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  1. raziplaysgmodwithawheel.mp4
  2. My previous car before the Audi R33 Skyline - RB25DET
  3. while I was gone I went through 2 cars, this is my most current car Audi S4 550HP+
  4. my name is razi im new to the rollplaying comuinty i hope i have a grate time on the server. plese leve you're name below introdusing ur self so i can make frands.
  5. accepted welcome back to commuinty you are on hard supervision dumbass
  6. it shows community reputation even though its up to staff, members should have freedom to speak opinions about one another to truly show who people are.
  7. SteamID: nzrazi In-game alias/rank: Faithful Who banned you?: Views or someone else Ban Reason: Doxing Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): Community What happened?: Posted a song link which had the album cover photo as someone's sister that played the server Why should we unban you?: First off I believe I spoke to the member of the community about their sister being doxed and we both know it was a mistake since I didn't actually know it was their sister but I just wanna play again I don't think I did that much harm to the community to be banned. Don't really have much to say I guess but obviously these actions wont be repeated again. Also been a member of this community for about 4 years longer than a lot of people here and in those 4 years only been community banned now, it shows I had no intention for this to happen but I guess everyone will talk shit but it is what it is I guess some people will believe some will just hate. Evidence in your favor (Optional): no
  8. When appealing your ban, you must be formal and responsible. Please be conscious of the fact that ban appeals will take time to be reviewed and clarified. Your patience is appreciated. All appeals must use the provided template. ONLY make a ban appeal for bans longer than 24 hours as this process will most likely take longer. Ban Appeal Template: SteamID: nzrazi In-game alias/rank: razi Who banned you?: sam Ban Reason: spam Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): 12 What happened?: i joined the server 3 times and got banned for it Why should we unban you?: so i can play the event and cause ban was like lowkey stupid no one was harmed no one cared no one asked just staff trying to get some clout Evidence in your favor (Optional):
  9. Suggestion Name: drug update 2021 Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): drug Addon Pack (Optional): n/a Addon Pack File Size: n/a Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): so like when you get bored in life you do drugs or if you can't get something you can't afford you sell drugs, since the server gets boring pretty often selling drugs will be a new way to introduce a whole new chapter of role-play situations from starting cartels mafias kingpins through the Taliban, having the UN enforcing the law and the US just being useless privates as usual by trying to remove drug economy. Having this update will encourage old and new people to play the server more now you might act like a smart cunt and say this isn't DarkRP but look at it this way what Arab with a rolls Royce don't sell drugs? I reckon this will be pretty realistic. making it hard to sell drugs will make it even more fun but put more money on the line. Jailing drug dealers in UN jail and shit would. just have a think about it and don't sleep on it get new developer that can make it happen. colossal want drug creenshots (Optional):
  10. the fun of this post has been ruined from higher up staff taking it seriously. change my mind
  11. what car does everyone drive drop a photo below I have skyline
  12. bro i fucking love that thats tuff up the 4 fuckn litre
  13. +1 looks like he's smart so I guess he knows what he's talking about
  14. chur g +1 he is a changed man yoza
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