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  1. I listed the things that make tali unique.... not arguing and i haven't stated that we want to take the Little Bird away from you. Yes, we were brought in by the US for help but typically that means we bring our own equipment not use US's Spetnaz's main point is that we would like to either only be able to use the Little Bird or Have access to it due to our regiment size(note: not take it away from tali), RU Current Server standings and current RU Server RP (what we do, how we do it, based from irl spetsnaz) if there was to be *correct proper RP* to mimick IRL then taliban would have very limited access to the old civi plane that use to be on the server... typically the little bird is used by major global political powers that have some type of a military (ex. US, UK, RU, GER...etc..) <- but that's not my point
  2. Tali can literally kill everyone (other than tk) + you have civilian vehicles + you cannot be killed when you have no weapons out yet there are complaint when spetsnaz the smallest faction asks to be use the Smallest Helicopter...... If the server had the old russian heli still RU would have made a suggestion for that but unfortunately we cannot find it so we have asked if we can swap us using the two US helis for the 1 little bird
  3. We are not taking the little bird from tali... The Blackhawk and Chinnook are the predominantly *Western* Helicopter... Spetsnaz are Russian so we are in the East. + there way to big for spetsnaz to use due to our small number... all we wish is to be able to use the little bird.
  4. Suggestion Name: Allowance of Little Bird for Spetsnaz | or | only allow spetsnaz to use the little bird Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Vehicle Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): 1. Due to spetsnaz's small number compared to US it doesn't make sense for Spetsnaz to only be able to use the two biggest heli's available 2. It fit with the Spetsnaz rp 100% more than RU flying a Blackhawk which is a US Helicopter 3. Commonly Spetsnaz (IRL) use the little brid to insert 4 man teams for covert operations... we would rp these scenarios if we could use the little bird 4. it would allow for RU to create more Rp (both passive and not) for the server which is always a good thing Overall if RU were able to use the little Bird and/or only have access to the little bird it would be more rp incline and also be better suited to RU
  5. +1 Banana is a great guy... He is active..Professional and not bias. People do have live IRL and this game should come priority. ps.. too much effort for me to make everything colorful
  6. If that's a reason (he's going for it a second time) then we should a lot of EM's but unfortunately we don't and people still complain NEUTRAL - I don't really come across you when rping in game so i can't really make a informed judgement, all i can say is we really need more EM's
  7. +1 has put in effort and app is detailed and show potential.. SO DON'T DENY HIM CAUSE YOU DISLIKE HIM... ACCEPT THE MAN CAUSE WE NEED EM'S
  8. lmao... Spetsnaz for the win
  9. Army Cadets is great.. You'll enjoy it
  10. Thanks for the Feedback. As stated above i was at cadet camp and before that i was a school but as you can see in the photo i have resumed being over the top active Much Luv . Egor
  11. Ok, Over the past 2 weeks there has been 4 EM Application, i completely agree with you when you say *fit for the role* and 1 of the 4 applications was definitely not up to standard. My argument stands on that when you say *fit for the role* you (the staff team etc) are basing this off the application and i'm guessing a vote from the staff team to determine weather a person gets accepted, i'm sure you agree with me on that you can't expect everyone to be a legend at event crafting and doing the job of a EM's straight off the bat so a simple way to fix the issue of not many EM's getting accepted is to start accepting those with a good decent app and those that take the feedback and improve, if the person has put in effort that says that they are willing to do the job of an EM... So give them the chance and train them, teach them and they will improve. Sorry the massive reply.. i can't word my sentence today for some reason. much luv bby
  12. Man i feel for you. Simple answer to all this about 3 weeks of Events and just Events in general.... The answer is.... GET MORE EVENT MASTERS............Simples.....