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  1. +1 looks like he's smart so I guess he knows what he's talking about
  2. chur g +1 he is a changed man yoza
  3. Can confirm Adam Walker was abused by his father.
  4. this is a thread for old og youtube videos about colossal gaming
  5. lets make this post the most reacted forum post on the forums
  6. @Developer are you going to make a response to this please, it is very important for role-play immersion
  7. hi i am bored and want to play new games what are some good games to buy, preferbly nothing that supports lgbtq+
  8. Ban Appeal Template: SteamID: idk In-game alias/rank: Faithful a Who banned you?: Snake Ban Reason: "racism towards staff" Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): 1 day What happened?: I used an adjective to describe how the staff were treating me which was: Im like a black man and the staff are white police, this shows that the staff team just pick on me, I was told to stop spamming which I wasn't spamming in the first place castle said stop typing works quickly in OOC when I was just responding and talking to others and click a few binds too. Then was pulled into a sit by a different staff member "snake" don't know why castle didn't deal with it almost look like snake was forced too cause he really couldn't care less. Honestly I asked OOC if I was spamming they all said no and then that's when I stepped my adjective to describe how the staff were treating me. Also I don't think its racist just because I have black man and white man in the same sentence doesn't mean its racist Why should we unban you?: at least lower the duration so I can play tomorrow Evidence in your favor (Optional):
  9. +1 sorry where in the tab menu is this rule? Yeah thats right. 1 day for a non existent rule then trying to say its a rule then you guys are just going to make an announcement saying its common sense making it our fault update yo shit
  10. Suggestion Name: vehicle dealer man Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): npc Addon Pack (Optional): no Addon Pack File Size:no Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): I would like the vehicle dealer guy to be black/brown skin to fit the taliban we dont want a normal white guy chaffering our cars Screenshots (Optional):
  11. shot g, better be at the fuckin invasion got my cop radio ready
  12. hi im razi pls react agree thanks
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