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  1. i like to look at my self since i look badass please dont remove this
  2. if you didnt see him shoot somone then you cant kill him bro its a normal rule get over it this is Colossal Gaming mate
  3. omg this is a very serious roleplay server anything got to do with any player information even saying it as a joke should be not allowed, im not happy with you Lindy this is Roleplay and make it serious.
  4. No one uses them anymore they all just have discords.
  5. what do you want us to do, show us our ID and say we are taliban then pull a weapon
  6. Razi ♛

    dInGo's appeal

    bring back dingo and uav at the same time would be nice
  7. this regiment will be best for fishing my cars out of the river since I keep missing the bridge.
  8. It wouldnt take to long to make it a rule again we just need to enforce it and give out punishments will be the best idea.
  9. maybe add more prestige guns or even have a command for players to reset there levels/prestige
  10. Razi ♛


    I better start seeing sraight A's
  11. +1 Yuri has a great player reputation and could be a really achievable staff member
  12. not to long of a ban just wait it out you can allways come on teamspeak and have a chat to everyone if you do get bored
  13. +1 Has been granted trust as a commander and before hand he has been a commander so we know hes trusted with the Q Menu and we need someone like Mulah on the event team.