they are trying to enjoy the server. If you see me making a comment that offends you or you think shouldn't be in chat please shoot me a pm to cut it out or stop it. Thanks all, hope we can all enjoy this community together. Yours Truly, Diirex
  6. Thanks all for participating in the giveaway. Unfortunately there will be no party games this giveaway and I have randomly chosen the winners from this post. So Congrats to 1st. Xicby 2nd. Gaz 3rd. Timmeh To claim your prizes message me with either your steam profile link of steamid 64. (Credits will be transferred to your accounts after you send me your steam shit. Please login to donate store as well) Special shoutout to Duck and Dom. These 2 boys have repped the tali army hard and are good guys on the server and were both given ultimate throughout the week as random prizes. Hope you all had fun and will see you at the next 1. Still got about $30 on the colossal account after giveaway. So funniest joke commented on post gets all that shit. (Can be video or image)
  7. +1 Poggers Shows fun you can have on the server
  8. Some people thinking my giveaways are fake. Yall can go suck nuts and stop being little bitches.
  9. Hello community of the Colossal Gaming Military "RP" server. I am Diirex. Next Friday on the 26th of June I will be giving away of $200 worth of prizes. These prizes will be in the forms of credits. 1st = $70 Credits 2nd = $50 Credits 3rd = $35 credits The rest of the prizes will be given out at random. To enter 1. Like this post 2. Comment so other can see this 3. Follow me on forums 4. Be on the server on Friday the 26th. Time of the giveaway will be announced properly closer to the time.
  10. I say unban this man. +1 I hate black people
  11. +1 This is a major improvement from your last application, over this period of time you have become a much more sensible and mature player in the community. You are very well liked by almost all players and seen as responsible and a role model by all other players. I believe that you would be a perfect addition to the staff team and by not recruiting you they are making a major mistake.
  12. Hey man not sure if you know or not but you need 60 hours.
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